Chris Sutton says Arteta risks having a bad influence on his players

Mikel Arteta continues to be attacked because of his behaviour on the touchline during Arsenal’s matches.

The Spaniard is one of the most animated gaffers in the game and is constantly moving around in his area.

If he is not barking out instructions to his players, the Spaniard is protesting a decision from the referee and he was cautioned during Arsenal’s 3-2 win against Manchester United yesterday.

Chris Sutton has recently criticised him for how he behaves around his area during games and said the Spaniard could influence the players with his bad behaviour.

He writes in his Daily Mail column:

“I know fans like to see the manager showing passion, but there is a line you should not cross. If players see Arteta losing it like that, they can get sucked in. Arsenal are having a brilliant season but it’s important players know that their manager is in control of his emotions, because they will feed off that.”

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It is shocking that Arteta is being attacked by pundits and fans who seem to have a specific picture of how a manager should act in their minds.

Every gaffer is different and the most important thing is that they motivate their players to win matches, which Arteta has done on several occasions this season.

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  1. “Arsenal are celebrating too much for scoring”

    “Arsenal are celebrating too much for winning a match”

    “Arteta is too dramatic on the touchline”

    In life, I have learned that if you don’t have anything reasonable to say, it’s far better and more beneficial to shut your mouth

  2. He is clearly doing something right to get under the skin of so many pundits

    Arteta took the high road yesterday with his “we can always learn” post-match response but honestly this narrative is getting tiresome. I’m not sure if the Suttons, Nevilles and Keys of this world even truly believe what they are spewing.

    The worry though is that their relentless whinging may be working as Arteta’s yellow card was pretty innocuous. Especially compared to other moments he and other managers have had this season that have gone unpunished.

  3. There will always be this negative soul to everything you do or think of. You give in to that soul, you sink miles down, you ignore it, you fly sky high.
    Some people will never like you no matter how good you are or how good you try so much to be. Love yourself, do what you think is right, ignore the negatives and you will not regret anything.
    👏 👏 👏 Mr. Arteta.

  4. One may also wonder which teams do these ‘perfect ‘ managers with perfect influence managers??
    Mr.Arteta may be this bad influencer, guys which clubs are you, you Mr Sutton and or Gary managing??
    What do you know abt managing a club in top flight football??
    Why don’t try to put your sweet skills in managing and good influence to good use, Everton, Spurs etc may be in a hunt for a manager, what r u waiting for🤷🤷🤷🤷??

  5. My advice to wiser Gooners is to ignore this non story. It is par for the course and to be expected from such unthinking types as Sutton.

    It is actually GOOD NEWS, as MA’s undoubted passion on the touchline (and everywhere else too) is obviously working wonders. And do we have even a single player now without this vital passion? OF COURSE NOT!

    FAR FROM WORRYING ABOUT IT , I rejoice that it is happening!

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