Akpom shows why Arsenal don’t need a new striker!

The young Arsenal striker Chuba Akpom was promoted to the first team subs bench this year and I have really liked his hunger and positional sense when he has been given a chance on the pitch, and Arsene Wenger obviously sees great promise in the 19 year-old striker.

Although he hasn’t yet scored for the Gunners first team in 7 subs appearances this season, he did manage 15 strikes in his 23 games for our youth sides. It was for this reason that he was picked to play for the England U20 side to play in the ongoing Toulon Tournament, and he has already scored in both games so far, a 3-3 with Morocco and a 2-1 victory over the Ivory Coast.

He seems to be really enjoying his football, and is keen to increase his tally. “The tournament has been good so far, each game has brought different challenges and experiences for the team,” Akpom told FA.com. “I’m happy to have scored a couple of goals already in the first two games.

“It’s all about building momentum and we are doing that – hopefully we can get more wins and go far as possible in the tournament. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of Mexico, we’ve had a couple of days break and all the lads can’t wait to play again and we are confident that we can get a result.

“It’s always good to score goals for my club and country, not just for myself but most importantly for the team. Goals are what makes the team win so if I can contribute more that would be nice.”

If Akpom can keep scoring and help England to beat Mexico in the next game they have a really good chance of getting to the Final on June 7th, and maybe also persuade Wenger that he doesn’t need to buy another striker this summer…

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  1. Akpom is not ready to play for Arsenal. He is still behind Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott so a
    loan deal to a Premier league team will be good for him. Maybe he should play on loan for
    Norwich or Bournemouth.

      1. OT – Ridiculous how the FA charge Jack for a chant in a victory parade, and yet don’t say f*** all to other clubs regarding their chants in PL games. I get that he should be leading by example, but it’s a victory parade for crying out loud, it shouldn’t even be any of the FA’s business what he says during that. Just because Blatter out, doesn’t resolve all of the problems associated with football. The English FA will always have an agenda against Arsenal for the success that was brought about via foreign players. Bitter sods.

        1. @WM
          He was on live tv dude. No excuse for it…He needs to grow the fck up and get his game in check.

  2. I never have a doubt that Akpom would be a star for us in the future.. buh signing a new prolific striker now might not be bad either… OT. I just find it funny how arsenal has no injured player for the first time since the start of the season( according to physioroom.com). and this is coming just days after the last match of the season. if only we can be injury free next season, we’ll be up there.. I got no doubt.. upwards and onwards gunners

  3. Well I won’t go that far. He has great potential but still needs more experience. I see mote potential in Akpom than Sanogo

    We still need A top striker as Giroud is approaching 30 in a couple of years. By that time Maybe Akpom and Welbeck will improve enough but we still need A guy like lacazette, MartineZ etc at the moment

  4. If we dont sign a quality striker and CDM we will still be 12 points behind BPL winner. Keeper is also needed. I dont have much confidence in Ospina or Szczesny.
    We can easily spend 10-15 m on keeper, 20-25 m on CDM and 40 m on striker.
    We can also raise fund by getting rid of Jenkinson, Diaby, Flamini, Pododlski, Sanogo, Arteta
    and Campbell.

    1. I said similar about money we could spend but not allot seemed to agree. Of course we are capable of that spend we are wealthier this season compared last and we spent similar last season, i dont see why not.

    2. moneytalks,you are perfectly right.I don’tknow why you have so many thumb downs when you are speaking the truth

    1. That is a WTF, if anyone could charge him you would think it be us. Obviously we wouldnt but what grounds have fa got, it was outside Emirates and amongst all his own people.

      The reaction is just awful. All other fans would love their players during same circumstances. spu are just sick because their so called one of their own was and probably still is an Arsenal supporter.

      1. Legend Chelsea fans were racist in Paris, UEFA said it was powerless because it wasn’t involved with the actual game, so why does the FA have the power to charge Wilshere when he didn’t say anything at the game?

        1. So my autocorrect changes the word ‘when’ to ‘legend’.. Odd, not as if they’re similar words at all. Anyways just to clarify, Chelsea fans are not legends, and neither are racists.

          1. @Mick The Gooner
            The Chelsea incident happened in France. Which left it up to the French authorities to handle it. Which they did. Those guys faces were plastered all over the news, in an attempt at trying to find out who they were. And they did. They were also punished for it.
            Jack is in employ at a team that falls under the govern of both the FA and UEFA. The fans aren’t…
            Jack was out of line on national tv. He needs to grow up and cop on.

      2. I didn’t see the FA charging The spuds with the same offence when they hung “Judas” placards and burnt Sol Campbell effigies when Campbell came to us a few years ago, it goes to show how the worlds changing and not for the better really. Politically correct bullsh!t

  5. After coquelin and bellerin’s emergence I really hope chuba can be the pacy, killer striker we’re looking for since henry’s departure.

      1. well not right away but the kid’s only 19 and has better striker’s instinct than welbz.

  6. No disrespect but we want to win the title. I want our kids to progress but the title should be next. The word “top 4 “should be banned from this site. Look at Sanogo. He was like 3rd choice striker at palace. That tells you all you need to know. Sanogo or Akpom are far from ready. Akpom needs to go on loan for about 2 seasons.
    We are very close. We can’t afford to screw up this window. When i see articles about KI of swanse to Arsenal I feel sick. Its better nothing is written than us been link to ki. We are Arsenal football club.
    Next season objectives

    1) Title challenege from day 1. 2nd is minimum requirement.
    2) Good defend of our FA cup title
    3) Champion league Semis finals.

    Don’t tell me we can do it. lets be ambituous and go for it.

