Choosing Arteta will certainly divide opinions amongst Arsenal fans

Mikel Arteta could be another horror show from the board. by Konstantin Mitov

Well boys and girls, lovely Arsenal people, Mikel Arteta. Let that sink in for a moment. The first manager we’ll hire mid-season in over 20 years is likely to be him, and it’s an appointment that will at the very least divide opinions.

To be honest I am disappointed with the board again. This was a time to show ambition and pride. To go and just take Poch, or Allegri or Simeone. Hire a top manager and show we have top ambitions. Instead if we pick Arteta, we’re going cheap.

This shows we lacked the desire to invest in the squad, so we’re giving it to someone who will take it mid-season, just because we can’t find anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I will support him, and I do hope he does the best he can, but the odds are massively stacked against him.

He’s very highly regarded at Man City for his training with individual players, but it’s a bit easier to coach the talent of Man City than ours. Also, he has 0 days of managerial experience. Will he be able to respect the squad?

We have a bunch of bang average overpaid players who don’t bother turning up for a legend like Freddy, how will they respond to Mikel Arteta? Also, there’s the small problem of the lack of coaching staff.

After all he’s the assistant at Man City, not the main man. That’s Pep and he won’t let anyone else go, just because Arteta has a good opportunity to take over. The thing we’re hoping on is that he’s taking some of Peps mojo with him, but it’s a huge gamble.

Even if he does, Man City are not really famous for their defence. We are a complete horror show at the back and how will Mikel Arteta prove that we can improve there? We need someone who knows what it is to come in a messy situation where you need a result and get it in any way possible.

Rafa Benitez would’ve been ideal for the current situation but we don’t want to pay the Chinese his buyout clause because we are cheap. I wonder what the interview was like. “Hey Mikel, what can you do with no money and a bang average squad?”

“I will dominate the league with possession football which died 10 years ago!” And Raul Sanllehi is like “You are hired!”. I mean we were impressed by the reports Unai Emery had for every player in the squad and how did that turn out?

The people making this decision are so incapable of running a football club and it’s plain evident now. The idea of hiring a former player is an attractive one. It has something romantic in it, but romance does not win football games. You still need to be a proper manager.

Lampard was appointed at Chelsea, but at least he managed in the championship, and he’s won a lot of trophies for Chelsea, while Mikel Arteta is not quite an Arsenal Legend. As I said, we do have one now and I don’t see any change in motivation.

That said, if we hire him, I will support the guy. You need support in the first place to take this job anyway and I will wish him all the best if he comes, because I don’t think it’ll be his fault if he fails.

The board are just opening Pandora’s box and it’s only hope that’s left. By the way Everton will hire Ancelotti. We’ll see where that will take them, and we do play them soon. I just hope the board are watching very carefully or another one will bite the dust before the season ends.



  1. If the club feel Arteta is the right candidate for the job, we have to support him. Emery won 3 Europa leagues in a row. and he turned us to a mid table team. We have to show 100% support to Arteta.

    1. Emery left with the team in 6th place.
      In is first season he missed top 4 by 1 point and made the EL final.
      Fact help.

    2. The one thing that I am sure of is that who ever Arsenal were going to choose for their next manager, he was always going to be Spanish. It is Sanllehi who manages the club and buys the players Edu and the other guy are his assistants, Artteta is the coach who trains picks the team and decides on team tactics. Sanllehi and the board buy the players. He / they are responsible for the crap set of individuals in midfield who are being trotted out on the pitch and we are supposed to support their choice. My take is that Sanllehi doesn’t know what he is doing and the disaster situation is filtering down from him. The main problem is that he is trying to run the most quaintly English club like he would a Spanish one, hence the reason for his obsession with Spanish managers, even when they are inexperienced or no bloody good. He doesn’t care as long as he can control them. He would, most likely have a problem controlling an experienced non-Spanish speaking manager. Arteta is his man
      This is going to end only one way, and it isn’t good.
      To fix the problem in the short term players need to get dropped, we all know who they are as we’ve seen them fail week after week, we need to buy 2 athletic players in midfield and 2 new center backs come January the 1st. If they don’t it will be a relegation struggle.

  2. Yes, if he ends up being the chosen one, then I’ll have no choice but to back him… but…. I’m very disappointed. If City think so highly of him, then why aren’t they keeping hold of him for when Pep leaves?
    He’s not an Arsenal legend, in my eyes, he played more games for Everton than us!
    We’re in a complete mess, is he really the guy to turn it around? Most of us have said that even the greatest managers would struggle with this lot! So why go for Arteta? I’d love someone with experience. This is a massive job, and I’m not sure he’s up for it. I wish him well and hope he proves me wrong, but I won’t be holding my breath.

