Man City will receive at least £1m if Arsenal appoint Mikel Arteta as boss

According to the Guardian, Manchester City will receive at least £1m in compensation if Arsenal decide to appoint former captain Mikel Arteta as their next manager.

The ball firmly seems to be in our hierarchy’s court as they continue to hold talks with the Spaniard over our managerial vacancy, as the Guardian add that City don’t wish to stand in Arteta’s way as he seeks his first job in management.

Reports appear to indicate that we are edging closer to sealing our former midfielder’s return to the Emirates Stadium.

The Daily Mail claimed that Arteta held talks with Arsenal chief Josh Kroenke last night, it’s reported that the meeting between the pair was set to act as the third and final step of the Spaniard’s interview process.

Arteta has been honing his craft under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City over the last three-and-a-half years.

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Some supporters may be surprised to see that the compensation figure is only expected to be in the £1m region, however the Telegraph add that Arteta has just 18 months left on his current contract – which is likely the reason for this relatively small figure (in football terms).

With Arteta’s fellow club legend, Freddie Ljungberg, failing to inspire a change in fortunes since taking caretaker charge of the side – it seems like a good idea for the club to appoint their next permanent manager very soon.

Arteta’s appointment could prove to be a shrewd one, the 37-year-old knows the ins and outs of our club which should allow him to settle in fairly quickly.

This is absolutely necessary considering that games will be coming thick and fast over the Christmas and new year period, we can’t afford to drop any more points before the end of 2019.

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  1. Can’t see where we are actually going to pick up points to be honest. Every team in the league will be relishing playing arsenal at the moment and will be disappointed with anything less than 3 points.

  2. But lets remember that he will not start winning at the go.Emery already made sure we won’t be finishing top four so i hope that we give the target of not getting relegated this season as he experiment with his ideas and next season after the Kroenkes unleash the purse strings then the target becomes top four. lets promise to be patient with each other and the players for the rest of this season, lets be happy fans and celebrate together for once coz we have not done so for a while. Are we in Agreement, say yes if we are.

    1. I really don’t fancy Arteta being our Manager, its a very dangerous risk for Arsenal at the moment. We need a figure in the mould of Mourinho e. g Simone. Arteta will be too risky an appointment for us.

  3. Everyone voice here on Ozil wages..Why not on Raul and Vinai? Do we actually need them? We saw the ego clash with Sven. Fire them first. Let Edu takeover the responsibilities and bring more Brazilian talents. I think Kroenke has invested a fair amount of money on players. But those monkeys channelled the money in wrong direction against the manager’s wish. That is really the issue. So who ever comes here can’t manage this club as long as those 2 monkeys are above the manager… So kick them out of this club first….Then try to rebuild..Otherwise we will see more Pepes in this team in place of Auba and Laca..Defence being led by Socrates and Luiz 😂😂😂.

    While Giroud was in Arsenal many used to complain that he wasn’t a great finisher.. We allowed Chelsea to have him. He was instrumental for them and he helped them win EUFA.. So the players who fail here may be successful in other clubs..That is not their fault.. Just because of lack of support and game plan. I have seen many complaining about Alex Ox in this forum before he left. Those who smelled the rotten situation in Arsenal jumped the ship last summer. Other who waited will also jump soon….So i dont think its all because of the quality of players. We lack something else…Proper game plan and philosophy….Dont blame the players and owner for this…

  4. If and when Arteta is appointed, I think his main objective should be:

    A) 5-6th in PL is not bad given the situation
    B) Win the Europa League

    I think FA Cup is out of reach, but EL is not. There aren’t too scary teams in. Ajax, Sevilla, United, Inter probably the best ones.

    A lot of work to do, and January window will be crucial.

    1. We’re not good enough defensively to win the EL.
      We’re not qualifying for the CL.

      Arteta’s main goal for this season should be to figure out which players can work out in his system and which can’t. And then to convince Raul to act on it smartly and sell the deadwood that CAN be sold (no, Ozil will survive for his final year as will too highly paid Luiz) such as Xhaka, Mustafi, Socratis and 1 or 2 others.

  5. Love how some say to give Arteta time if he is appointed manager. You mean like the time they politely gave Freddie? At least Freddie managed our U-23 squad, more than Arteta has done; think about that.

    Under Freddie I have seen our attacking style surface in bits and parts. It’s slowly coming, but what do you expect after Emery conditioned our players to be cowardly and defensive no matter the opponent?

    This defense has failed Emery, is failing Freddie, and will fail Arteta as well. I should not be surprised that club is considering Arteta as manager, as well spiral down the rabbit hole.

    He won’t make demands and hard talk the Kronkes’, he’s all too eager to take the job.
    Raul will tell him which players come and go, because why would Raul bring in an established leader who will challenge his authority when it comes to players?

    Kronkes’ jumping for joy along with the board; another Fall guy in a year’s time, who the fans will berate and blame while the owners, board, and Raul get overlooked for their wretchedness.

    Allegri rightfully won’t touch us with a ten-foot pole. Absentee owner who didn’t get involved to win titles, (Stan’s own words), Don Raul who will not cede power over players or transfers, and a team comprised of financial mercenaries who put their personal paychecks over team pride.

  6. Arteta will get the same amount of time as Freddie, if it goes well from the start, he will get more time but if he can’t galvanise us,he will be pilloried. This club (the fan base) are fed up and we dont want to give anyone time, we cant wait, we have been waiting too long all ready.

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