Club convinces potential Aubameyang replacement to sign a new deal but €80M can land him

Lautaro Martinez has accepted Inter Milan’s draft offer of a new contract and he could sign it in the coming days, according to Todofichajes.

This development comes as Arsenal continues to think about adding him to their squad in this transfer window.

The Argentinian striker has remained on the radar of the Gunners as he is one attacker whom they believe can get them scoring goals again.

They have conceded nine and scored no goals in their opening three Premier League games of the season so far.

This is a terrible start to a campaign that promised so much considering how much they have already spent in the transfer window.

The Gunners remain on the hunt for more players and Martinez is one of their targets.

However, the report says Inter knows how important he is to their cause and they have decided to keep him.

They have reached a verbal agreement over a contract extension until 2025 worth 6m euros per season.

The attacker will sign it and make it official soon and that would leave Arsenal with no choice but to pay 80m euros if they still want to sign him.

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  1. Doubtful we’ll sign anyone now, it’s been an underwhelming transfer window and horror show beginning to the premier League… Josh Kroenke be excited bottom of the league and 50 mil spent on Ben White and Martin Odegaard the loan signing from last season signed permanently with 30 million spent on a backup keeper.. too much excitement for one summer lol

  2. Just read that Spurs have agreed a deal to sign Emerson from Barca.

    I thought he wasnt available and thus Edu and thr Spanish Pulis werent after him.

    Seeing this happen absolutely devastates me. I’m loss of words. Emerson was one of the best RBs in the past 2 years. And we’re stuck with Bellerin and Cedric. Oh my f***** God.

    1. The misery is complete DaJuhi we’ll probably see Kolasinac and Elneny become the new regulars very soon.

    2. Don’t worry when you wake up on Wednesday we will be stuck with Cedric and chambers as our right backs. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Brightons 3rd best CB and thrice relegated Championship, back up GK cost more than Serie A:s defender of the season and one of the best RBs in La Liga.

    I’m speechless.

  4. €80m!!! And where exactly are we going to magic that from?! Our business is done, bar 1 or 2 leaving on loan… oh and just for the record; it’s going to be a very long season

          1. Lol you aren’t wrong 😂 do you think Mr Arteta deserves a little longer to turn the tide or has the tide set already 😜

          2. Kev, honestly I’ve seen enough. It’s worse now than under UE. But seeing as our owners have no ambition, he’ll still be here next year…

          3. Sue it wouldn’t surprise me he gets a new contract and I read the Kroenkes don’t want another managerial change so I guess we are stuck with him thing is when I see Arteta now I just get angry I mute him any chance I get

          4. Yes that would be typical Arsenal to reward him with a new deal! We could be relegated and I bet he still wouldn’t be shown the door!

            And btw, we’re entering panic buy time – still no RB.. some unhappy campers still with us – will be glued to deadline day and thank god Jim White won’t be on it 😆

          5. With his yellow tie he used to get on my nerves Sue 😂 no doubt about it, I wouldn’t be surprised Kolasinac is given a new deal this week, the club is ran like a circus 🤹🎪 surely they must see how much of a laughing stock they are ? Even us fans have become so disillusioned we mock our team now 😳 if Arteta had any respect left he would walk now even he couldn’t be that deluded he thinks he can turn it around?

          6. Kev, I’m beginning to think a successful season will be to avoid relegation/score more than 40 goals and concede less than 80… 😜

  5. Big applause for Spurs appointing new sporting director. I must say he’s done his research.

    Meanwhile, thr Brazilian donkey we have had about same experience as sporting director as Gunnersaurus and has absolutely no pull in Europe. Incompetence as I’ve ever seen.

      1. LOL, thats a great response to every situation at work:

        “You’re aware that those ventilation pipes are supposed to go INSIDE the concrete, not outside, right?”

        “Nah we do things differently here”

          1. Hahaha brilliant 😂 something tells me we’ll be putting a lot of new definitions in the dictionary this year 😆

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