    1. I agree with you though. But Allegri is not available. Poch cannot manage an EPL team mid season. Simeone cant leave Atletico mid season. I have a feeling that Arteta will come good. Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane spoke highly of him. Being a manager is a different ball game though. But let us see as it goes.He will surely improve us offensively.

      1. Pep has not announced his departure in the near future, so Arteta would have had to wait a long time. It has been said recently that if he joins Arsenal, City will keep on watching how he does in case they want him when Pep leaves.
        Being a legend means little when it comes to management.
        Allegri, Poch, Rodgers, Nagelsmann etc were not available right now.

        Ancelotti has now been fired 3rd time in a row plus he doesn’t do rebuilding. He walks into a top squad.

        Arteta was the only good option available. A risk, but possible ceiling is higher than other options such as Vieira.

  3. I do like Arteta and hope he could be a pleasant surprise. However, on what pedigree are we going after him? I hope the board isn’t just buying into the hype. I think we should have done more to have signed Rodgers, Pochettino or Ancelloti. All those managers have proven PL experience which is what we need at this point. If things don’t work with Arteta in charge, I hope the board can handle the heat. Arteta is a big risk at a very difficult chapter for Arsenal. But perhaps it’ll also be rewarding.

    1. why ancelloti ?. his experience got him sacked at Napoli and if he couldn’t do well there tell me why he would do good at arsenal.
      2) if poch could not do well at Tottenham with better players why should we appoint him?
      3) be realistic Rodgers will stay at Leicester. he just signed a new deal

  4. I hope Arteta comes in and does a complete reset. The players atm are just cashing pay checks, their egos are to big.
    We need a complete reset with players who are hungry and desperate and play for the badge. We don’t need any big egos. I want young, talented and hungry.

    Transfers I would make for the summer.

    -If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or try to get Jovic and Cellabos with no cash.
    -Sell Laca for $50m+
    -Sell Xhaka (& Torreira if he wants to leave) to anyone to buy Thomas Partey & Ibrahim Sangare/Denis Zakaria
    -Buy Upamencano & another CB (Kamara)
    -Buy a right back
    -Sell the deadwood – Ozil, Miki, Elneny etc

    1st team
    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Partey Sangare/Zakaria
    Martinelli Cellabos Pepe

    1. we cannot sell Lacazette and Aubameyang in thesame window. playing them both on the field has not worked well really. Unless we can move Lacazette to the no 10 role. As per Ozil, i am his fan but he is not doing well enough to warrant his high wages. Arteta has a lot of work on his hands. He has to stamp his authority on players like Ozil.

      1. I agree but they both have value now and there contracts are running down. Jovic for Auba is a good deal, I think the PL suits Jovic so well.

  5. What is this obsession with Arteta from a part if our fanbase?
    I am not being snarky but i am a bit confused.
    What is his managerial CV like. Apart from sitting next to Pep at City?
    I sm all for him or anyone else being hired but this Arteta thing is baffling to me. Never managed any team in his whole like but he is the guy to save from the rot? What skills had he shown to warrant this romanticism with our fanbase?
    Wenger could not do it.
    Emery could not do it.
    Ljungberg is struggling.
    But Arteta is the answer because?… Is there a different answer apart from “He sits right next to Pep at City”.

    Or am I missing something?

    1. Yes very good comment.
      We are not good enough to sign top managers so we go for their young unproven assistants. He never managed even division 2 team.
      Arsenal will never be able to compete with Man City now
      I don’t know what new Arteta is bringing to Arsenal
      Arsenal board is not good anymore they wasted so many weeks. And team lost so many points.
      Miss management of a very good club is destroying the club

  6. Oh I doubt if you are missing quite a lot Goonster. You just seem to want to ignore the obvious so you can shore up your argument. He is not merely sitting next to one of the best coaches on Planet Earth because anyone can sit there. I doubt Pep is the type who will suffer fools gladly. Arteta is considered a very valuable assistant by his superior and that says it all.

    A man cannot be deemed to be a failure until he has tried.

    1. True what you have said. I do however think it’s bizarre that many fans, pundits, and journalists are talking in depth about Arteta’s credentials based on what? How can ANY kind of assessment be made on someone who has never managed a game of football? It’s complete guess work deciding if he is the right man for the job.

    2. There is a massive fallacy in your argument.
      How many assistant coaches have worked with Pep?. That does not mean that they are Pep reincarnated.
      You can do your theory till the sun goes down but that does not necessarily translate into experienced practicle.
      Just because someone is the most ardent church/ mosque attendee does not make them a priest/ imam etc.

