Chuba Akpom finally breaks his barren spell at Hull

There were many Arsenal fans that thought Chuba Akpom should have stayed at the Emirates this year as cover for Walcott and Giroud, but Arsene Wenger thought it would be more beneficial for the 19 year-old to go out on loan under Steve Bruce at Hull City.

Akpom scored a couple of goals early on at the club, but since August he had gone nine games without scoring. He was called up to the England U21 side a couple of weeks ago and scored on his debut, and he has finnal broken his barren run at Hull as well after scoring in the penalty shoot out win over Premiership side Leicester.

Steve Bruce had kept faith with the youngster, but Abel Hernandez has earned his first-choice status with 8 goals already this season. “He’s only 19 and he’ll come again, that’s for sure. I’ve got no doubt about that,” said Bruce.

“He had a wonderful start and lit everyone up here but it’s normal for a young player, in my experience, to go up and down a little bit until they get used to playing week in and week out.

“There’s no doubt about his ability. He’s working really, really hard. Because of his physicality, you forget he’s only 19. He’s a boy.”

“He wants to play every week, that’s why he’s here, but I have to protect him a little bit and not flog him.

“At 19 he hasn’t really developed fully. He’s not a man yet. We have to give him time and patience but he’s got all the natural ingredients.”

I too am sure that Akpom has a great future in front of him, but I just hope he doesn’t get impatient like Benik Afobe, who preferred to play every week rather than wait for his place at Arsenal. If he can get back on his feet and start banging them in in the Championship, then hopefully he can come back to the Gunners next season a more complete striker…

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  1. Chuba akpom has the potential to make it at arsenal in the future, but for the meantime i wish him all the best with his loan spell at hull city! May he progress and score many goals, returning to us with much experience under his belt! Coyg!

  2. Listen Baby Please

    Chuba is only 19 but doing well. I think he has a good future with us. Has plenty of time to improve

    Zelalem is doing well at Rangers too. I think he is the most promising youngster Rangers want to keep him whole season

  3. let me tell you the truth, go and do research on every world class player, you will no that akpom is also going to be average player(like welbeck,chamberlain,etc) or close(near) to world class player(like walcot,ramsey,gibbs,wilshere,etc) because
    1. world class player begin to show there ability by the age 18/19. examples are bellerin,anthony matial,fabregas,messi,ronaldo,etc.
    2. wc player reach full world class playing ability(dribbling,finishing,scoring atleast 21 or 22 league goal,etc.) by the age of 22(or 20)
    3. nowadays british or england players were either poor, average or close to world class player
    4. those who close to wc player are always prone to injury

    1. 1. Are you just gonna ignore people like Drogba? People didn’t exactly think he was a world-beater when signing for Chelsea at the age of 26… Even Coquelin was given up as a lost cause before last year, way past the age of 18
      2. Just no
      3. Yeah maybe, England are pretty terrible at the moment
      4. Ronaldo? Messi?

    2. example of number 2 are neyma,hazard,robben,messi,ronaldo,pele,maradona,rooney,henry,ronaldinho,zidane,reus,gotze,oziletc.(all of them reach wc playing ability by the age of 22

      1. Lewandowski 22 was still at Lech Poznan , Drogba 22 was still in french Ligue2, Suarez 22 was at Groningen, Otamendi 22 was not even paying at Porto, Lampard 22 and still was at west Ham. WC ability dont has age. Akpom is young and just need a chance like Bellerin or Coquelin to show how WC he is.

  4. Chuba stay or chuba go now…
    If I stay there will be trouble and if ingonthere will be trouble….
    Exactly where am I supposed to be…

    Chuba stay or chuba go!

  5. are you telling me that coquelin is in the same class with all of busquet,macherano,alonso,kroos,dejong,schneiderlin,matuidi,machisio,giberto silva,songetc.(am not trying to critisize or say coquelin is not good)

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