Club confirms another DM heading to Arsenal

While Arsenal wait for the transfer of Mohamed Elneny from the Swiss club Basel to be completed, assuming that the work permit for the Egyptian international midfielder to be able to play in the English Premier League is granted, Arsene Wenger still has the problem of how to cope without central midfielders like Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky and perhaps most importantly Francis Coquelin.

At the minute the manager only has Calum Chambers and Mathieu Flamini to choose from for the holding role and perhaps that is why Arsenal are bringing back Isaac Hayden from his loan spell in the Championship with Hull City.The 20-year old was supposed to stay with Steve Bruce and the Tigers for the whole season but a Metro report has revealed that Hull have agreed to let us have him back now.

Hayden can play as either a centre back or a defensive midfielder and they are both positions where the Gunners are a bit light and may need cover for. He has played 13 games for Hull City this season so even though Hayden has not started for them since they were beaten by Man City in the League cup at the start of December, he should be match fit and ready to step in should Arsene Wenger need to call on him.

However, I do expect this to be a temporary measure until we see whether Elneny will get his work permit and how well he settles. But should Arsenal be looking at another DM transfer rather than bringing this young Gunner back?

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  1. Bob why do we keep getting posts that are misleading do we have that little to talk about ?, no wonder some posts get 12 comments

  2. isaac hayden. who didnt cut it in the championship. are nowhere near ready loan signing

    well done bob.

    clickbait seems to be your new year resolution.
    very poor form from you guys

  3. Heres a post for you
    Wenger stated when Asked about what his intentions are for the month, he continued, “Ideally, I would like first our injuries to come back. After that, I think at least one [new player].”

    which means one, cheapskate I’m sick of hearing this crap from him, go and win the league, sign isco a marque signing, that will show our intentions, he’s 23 quality and can play across the midfield and wide up front

    no we’ve signed my nan for 5m I’m so excited and i just can’t hide it lol

    the thing is when wenger does go, we might just might have a manger who’s ambitious and not stubborn

    thumb me down bud and wenger lovers
    i love Arsenal not wenger i want the best for Arsenal

  4. We definitely need strengthening in central midfield. Ramsey’s back in his natural position, and has looked awful! We also badly need a top quality forward to compliment Ozil.

    Ox, Ramsey and Walcott really looked Championship level at best today, and I feel I’m being disrespectful of the Championship for even saying that.

    1. Sadly, Ramsey’s best position is to start from deep then randomly roam the pitch looking for open spaces to exploit. He is great at that and often helps create goals in this role.

      But, unfortunately, he now has actual position responsibilities to help Flamini defensively and distribute the ball forward from the rear. He shows no desire or ability to stay back and distribute the ball forward. He is instead blasting forward rather than distributing the ball forward.

      He had better learn some position discipline quickly.

    2. I have said it over and over again and it’s not a disrespect, the crop of the English players we have in Arsenal is really the undoing of the club. They don’t just cut it for me as footballing. They only know how to run or at best muscle opponents out, though, the ones in Arsenal don’t still do this.

  5. Özil is in his prime and we absolutely have to get the players to compliment him like Cazorla and Coquelin did. What a miss those 2 guys are! Unfortunately Ramsey is not that player and he’s actually putting more pressure on Flamini who is filling in just fine for the time being. I said it in the last article and I’ll say it again, if Isco is available “GET HIM” he’s the perfect Cazorla replacement along with Elneny. Arsenal is known for having composed ball players and Ramsey has no composure or discipline. Also still need a Podolski replacement, OX and Ramsey almost destroyed our game today and that’s the truth.

    1. I glad to see fans willing to state the harsh truth.

      You are right – Ox and Ramsey really hurt the team today. Ox was lost completely and Ramsey just did not play his position well at all.

      It does not mean they are bad players. But it does require Wenger to help them fix the problems or put them on the bench. I would rather see some reserve players than see a repeat of these poor performances.