      You have got to show evidence that you can manage an independent team on your own before being celebrated as the saviour.
      Fergie had numerous assistants.
      Wenger had numerous assistants.
      Mourinho had had numerous assistants.
      Pep has had numerous assistants.
      Klopp has had many assistants.
      But where are they now or what have they ever done as independent managers after working with those managers?

      I remember Gary Neville sat next to Fergie. Did that translate into Neville being a serious manager?

      People were calling for Henry as well. He has been struggling in the French league.

      Arteta might have a few aspects that Pep likes. Like Mourinho had a fee aspect that were helpful to Bobby at Barcelona eg; translator, very opinionated personality, good Defensive contribution etc.

      From what I am filtering from this Arteta romanticism is “He has been sitting next to Pep a winning manager that plays beautiful football. He played for Arsenal, So this means that he has crammed all Peps style and now is the new Pep. Arsenal saviour.”

      Arsenal does not need anymore experiments. The later Wenger experiment. The Emery experiment. The Ljungberg experiment. Now the Arteta experiment?

      I want to see Arteta manage a team / club on his own like everyone else has done then we can make a decision on him. I do not do FAITH. I want evidence first.

      This reminds me of “This and that player are winners. He played for Germany, Madrid and is a winner. Played with these amazing players. So he will bring this winners mentality to our club / team”.

      There is a difference between being a winner in a group where you are not the main man / who makes the final decision or tactics. The real test comes when you have to prove yourself as an individual.

      So, being an assistant coach of already good players, managed by a already celebrated world class manager is different to managing a struggling club like Arsenal with poor players and finished players.

  7. Arsenal is a joke, we need a real and an experience coach. Why can’t we go all out for Ancelloti, I don’t care what anyone have to say about him, he’s definitely going to improve us he’s a winner, he will definitely be respected by the players and his brand of football is also an attacking one, I watched them against Liverpool and they outplayed Liverpool both legs but no our stupid owners want the cheapest one. Like Sue said if he up being our coach I will support him but I don’t think he’s the one for us.

    1. You don’t care what anyone has to say about Ancelotti? You just want him.
      How objective and open minded are you mate. I like boris / corbyn, I don’t care and won’t listen to opposing views to my opinion.

      “I like Ancelotti, he should be hired because that is my opinion. And for those that don’t agree with me sod off”. No debate is allowed on this opinion. Lol

      Fingers straight into your ears screaming “Lalalalalalala, can’t hear you”.

      It’s amazing. Isn’t it?

  8. Arsenal is officially a mid table team.who is Arteta?I would rather have legend Thierry Henry over mediocre Arteta

    1. Arteta should manage in league one or the championship first before taking charge of Arsenal.
      As for Thierry Henry, he was talking trash about Arsenal when he was coaching the kids and doing punditry before Wenger chased him away. He should not be allowed back.

  9. Neither Pep, nor any other Manager on the Planet could convert our current squad into a successful team.A major clear out is required before any Manager has a hope of turning this ship around.Theirin lies the problem, how to unload 7/8 substandard players for whom there is little or no demand.How do we sell Ozil or Socratis?.Even if we let them go for free who would take on their contracts?This is the fundamental problem facing any new Manager whether he is experienced or not.Whoever the new man is I wish him well.Until the dross is cleared out he will not be successful.Despite what the media would wish us to believe,the most important factor to success on the football pitch is to have quality players.

  10. To all people worrying about appointment of Mikel.

    I hope people should stop bringing the negativity with the recruitment of Mikel. Which experience Zidane had the day he was appointed Manager of Real Madrid? How come Guardiola can be trusted to manage Barcelona and people keep worrying about Arteta? if great coaches including Pep, Poch and Wenger can hail his skills which experience do you have as managers to predict his failure?

    Stop making the atmosphere so boredom for Mikel.

    At least we know he can nurture the young talents, which to me is the real problem that our beloved arsenal has face from so long forget the unwillingness of the Board to invest in the squad.

    1) Torreira was brilliant the day he joined arsenal few days after his value is dropping to 21M

    2) Guendouzi was hailed as a hot prospect by look at how he is declining day after day

    3) Pepe was second to Mbappe in France but look at how he is faring at Arsenal because of poor mentorship.

    4) I am not mentioning Saka, Willock and Marinelli.

    We need a coach who can develop our young talents into World class players and Arteta ticks all boxes.

    The idea is to build from the scrap and the foundation should be our young talents.

    Good day gooners. Let us be behind our Board and the next Manager to be appointed.

