Chris Sutton gives his opinion on Arteta’s touchline behaviour

Chris Sutton has become the latest pundit to attack Mikel Arteta over the Spaniard’s touchline behaviour.

Arteta is one of the most passionate managers in the Premier League and he often stands throughout his team’s matches barking out orders to his players.

He also protests for and against refereeing decisions while on the touchline, which makes him a manager to keep an eye on for officials.

Richard Keys often criticises him for leaving his area during games and Sutton has also noticed it and is not impressed.

He writes in his column in the Daily Mail:

“There is a fine line between being passionate and a clown, and Mikel Arteta was the latter on Tuesday.

“I can understand getting caught up in the heat of the moment. It happens. You’re angry. You vent.

“But Arteta was at it all game, protesting against every decision.

“Arteta went over the top in his behaviour and Arsenal’s players responded by surrounding the referee to claim Murphy handled the ball late on.”

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These pundits are trying too hard to get the FA’s attention towards Arteta, but they will likely fail because the Spaniard does nothing wrong.

It is normal for our passion to get the better of us, which is usually the case for Arteta and he does not hurt anyone while pacing about in his area.

Hopefully, the FA will also ignore Sutton and focus on other vital issues in the game.

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  1. Who cares what Sutton says , all he talks about is how Celtic are so great 😂. He’s not got a clue, once upon a time he was a somebody at Blackburn but now he’s a joke ,Chris Sutton talking about football is like watching pain dry , no one listens to that tool.

  2. On Monday, guardiola angrily kicked a bottle outside his area, but let’s look away since he is not top of the league.

    Arteta has always been like this since he became arsenal coach, when we are in relegation zone, when we finished 8th, wen we missed out on UCL nobody ever complained. Now that we are top of the league, its become a problem. Last time it was celebration. Let them talk. They say; “if nobody talk about u, then u are nobody.”

  3. The arsenal haters were all out in force after the Newcastle game insisting that ours were not justifyable penalty claims wheras if it had been their respective teams involved they would have been crying foul. Similarly with Arteta, if it had been a diffent manager they wold most likely have been praising his passion and belief in his team. e shouldnt care what the likes of Sutton, Neville and Linnekar think because they are as biased as the next football fan. admittedly though, Arteta needs to stand back at times and look at the big picture with a cooler head. Hard to do however when there is so much at stake.

  4. I read this story from another source where Mr Sutton actually admitted that Burne’s push on Gabriel was “absolutely” a penalty. And yet he labels Arteta a clown for his absolutely legitimate reactions to an absolute penalty that was not given.
    I sincerely don’t understand the reasoning behind some of the things these “pundits” write.

  5. Can’t attack the football so attack the man. Worth noting Wenger got grief for not running up and down the touchline. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  6. Translation: Arteta passionate outbursts keeps the players fired up and ready to go hence we are no longer a classy side aka soft team that everybody mugged in the past.

    These so called pundits can’t stand it as it scares them that Arsenal can both outplay and outlast teams. Last season Newcastle walked all over us, this season we didn’t move an inch.

  7. Sir Alex used to bully refs to the point of poking their noses and the likes of Sutton kept quiet. Now that Mikel is trying to put across a genuine point about a penalty not being awarded, Sutton and co are not impressed. Who cares? Mikel carry on, the worst they can do is fine you.

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