Chris Wilder would like to have Mikel Arteta’s current problems

Despite Arsenal’s current struggles, Chris Wilder insists that Mikel Arteta’s team is still a top Premier League side.

The Gunners have struggled for much of this season and although they had started this year in fine fashion domestically, Arteta’s team were beaten twice in their first two games after the restart.

The Gunners eventually won their first game back when they beat Southampton 2-0 in their last match.

Their next game will be their FA Cup quarter-final match against Sheffield United and Wilder has refused to consider that the Gunners are in a poor state.

The Blades’ manager claimed that Arsenal is just going through a phase that comes around for every team, but he insists that the Gunners are still a top side.

He even claimed that he would love to have Arteta’s problems at the moment because every team has theirs, just like his team.

“I’d quite like to have his problems, we all have our own issues, especially when things aren’t going great and they are not going great for us,” he said as quoted by Independent.

“You can never not say Arsenal are not a powerful football club in the Premier League.

“They have been in the division all the way through, won things. They are going through a stage like everybody does.

“The great Manchester United team went through that stage and came through the other end so teams do.

“The likes of Arsenal and Spurs are huge powerful football clubs in this division.”

Arsenal lost the last time the visited Bramall Lane and Arteta would hope his players can avoid another loss in this game.

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  1. Can someone clarify what issues they’re Wilder has at Sheffield at the moment?

    All I know is that they’re punching in the PL above us.

    1. And then he remembers David Luiz is back tomorrow and takes back what he said about wanting to have our problems 🤣🤣

  2. He is right, they are having a blip. Big cock up on the first match of their return and having done so much to reach the possibility of CL football next season, they find themselves in a trough with their season petering out.

    Both teams are in a similar position except SheffU have been inspirational on their return to the PL and we have been, overall this season, dismal. I hope Arteta can rally the troops

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