Classy Ozil update and Arteta ‘Feeling better’ already

You can’t turn on the TV without hearing something about Coronavirus (unless you are a Cheltenham fan of course…), and there is no change here.

As you may have heard already, Manager Mikel Arteta has been confirmed as having the infamous COVID-19 Coronavirus this week, but he has come out to reveal that he is already ‘feeling better’, while urging people to follow the public health guidelines being put forward.

Mesut Ozil has also taken to social media today to bring attention to all those working hard to try and keep us alive and well, urging us to show appreciation for all the medical professionals doing their utmost for our health.

As you will know, all football has already been cancelled for the rest of the month currently, with the serious potential of being suspended for longer unless the current situation shows some resolve, and it is important that we all follow the guidelines in place.

David Moyes has self-contained himself following his close encounter with fellow manager and former player Arteta recently, while a number of others also are taking strict action due to the recent news.

These are torrid times, but we will do our utmost to keep you informed with all the goings on surrounding our beloved Arsenal, which will hopefully bring you a welcome distraction while the majority of you are hopefully avoiding leaving your homes unless need be.

News of Arteta’s recovery will come as a great relief to those worried about the implications of the virus, but we must be well aware that those healthiest amongst us are more than likely to recover in such a way. Keep safe.



  1. I Mikel Arteta will fine very well and back to his normal situation. As to my under standing from different concerned medias, if some one has been tested positive with Coronavirus does not mean he/she is fully exposed to death. There are so many factors that could determine the impact of this virus. Age range, natural immunity status, physical strength, previous health status etc are some of the factors to be considered, young people (below the age of 50 years), sport men with strong physical status, people with high natural immunity and with healthy status are less exposure to death due to this virus impact,

  2. Bless God for the positive update… I pray for even better recovery for MA and a cure for the virus.
    So we can get back on the road to securing UCL place


  3. Very happy that MA is recovering and doing well. Hope all the affected people of covid 19 recover and be healthy again. Also great of Ozil to highlight the importance of the service being done by the medical fraternity.

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