Claims that Arsenal will drop out of top-six not based on reality

It is now getting a little crazy when it comes to Arsenal and the state the club is actually in.

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp reckons Arsenal is in big trouble and could drop out of the top-six next season.

He also claims that Arsenal is miles behind Tottenham.

Now, I do not care for his opinion too much but I do think that his comments are absolutely ridiculous and not based on any facts but a collective form of hysteria.

Some serious perspective is required here.

Tottenham have bought just one single player for next season, that is it and while it may be a decent signing there is no guarantee it will improve them beyond what they achieved last season.

For Arsenal to drop out of the top six it has to be assumed that Chelsea will improve with a rookie manager and the loss of their best player.

It has to be assumed that one of the clubs below us make up double digits in points to catch us up.

It has to be assumed that we have another collapse or lose on a regular basis throughout the season and actually perform worse than we did last season.

So much would have to happen, all against us and for everyone else for Arsenal to drop out of the top-six.

Yes, we have defensive problems but we also have our potent attack, the third-best last season, intact but listening to the doom-mongers you would think we will not score more than ten goals next season.

Chelsea and Man Utd are currently in worse condition than us, Chelsea is weaker than last season and United have bought unproven talent so far and have huge problems with a mediocre manager.

And the idea that we are miles behind Tottenham is based on what? the huge one point they finished above us last season?

I do not believe I am being over-optimistic but realistic when I say there is no chance we will finish outside top-six and that I believe we have a better chance of a top-four finish than either Chelsea or Man Utd.


  1. He would say that he was a spuds manager and while i am not happy with our situation at present I am hoping things will look better soon,I am certain we will not finish lower than sixth with the attackers we have in the team.

  2. I think it’s possible. Without new signings we’re in huge trouble! We already know that the majority of the squad are simply not good enough, and the squad depth isn’t there given the players that left during the summer.

    We then have the players that know they’re not wanted anymore by the club. Kos, Ozil, Mustafi, etc. If we can’t offload them, what level of effort we will see from them should they play? Ozil has already given us his answer, will the rest follow his terrible attitude?

    Holding, and Bellerin are still injured, which weakens us further. Anymore injuries like last season, and we have another crisus on our hands.

    Wolves, Everton, and Leicester did well last season, and are strengthening as I speak. Remember that for years, Liverpool (who are bigger than Arsenal) were awful in the league, so it’s possible for Arsenal to start dropping down the league as well, especially given the passive ownership of our club.

      1. Aslo the club did want Kos to stay it was him that wants to leave ,probably because he knows the season we are about to have under Emery

        1. Dan, mere facts and details will not deter the likes of those who continue to peddle their own form of make believe.
          I scoure every fanbase, every official statement and check the official website daily and I haven’t/couldn’t find any word about wanting to get rid of Ozil…but I did see him modelling the new kit and training out in the land of Trump!!!
          The crowd went wild when he came on in the friendly match, according to adminmartin, wonder what that was all about???

          If someone states that Lichsteiner was not a bad buy because he came on a FREE and was ONLY paid £70,000 a week, any further comments should be taken with a large pinch of epsom’s salt.

      2. Do I need to explain everything to you like a child? Do you honestly think it does the club good, to openly say they want to get rid of their biggest name?

    1. I agree 100% mate, said it here. Arsenal will finish between 6th and 9th place,if lucky we be lucky to get Europa league next year.

      Article is a joke.

      1) Spurs are un front of us for years.
      2) Play CL, reach semi finals.
      3) They signed a top player in Dombele we precisly needed.
      4) They about to get Saliba, pay what asked. Same for Cenallosand Malcom we make ridiculous bets. 3 targets!

      5) Dombele signing shows ambition, CL football as well beside all players want to play it.

      Im not going to waist time on Chelsea but they have, Pulisic and Bakayoko back from loans and top forms, managed to keep Calum and talented youngster to bring into first team. They in champions League and we not, won Europa and we didnt get CL.

      We wont have Ramsey who was a real plus when fit this season. Our central defense a disaster, no one reliable beside Kos we may lose for cheap and ingrate board.

      We not signing any player needed badly as Koulibaly nor we sell a Xhaka and Sokratis & Mustafi & Mikki to make up that100M Koulibaly price tag.

      We in the US making money for Kroenke, that’s only business he makes in summer. We getting that weaker team ready for new season.

      1. What a load of waffle!
        Spuds just done an arsenal 06 so what?
        Chelsea are in a sore state, lost hazard and can’t buy
        Utd, well this just looks like another moyes

        Stop being bitter, we have a very good squad. Emery done amazing last season after the mess of wenger and then gazidis leaving for Milan and then Sven so lots has happened in the last year.
        He and his coaching staff had ALOT to do, losing Holding when we did really really hurt our season, he was the glue he can control mistakeafi if we have no buyers, tbh no real leader type defender even kid is weak in that department and tbh I really don’t see the need for another cb this season unless we flog a few, Dino, Holding and chambers would make my main 3, give them a go this season, they won’t improve unless they play

  3. Based on current roster we’re still finishing 5th or 6th. Those below us haven’t caught up, but they have closed the gap.

    If we can get Tierney, Ceballos on loan and Soares, then we’ll pip Chelsea and fight it out with an improved Utd for fourth.

    For me so much depends on some hthings

    1. Can Freddie help youth have impact?
    2. Will Emery stop constant tinkering?
    3. Will Emery stick with a back 4?
    4. Can Bellerin and Holding find the form they displayed before their injuries?
    5. Can new players have impact or need long settling period?

    Long season with too many ifs and buts for me to give a hard yes or no.
    Redknapp just geeking b/c it’s best spuds team in generation.