      1. Ox and Ramsey, sure what the fk did Ozil do in that game. If your talking about that one performance the entire team where below par. I wanted Ox to grab his chance as much as the next man ..I think ..but as a cohesive unit we where way off the boil. So singling out players because they didn’t do it individually is just in bad taste. Bellerin the darling was as bad as anyone and almost as bad as Ive seen but It’s Ox and Ramsey’s fault of course, Ozil let off because of what went before. Kos almost cost us the game along with Bellerin only for Cech to rescue. The point is that not many can come away from that game with head held high so stop pointing the finger at the players who are only getting back into the swing of things when their were plenty of players who done very little.

  6. Get another attacking signing along with Elneny. We need a big name badly to boost the squad. Elneny is still an unknown quality. Nolito would be fantastic I think. Sometimes I feel we get goal shy and cannot kill off games. Cazorla back in mid-February, probably March. That’s a long time, but Coq is even sooner than that. Once we get Coquelin back then I have a good feeling. But our next fixtures we MUST start digging in. No more random poor performances. Although we got 3 points we were beyond poor. Liverpool, Stoke, Chelsea are next for us. 7-9 should be our target, no exceptions.

  7. From what I’ve seen of Hayden (3 or 4 games so a small sample) he is very good positionally but clearly hasn’t kicked on this year if Bruce didn’t trust him to start with the CB injuries that Hull has. Another loan is probably best as can’t see the point of carrying two 20 year old CBs/DMs who won’t get game time.

    1. I don’t know much about Hayden. But I also don’t trust judging a player from a loan spell.

      Coq struggled mightily on loan with Freiburg and was not seen as a standout on loan before Wenger pulled him back.

      That said, I have not seen much written about Hayden that would suggest he is the answer at DM.

      BTW: What is going on with Bielik anyway??

  8. ELENY
    I believe Wenger is primarily looking for Eleny to fill the slots currently held by Flamini and Arteta – both of these players are out of contract this summer and will almost certainly not be back next season. In other words – Eleny is likely not seen as a 1st team regular starter.

    Wenger is also likely also hoping Eleny can help out in deep midfield this season as needed.

    I don’t put too much stock in judging a player by his price tag. Many outstanding players had low valuations early in their careers. We will just need to see if Wenger’s scouting is reliable.

    Clearly something is wrong with Ox. You can see it in his play and his manner. Either he is suffering from and undiagnosed illness or he is badly in need of a sports psychologist.

  9. Whatever that gets us over the finishing line in May

    I wasn’t happy with Wenger getting zero outfielders in the summer but we are at the top of the PL here in January. If Wenger believes we can win the title with just one January signing, so be it. Hopefully we will win it.

    We must keep hope that our injured will return soon
    and certain players will improve ie OX, Theo, Gibbs, debuchy (if he stays)

    1. Hopefully Theo gets a run out up front in the FA Cup. He was looking every bit a striker before the recent injury. Besides, Giroud needs a rest and seems to respond positively when Walcott is scoring up front.

  10. The last time is lukaku now is isaac. Are this lads efficient enough to take us to the promise land? Please don’t just write for writing sake. You need to thoroughly consider the situation before us.

  11. Hayden was not sent to hull to get center half experience but was there to get Defensive midfield experience, i think he could develop into a great DM more so than Chambers, from the matches i watched with him playing that position for Hull, i thought he was fair, but wanted to do too much with the ball, i will say it again he has potential but must master the Role as a DM perhaps on a next loan where more game time will be allowed. Unfortunately most of hull players returned fit to play the DM role.

    I wish Gnabry could be recall and sent to another team for loan, so that his suffering can end, that young man i think as the potential to surpass theo and ox development, if giving more game time anywhere

  12. Isaac Hayden has world class potential.Enough of the criticisms of players like Ramsey and Chambo already.Its pissing me off.Why dont they just leave they would have been far better players.Its a shame they are with arsenal where they will almost always be injured.I remember how i always defended Szczesny and said he is a good keeper but has some problems.The subjectivity over here is pathetic and is quite a shame.Saying players are shit aint cool.I will like to see any of you try to be a player and lets see how that turns out.The criticism is funny andis very typical of most arsenal fans.They are not people of their words and they change notion as matches are played.It makes me sick.

  13. No more click bait, please. You don’t want to lose your niche in the market – there are enough trash-blogs out there already.

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