    1. It’s laughable to compare the situations of Pep, and Zidane with Arteta. They both inherited the best squads in the world, the biggest budgets, at the biggest clubs that everyone wants to play for. A key point you’re also missing out about Pep, and Zidane. They both did their apprenticeships at the clubs they took over. So they were both familiar with the youth set-up, the first team, and the day-to-day dynamics. Arteta is walking straight into a nightmare of a situation, not knowing what on earth is going on!

      You say Arteta ticks all the boxes for developing youngsters into world class players. What are you basing that on?

    2. That is it, that guy has it all even in his playing days at Arsenal. He’s a good leader. Wenger almost ruined his career by converting him to defensive midfielder instead of attacking which we knew him for. Even Morinho started at Porto with no formal experience and we all know the outcome

      1. Why do people peddle such inaccuracies on this forum? Mourinho first jobs as manager were at Benfica and Leira. It was his results during his stints there that led to him being given the Porto job.
        Before that he had worked with Robson at several top clubs which obviously was great experience.

  11. I would just like to see a manager being pragmatic,not completely dedicated to a style of play. A manager that understands the limitations of the squad and plays accordingly. Then evolves the team with the correct recruitment. Emery, Wenger and in the short term FL have all capitulated for style over substance. Looking at our squad at present I just can understand our philosophy. Set up to be hard to score against and counter, that should be the philosophy with this squad.

  12. Arteta would be a good signing in my opinion. We must respect the opinions of respectable individuals like Wenger, Pepp and Poch who spoke highly of Arteta. Also the players in Man City are very happy with him so if all this is true, we must believe this and support the man. We must not be negative at the outset and start having pessimistic opinions at the outset. Emery’s era has set us into such negativity and toxicity that we have almost forgotten the real Arsenal. If Wenger and Pepp are so impressed with him than we should follow their advise rather than going by twitter comments or some other stuff. The man has to be appreciated for the fact that inspite of seeing first hand the mess in which Arsenal are in now he has agreed to the job. He has said in an interview in 2016 that he likes players who have 120% commitment and the rest need not play for him. This will take out the overpaid, lazy players who have only ego to offer. He is a product of the Barcelona Academy and worked with one of the best in the business. As far as Ancelotti goes, his last 2 outings at Bayern and Napoli were complete failures in terms of man management and players used to have secret training sessions not wanting to train under him. He has lost the passion to win. Also all his trophies have come with major European clubs who can spend massively and give him a free hand in transfers. Rogers renewed his contract with Leicester, Poch is not available right now, Allegri is interested only in the summer but with a large budget, Simeone is temperamental and not wanting to leave Athletico and the rest of the big names are simply not interested in Arsenal. We cannot go to them begging them to manage Arsenal. Let us all rally behind Arteta and let Arsenal fans and players unite for once and support the man. Let us not talk about finances and compensation etc. but concentrate only on football, the style, the selection and the tactics. Arteta must be something to be praised by Wenger and Pepp so for once let us all get together and support the man. Arsenal has to revive now or never or else the situation is so bad that the next season we could be playing Championship football. Arteta can and hopefully will bring us out of this mess and revive the sleeping giant for the world to see. He is young, passionate, dedicated and disciplined and a strong believer in work ethics. If Lampard can succeed at Chelsea than why not Arteta at Arsenal. Good luck Mikel!

  13. Whatever it is, we have to support Arteta if the Board has decided to appoint him. He should not be hindered by negativity and toxicity or else we will be 0-2 down before kick off. He has a positive mindset and thrives with optimism and wants to play the expansive possession based attacking Arsenal football. He will surely work on the defence after what he saw at Emirates last week. He wants to take up the challenge and let us go by his attitudes rather by big names who are either too too expensive or are simply not interested. We Arsenal and we should not be begging after some top notch name but rather define our own destiny by appointing someone who is confident intelligent and wants to work for Arsenal the Arsenal way.

  14. I am basing this on nothing but a guy feeling but I am excited about the prospect of Arteta. From what I have heard he sounds like a promising coach who spends a lot of time improving players by looking at the small details that are able to make a big difference. I think this is what the club need right now. We have a promising squad of youngsters and with the right mentor and coaching could do really well.

    I have already written this season off, CL is out of reach. I don’t really care for the Europa League so if we miss out on that I am not too fussed. My hopes for the rest of this season is for us to have a direction once more and for us to start seeing improvements in this team and the beginning of a project that can see us challenge again next season and the season after.

  15. I believe this would be the biggest gamble this club has ever taken and fans will be nervous and that is not a good recipe. This board and owner are not renowned for making great Arsenal decisions.

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