    He should worry more about spuds getting a F-ing trophy, not where their big brother will finish. His panties in a bunch b/c we’re on verge of snatching Ceballos out of their pocket, and tried to hijack Saliba, only for player to say thanks, but no thanks.

    Guessing Ceballos prefer playing in Stadiums not a giant toilet bowl. Seriously, building a billion dollar toilet? All that extra time and everyone at spuds missed the optics on the design? Ha fitting tho, a giant toilet for a pre- pubescent club full of shit.

    1. ? Durand, good post.
      I am being patient until the end of the transfer window, as things seem to be moving a bit now, if slowly.
      An experienced CB is essential to be added to Tierney, Everton, Ceballos and potentially Sabina, should these acquisitions be finalised.
      Emery in his second and potentially final season should be more acquainted with his players and the demands of the EPL. It is unfortunate that Arsenal is starting the new season with first team players out injured.

  4. No worry, He is one of hot spars managers who failed to oust Arsenal in top 4 so let him try in microphone may be he can win it.

  5. I tend to agree with Harry, unless things change drastically in a short space of time.
    It’s not spurs and Chelsea I’m worried about because they are already ahead of us, it’s the likes of Everton, Leicester and even teams like Wolves and Watford too. Also, write off Man U at your peril as whilst Solskjaer may not be a decent coach, he has a good back room team and owners that spend money.

  6. If Arsenal don’t improve they could finish lower than last year. Leicester, Wolves, West Ham and others are getting better. I hope we improve. We won’t see until a few games in whether we can improve, but defensively let’s not kid ourselves we ain’t any good, and with Mustafi we are going to concede. At the moment with one signing we don’t have an earthly. If we sign 2 or 3 good players that could change. But let’s not delude ourselves we need a BIG improvement. De facto.

  7. Its Rednapp, nothing to take serious. So pass, next article pls.
    Arsenal may have nit yet recruited any player but its still same arsenal squard that came 5th last season with only 2points behind 3rd placed chelsea.
    Even if we fail to sign a single player we are not far behind spur or utd. Infact we are ahead of chelsea. I doubt top 6 will change

  8. Surprisingly the article fails to recognise the teams that finished below us last season but have strengthened their squad subsequently.Wolves and particularly Leicester impressed me and when I compare our defence with these two sides we are substantially inferior.We may have exciting effective forwards but nothing has been done to stem the tide of goals conceded at the other end and until quality defenders are brought in ,our top six position is on a very shaky peg

  9. Ndombele performed very well against big clubs in France. He will definitely improve Tottenham’s midfield

    If Arsenal want a new CM, he should be a big game player and dominant in middle like Pogba

    It has been a long time since Arsenal had a dominant box-to-box midfielder like Vieira

  10. I’ll bet my bottom dollar on Arsenal finishing above Spurs next season for one simple reason: Ozil is going to have a great season with goals and assists from left, right and centre. You just wait and see. Buckle up Gooners, buckle up!

  11. We won’t drop out of the top 6 but if we don’t sign quality players we will finish 6th

    United will make some signings and improve to 5th place

    On paper United had a better team than us last season but we played better and finished 5th.

    I don’t expect that this season

  12. How Can anyone look at who United are buying , then us and think we can finish above them ?
    They are improving squad , we are weaker then last season

    1. Dan ole is going to get find out as a manager actually he already has last season, Pogba,Lukaku.,..want to leave keeping them is going to be a big mistake trust me,too many big egoes and not enough places,a recipe for disaster!

    2. Wan bisasa and the kid from Swansea are the players they have bought so far. How are those two putting fear of God in you. They both are not better than all the kids we have promoted. Except I’m missing something.

      1. Your missing….no Ramsey , Cech, Welbeck
        Our captain wants to leave

        Then you see them offering 80 for Maguire and we can’t get 25 for Tierney
        In short they are more ambition

  13. Man Utd is in worse position than us? Hey man less of that optimism. They are addressing their issues man

  14. It is not a claim but a fear based on our stagnation … which the transfer window has so far done little to assuage .. and signs that the pack are improving … plenty of time to still strengthen our first 11 but without at least another attacking option a center back or top quality b2b midfielder with defensive skills and a left full back … and all of quality .. the fear will remain …

  15. If you think spurs are not better than us simply because we won few Fa cup them you are not been sincere…spurs have a far better team…and there improvement is undeniable…dont forget they have to make Wembley a home for nearly whole of last season..

    They haven’t won anything but their record against the elite clubs is quite admirable knocked out a very good city team….
    Reached champions league final and are now settled with a ground of their own and improving their squad, don’t forget they were in the title race until their collapse

    We can only pray and hope for chelsea and man u to have a bad season and us to have a better season than both which looks quit unlikely

  16. A few facts need to be borne in mind. Firstly, Spurs has not won anything in a long time. If Aubameyang had converted the penalty against Spurs we would have finished 3rd last season. Secondly, the quality of the coach matters a lot in football. Arsenal has one of the top coaches in EPL. He has now gained experience in England and he is therefore expected to do better than last season.
    Thirdly, the return of Holding and Bellerin will greatly influence Arsenal’s season. If the two remain fit Arsenal will be an improved side.
    Fourthly, I have a strong feeling that our forwards will keep improving and the Laca-Auba partnership will grown stronger and more lethal. Guendouzi and Torreira will perform better because they are now used to EPL.
    What does the above assessment allude to? It implies that all factors being equal, Arsenal will do better next season than it did the previous season.

    1. Bro. There are no IF’S in football it is what it is
      How do YOU know we would have finished above spurs (if)
      Auba scored penalty we had chance after chance after chance
      To rewrite that mistake and we knew how it went….

      Return of holding and bellerin everyone has to deal with injuries
      Tottenham made it to the final without KANE football there is no IF’S and BUT it is what it is or what it isn’t

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