Clear dangers Arsenal must overcome against Newcastle United

On the face of it, the game against Newcastle should be considered a banker for Arsenal, they have downgraded their manager, sold one of their best players and the fan base is in uproar talking about boycotting the game but as we all know, football is never that simple.

This game is not a walkover for Arsenal, far from it and there are clear dangers ahead.

For starters, there is Arsenal’s atrocious away form, that simply cannot be ignored and until there is evidence that the away day blues have been eradicated it remains a cause for concern.

Newcastle United are fully aware of Arsenal’s vulnerabilities on the road and that gives them confidence and the only way to drain that confidence is to quieten the crowd and get a goal as soon as possible.

The Arsenal defence remains weak at this point, there is no Tierney, Holding or Bellerin and so the only upgrade on last season is David Luiz and it is questionable if he is indeed an upgrade.

Losing Ozil and Kolasinac for this game is not the end of the world to be brutally honest, but we have no idea how their situation is affecting the rest of the team.

Newcastle may well have sold Ayoze Pérez but they have brought in Joelinton and Allan Saint-Maximin and it is arguable they are actually stronger now than they were at the end of last season.

Losing Rafael Benitez is obviously a major hit for them but if the players get behind Steve Bruce there is no reason why they cannot be as competitive as they were under the Spaniard.

So, in conclusion, Arsenal’s away form, vulnerable defence, missing players and Newcastle possibly stronger than last season all add up to significant dangers tomorrow.

I am confident Arsenal will win, we pose more dangers to Newcastle than they do to us but any complacency or lack of concentration and we will lose. As I said above, this is no walkover.



  1. snowden says:

    If we come out of the traps running then we have a good chance of winning. Win or lose worth watching.

    If we come out of the traps sleep walking then those of us not trapped at the ground watching are free to postpone our Arsenal dream till the next game comes marching along.

  2. John0711 says:

    Imo it’s which side emery picks
    No mustafi or miki
    If he plays last years teams we should expect the same results
    This season win or bust is on emery

  3. Declan says:

    Luiz will be a defensive monster tomorrow and the doubters will eat their words.
    If I’m wrong I will (insert forfeit here)

    1. Welbeck says:

      “If I’m wrong, I will…. Wear a Spurs shirt for 24 hours” ?

      1. Declan says:

        I expected a tough forfeit but that is very harsh Welbeck.

  4. Welbeck says:

    Cockiness Alert ⚠!!!

    I’m not worried about Newcastle as we usually eat them up for breakfast like beans on toast. Steve Bruce is relegation material, he will probably be sacked by January.

    1. Sue says:

      Nooooo!!!!! You’ve well & truly jinxed it now (damn it, that’s usually my job ?)

      1. Welbeck says:

        Come on now Sue, you know Steve Bruce has rarely gotten the better of Arsenal and we usually don’t lose opening day fixtures either.

        I’m with Declan, if we don’t win I will eat my hat.

        1. Sue says:

          We don’t usually lose the first game? Uh… West Ham, Liverpool, Villa, City spring to mind!!
          If you’re right and we do win, I do not mind in the slightest if you bombard me with I told you so’s!!! Haha!

          1. Welbeck says:

            Yeah I know we’ve had a few wobbles when the squad was either suffering injuries or fatigue from WC/EC games. New manager, newish players, new mindset. New balls please ???

            I’ve got my dance ready in the likely event that I told you so

          2. Sue says:

            The truffle shuffle by any chance?! ?

  5. mayert says:

    Clear dangers to overcome tomorrow:

    1. No credible left winger a.t.m, so manager has to make right choice between Martinelli, Nelson and Saka OR consider rushing Pepe

    2. Midfield to be fielded: I believe the manager is going with Xhaka, Ceballos and Willock —> which is reciepe for disaster since both Xhaka and Willock are very very slow and casual in tackling.

    3. Defence: Manager should choose more dynamic defenders i.e. Mustafi (RB), Sokratis, Luiz and Monreal; otherwise choose AMN at RB and Chambers (CB) then you will see calamitous and comical defending.

    Ideal lineup 4-3-3

    1. Welbeck says:

      Just a thought, if Luiz plays as a DM, Newcastle won’t get a single goal. He’s going to make a big difference to us this season.

  6. Mogunna says:

    Whoa, all getting hyped up, smashing ncastle left & right…

    Hello guyz; WE HAVE NO DEFENSsssssE; worst than last year!

    For 15 epl games until next window; means We will be totally dead by february 2 top cb & entire defensive end is locked.

    Lets see where we at in 5 weels first.

    Liked palace everton game; we lpst there as at everton.

    I will defenetly back everton with Moise & iwobi addition to Theo.

    We will be laim with such defense but EPL looks excting & sparkling with talented youth i see take over.

    No weak team in epl for sure…

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Mogunna, Arsenal thanks you for your great vote of confidence before a ball is kicked.

  7. Innit says:

    I hope Torreira starts so that he can help support our defence.

    As for our defence I hope Mustafi doesn’t start. He always worries me. I think Emery needs to start Luiz. Luiz is a veteran so he can be shoved into the deep end

    Without Ozil may be a blessing as maybe Ceballos or Nelson can play in his position and do well. I’m not really interested in Mkhitaryan playing in that position.

    My 11 would be 4-3-3



    (or Guendouzi)


    *Pepe comes off the bench

    In the future I’d like to see:
    Ozil or Reiss-nelson
    Pepe… Lacazette… Aubameyang

  8. Le Coq Monster says:

    I read that we may possibly have upto 12 players missing !…….so confidence is not the word of the day !………….I expect to be playing catch up straight away and with Spuds and Bindippers on the horizon it may get a lot worse befoer it gets better !…………..sounds a bit doomy, but with a defence like ours whats to be possitive about untill the the first choice players get back !…………….cant wait for next season ! hahahaha

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