Chelsea’s Graham Potter ridiculed for comments on Arsenal following defeat

Chelsea boss Graham Potter has come under fire for his positive comments on Arsenal after seeing his side lose 1-0 to their London rivals.

The Gunners have started the new season in top form, winning all-but two of their Premier League games since the 2022-23 campaign begun. Whilst we have earned admirers from many for our style of play, former midfielder Ray Parlour has claimed that rival managers shouldn’t be praising their performances against them, singling out Graham Potter for his admiration of his former side in defeat.

“I listened to the interview after, all he did was talk about Arsenal and how good they are. You can’t do that, you’re at Chelsea,” Parlour exclaimed.

“This is Arsenal vs Chelsea. Chelsea have won multiple trophies over the years, the standards are so high.

“That’s the problem you’ve got. You can’t be coming out and praising the other team. They didn’t lay a glove on Arsenal.

“How many times did Arsenal nick the ball back when [Chelsea] players were looking up, and there’s no movement, there’s no-one running in behind? They can nick the ball back and then suddenly you’re back at Chelsea’s back four again.”

Chelsea were definitely made to look second best in their own stadium at the weekend, and Potter should be frustrated with how his side were made to look inferior to us. At the same time, it is hard not to appreciate just how well we are playing at present, and if we can continue that for the remainder of the campaign then we could well win a number of major trophies.

Would you be annoyed to hear Arteta talk positively about an opponent after defeat against a rival?



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Arteta is as happy as us after crucial win at Chelsea…

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  1. Funny how Keane slated Arteta for not complimenting ManU when they beat us. Every pundit has an opinion and rarely are two the same.

    For what it’s worth, I found Potter’s comments refreshing. He put his hand up and said we were good and they weren’t. Didn’t make excuses, didn’t talk about injuries or too many games.

    Just another pundit trying to get a headline which is as much of a game as the one played out on the pitch.

    1. I’m 50-50 on that Voyageur
      Only because GP sounded like he was still the manager of Brighton and not Chelsea. For what it’s worth, I think he should have at least shown positives for his own club. They weren’t thrashed. Second best – yes

      1. I’m a hundred percent behind this Sue. He did speak like he was still Brighton’s coach. An arsenal fan, yet I was dissapointed for Chelsea!

  2. Graham Potter has been quietly making a name for his self, the Englishman come off as a honest and respectful.
    He seems not interested in the shenanigans of Ray Parlour

  3. You know why England can’t produce world class coaches or managers nowadays? Because English media think they are better.

  4. If I can remember correctly Emery also did praise an opposition team after we were convincingly defeated. I remember many Arsenal fans fuming. Saying that this Emery guy has small club mentality and that Arsenal was too big for him. And that he had to be fired for being incompetent.
    I might be wrong but if I am wrong someone please correct me.

    And to be honest I think what Potter said was just honest and refreshing. But because we have accepted this delusiona, pompous tribalistic mentality / attitude where we honesty is seen as weakness then comments like potters cause defensiveness. We are only indoctrinated to accept dishonesty and pompousness.. It seems like we only want to be told what we want to hear.

    I just love honesty and objectivity.


    1. Well said Goonster! Bias is so common throughout football except for refs, who are impartial, despite many biased fans ridiculous accuations of cheating.


  5. Remember how foolish Arsène made Fergie look when he was gushing on about how much greater his crap ManUre suppisedly were? “Everybody thinks he has the prettiest wife at home”

    1. Gooner4270
      Oh I remembered it clearly as it was just yesterday.

      It was just after Wenger won the double and washiing in his glory
      Furgeston was extremely critical of him that Man United was superior, when Wenger responded everyone thinks he has the prettiest woman at home and the media love it

      Maybe the Frenchman is the most polish gentleman ever manage the modern game.

  6. Goonerstar you are not wrong, I distinctively remember a fickle pundit chastising him for doing so, but I think he was doing it for sheer relevance at the time.

  7. I dislike it when Arteta bigs up Klopp before games so yes I would be disappointed if he bigged up say utd after that defeat. And it would be worse if it was a very bad performance by AFC. After a close tie, I wouldn’t mind some compliments.

    1. Actually, I take that last sentence back. Other teams have a fan base to big them up so it’s wrong for us to lend a hand. I prefer our manager to focus on us

  8. I have nothing against a manager holding up his hands to say that the opposition were better on the day; for me it is the manner in which it is done. I thought that in that post match interview, GP didn’t get it right.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with praising opposition if it’s deserved – credit where credit’s due.

    Football is the one sport where supporters seem to confuse an enemy with a rival. An enemy does things like invading your country and killing people, a rival… does nothing of the sort, no matter how fierce the rivalry.

    If they play well, we should be able to say so and vice versa.

    It’s also important to read between the lines, Potter’s comments were not for “fan consumption”, they were for his Board/owners. I read his words as “Arsenal have become a very good side by sticking with a manager while he develops that team – and the whole club from top to bottom – just like you hired me to do”.

    They hired Potter for a long-term project and for the end-to-end, not just the first team – he was reminding them of that.

    1. Oh dear, IDKWIC! Surely you must have learned by now that posts such as yours, full of truth, wisdom, perspective and context, do not go down well on a biased fan forum like this.

      Surely you knew that almost, but NOT QUITE ALL, fans are hopelessly biased and many, in stupid fashion, indeed DO confuse rivalry with enmity.
      Sigh(for those fans) but very well spoken yourself!!

  10. Potter could have chosen to compliment Arsenal or denigrate his team.

    He spoke positively of us rather than negatively of his team. Managers usually don’t blast their players in interviews.

    Should Potter have said as much?
    Talked about how disjointed his midfield was and how easily they were overrun?

    Perhaps how his players created virtually nothing on offense? Or how amateurish they were building from the back?

    No, he showed class. He credited the performance of the better team on the day rather than scorched earth on his own players.

  11. The same thing happened with Conte. When spuds lost to United this season conte came out and said that United was a far better team with players. My goodness, the spuds fans went into complete meltdown and criticising him for making such a statement.

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