  7. Arsenal Team Next Season:
    Cech Bellerin Mertesaker(c) Koscielny Monreal Coquelin Cazorla Ramsey Ozil Sanchez

    Ospina Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs Kondogbia Wilshere Chamberlain Rosicky Walcott

    1. I personally don’t see Arsenal breaking down Chelsea or any organized defensive minded squad with such a lack of pace in the team.

  8. Numerically speaking we have enough players all over. Quality wise we are short a striker, Coq getting injured could have huge consequences, and keeper position is not clear cut. Not underestimating a keepers value but i believe the big ones are the two outfield players, thats for sure.

    There are some however who believe or should i say dont believe we are altogether rock solid at the rear. I think we are fine here as long as our entire team keeps on returning in numbers and keeps a good shape about them, just like weve been doing. I have confidence that say if Per picks up an injury Chambers will come in and do a fine job. Debuchy and Bellerin, what more could you ask for… Jenkinson!. Monreal and Gibbs also a good combo, one is fast and pacy when threatening or retreating and the other rarely put a foot wrong all season. Kos the Boss and our dark angel Gabriel… awesome.

    I look forward to Arsene strengthening us, it is always so much better when strengthening from an already strong position/stance.

  9. Podolski is in goal.coms worst 11 again. i hope he plays next Saison not for Arsenal.

  10. 100% would like to see another forward/striker come in this summer. As for the likes of Akpom & Sanogo I don’t think you can really put a time frame on how far off the first team they are. For example I remember people talking about Bellerin last season saying he needs 2 seasons on loan before he’ll be ready for the first team. He’s proved that theory wrong. I think it’s all about confidence and opertunities comeing at the right time, just one game either Akpom or Sqnogo could come in bag a couple of goals and I think it would instantly give them the confidence and bring them on a level. People are writing Sanogo off I wouldn’t exactly say Coquelin’s loans were successful before Charlton yet he’s come back & been fantastic. The timing was all wrong at Crystal Palace a new manager coming in all the other players massively stepped up there game trying to prove themselves and they all started playing well. He also had a injury at the worst time and then Pardew was always going to back his own players over a loan player especially one he got them safe.

    1. Sanogo is toooo raw. He needs too much time. Just compare or see games played by akpom or bellerin and sanogo. There is a huge difference.

      1. agreed.An theres no way a couple of goals will get Sanogo onto the level that we need.

  11. Send the kid on loan for 2 years until he’s ready, in the mean time we need proven goalscorers like martinez, cavani is way too expensive but Higuain is available again.

  12. Send akpom to championship clubs again, he is not ready yet for first team. Don’t ever sell him, he has everything to be a striker..just need exp at higher level. I don’t mind selling sanogo. He dint even get into crystal palace team.
    Next we need striker better than we have now n kongdobia is must.

  13. We need to put loyalty aside and really look at our team in terms of quality

    We should look at these players in particular and decide if it would be wise to sell/release them or loan

    Podolski- Wenger doesn’t have confidence in him and hasn’t impressed on loan
    Campbell- same
    Sanogo- sell or loan but don’t feel confident
    Diaby- due to injuries do we release or give pay as you play contract
    Arteta- lost a lot of quality but Still useful
    Flamini- same but not as useful

    Jenkison. I would rather keep Jenkison and allow Chambers to focus on CB and DM.
    Sanogo- prefer to sell

    We could raise money for better players AND free up wages

    I think we have too much depth in quantity. We should have depth but more depth in quality

    1. Sanogo, Podolski, Diaby and Flamini dont deserve to play for Arsenal. They are worthless.
      Diaby- cant stay fit unlucky
      Sanogo- one of the worst strikers in the world
      Flamini- left us when he was on prime and joined as a terrible player although he had a decent first season since returning.
      Podolski- He was a good player 6 years ago now he is awful. Even a relegated team dont want him.

      1. Sanogo- one of the worst strikers in the world?????

        Podolski- He was a good player 6 years ago now he is awful. Even a relegated team dont want him??????

        Wow you should be writing for the Metro with those player reviews.

        & I’d say Podolski’s first two years at Arsenal were two of his best clubs career years. That’s just how his career’s been fantastic for country a little bit hit and miss for club doesn’t seem to be able to perform consistently to a high level week in week out.

  14. Sign Jackson Martinez. Keep Giroud for couple of season. Loan out Akpom. Akpom after 2 years experience sell Giroud.

  15. I honestly think we can afford a top striker, top DM and young LB.

    We probably could get a LB free of transfer fee or relatively small transfer fee

    If we take Jackson Martinez and Schneiderlin as examples. Both cost approximately £25 million each.

    This will also be lower if we sell Podolski, Campbell, Sanogo and release Flamini. We will reduce wages

    1. I was pretty impressed with Criswell from West Ham this past year if he’s available. Cant fathom he’d to expensive.

      On the topic of Akpom,
      Higuain, Lacazette, Benzema, Martinez, Lewandowski, Costa, Aguero………AKPOM?

      Sounds about right

    2. That’s the thing we CAN afford a top class striker but im betting my house on the fact that we WONT spend any money on one. Wenger has already stated that he thinks OG is the man to take us forward and I doubt he’ll go back on that. No Karim Benzema, No Gonzalo Higuain, No Edison Cavanni, No Jackson Martinez (IMO not a great choice) ….but we will have plenty of Oliver Giroud (Great player but NOT the beast we need) plenty of Theo Walcott ..great player but does not have the physical attributes required and would have already been that top player if he was ever going to be. and plenty of Danny Wellbeck… a player that Wenger was not even in on buying and in my opinion will NEVER be a top class striker (this was also the thoughts of the Man ubited coaching staff as well)

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