Chris Sutton gives his opinion on Havertz issues at Arsenal

According to Chris Sutton, Kai Havertz is grappling with a crisis of confidence as he struggles to make an impact at Arsenal since his summer transfer to the club.

Havertz arrived from Chelsea, where he had failed to meet expectations, and Mikel Arteta was confident that he could fill the role left by Granit Xhaka in the Arsenal team.

However, since his move to the Emirates, Havertz’s performances have been disappointing, and there’s no sign of improvement in the near future.

Arteta continues to place his trust in the player for whom the club paid a substantial fee, even in the face of widespread scepticism and hopes that Havertz can rediscover his form.

In matches, Havertz often appears lost, and there hasn’t been a game where fans could genuinely say he played well. Sutton, who has been following his performances this season, concludes that Havertz is currently struggling with a crisis of confidence.

He said on the Daily Mail Podcast:

 ‘Havertz looks a broken man, a player with absolutely zero confidence. Having been there myself, it’s not a nice place to be. 

‘The effort is there but he seems muddled. decision-making isn’t good. He’s trying but looking at his body language… he needs a break, a big moment. Not sympathy penalties like earlier in the season’.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Havertz can become an important player for us in the future, but he may not even get a chance to be in that future.

The German has been too poor and the only reason we will not sell him at the end of this season is if he has no suitors.


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  1. Is not the REAL truth that Havertz – having been a three year underachiever at Chelsea, his only other Prem club , prior to our daft decision to pay all that money and wages for him – is just a thoroughly bad buy and akin in mistaken buying to our previous highest transfer player,Pepe(BEFORE RICE) who is now loaned and who failed big time with us!!

  2. True the big German looks short on confidence and maybe a little uncomfortable with what is being ask of him tactically.
    The £280, 000 man has looked at his best for us when leading the line winning aired duels and feeding others.

    To their credit the faithfuls still sings his name, and willing him to come good, but that relationship between fans and players could turn sour, it already has on JA as armchair managers are slowly brandishing their knives.

    1. Its got nothing at all to do with knives. Ask yourself, what has he actually done, so far? The truth is, NOTHING!!!!!!! The guy is a dud and was at Chelsea.

            1. Well, you obviously think knives out, is telling the truth then because thats what it is. To say any other is just burying your head.

            2. Telling the plain to see truth about a player is NOT the same all as having “knives out”.
              Your use of English is rather poor, to put it mildly.

            3. Surely Vamos, you must have a different view as to how SUCCESSFUL Haverz has been so far. I will be interested to see your appraisal of him. It will be interesting (penalty asside) how you explain 13 games, no goals, no assists and now, no starting place.

  3. Confidence sucked out of Vieira, ESR, Trossard and even Partey knowing that they are being benched to accommodate Havertz. Trossard was excellent pre-season and Viera started the season with real promise. Arteta needs to make the call on Havertz now. He adds nothing. I’d love it work out for him but I just don’t see it happening.

  4. Must be more to this move than meets the eye between Arsenal and Chelsea as there was never a moment anyone could say Arsenal need a player like him. To compare him to Pepe is ridiculous. At least Pepe could score and take a player on. GH is currently a shell of a player taking up squad funds and delivering nil. So adding negative energy to the club as his performances don’t warrant selection. Arteta sort this out!

    1. I can only think we saw it as an opportunity to buy a player who is roundly understood to have immense quality, with the understanding that we’d need to find a way to unlock that quality. It’s a big gamble, but if it does eventually work out, I suppose the thinking is we’d have got a 100m player for 65m. Unfortunately so far it looks like just 65m misspent, but it is still early. It will have been a risk-reward calculation – I have always thought arteta tends towards taking risks.

      1. Arteta is a fool. Why to take that Gamble of buying flop on that price. If the he would have got him under 30M that’s calculated risk.
        Arteta has not improved anybody at Arsenal. Any decent Manager could have utilized Pepe properly. and at least sold him for 40M, but He degraded him then given free.
        Arteta will land Arsenal in financial trouble without winning anything

        1. This is high pressure trolling @GBH….

          In the last 3 days you have had comments coming thick and fast including… Arteta will land Arsenal in financial trouble without winning anything

          Arteta is a fool. Why to take that Gamble

          In few years Arteta will land Arsenal in big financial trouble

          The Problem is Arteta

          Arteta should be sacked. With him Arsenal will not succeed

          Arteta should be sacked

          Arteta is achieving nothing. He is clueless.

          Arteta is not achieving any objective here.

          Why not remove Arteta and his crew for buying such craps

          Fraud is not Havertz, Fraud is Arteta

          The Problem is Arteta the confused manager.

          I may be wrong (lol) but it seems you don’t like the guy, but you have trolled enough I’m afraid. Goodbye

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