Chile to give Alexis Sanchez final push out of Arsenal?

While the Arsenal fans and anyone with any care for the club is desperate for Alexis Sanchez to put pen to paper on a new contract and pledge his next few years to the Arsenal cause, the fans of his national side Chile appear to want the exact opposite, or at least some of them do according to an Evening Standard report.

So strongly do some of the Chilean fans feel about what is happening to their star striker under Arsene Wenger in north London, that they are planning to stage a protest aimed at persuading Alexis to give up on the Gunners and move on during the summer transfer window.

The event is scheduled for March 1st which is being organised on Facebook is being called ‘National protest so that Alexis Sanchez leaves Arsenal’ and it has already got 6000 promised atendees with a lot more showing interest. And somebody on the site involved with the proposed protest has pulled no punches on the under performing club colleagues of the Chilean star.

They wrote, “We Chileans are tired of seeing one of our stars working by himself to make his team get through.

“We don’t want him to play in Madrid, nor return to Barcelona, the truth is that that we don’t give a damn what team he plays for, only that we want to see him fight along with 10 others to achieve results. Not on his own anymore.”

Ouch. If this does go ahead and Alexis is aware of it, will it be the final straw that pushes him away from Arsenal once and for all?



  1. TheArsenalWay says:

    I wish I could attend that, Sanchez gives nothing but 110% in every game and the rest of the team in total give about 10%. These players should be embarrassed of themselves!

  2. antonioro says:

    They are right.As a matter a fact,I feel myself ashamed sometimes seeing Alexis giving everything,imploring the rest of the team to press,to play the game,to do all they can to win.And the team response?Lazy primadonas watching the clock for the end of the game,being more preocupied for their haircuts,beards or tatoos than running.An army of lazy caterpilars led by a senile,totally outdated manager.How can you retain a player of such calibre inside of this stinky organization.Without determination and spirit,football is nothing,just wasted time.Arsene doesn’t understand that,Alexis and the fans do.The fans are doing the right think,for Chileans is already becoming a national embarrasement,a natinal shame having their best player,an icon of Chile,wasting his skill and ambition in such mediocre team.

  3. Off topic,
    The funny thing and with such a result year in year out, it is wenger who “will decide in March or april if he wants to stay or not”. BIG LOL

  4. The rest of the players except koshielny should be “paid per win” …
    If arsenal does not win they don t get paid, simple as that !!!

  5. Jansen says:

    The way Sanchez plays is a testimony to Wenger’s inability to coach. We have all seen Sanchez being the only player putting pressure on the ball begging his team-mates to join him, yet they don’t.

    Why is he the only one? Either Wenger should have told him by now that this is not part of his strategy. Or Wenger should have told the rest of the team to join Sanchez in pressing high. It is not normal that see Sanchez being the only one pressing high game after game. It is also a waste of his energy.

    What does Wenger want? Pressing high up the pitch or only in our own half? Either way, the team should be on the same page and they are not, in fact, Sanchez is in a different chapter.

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