Club demands 40m euros from Arsenal for Premier League flop

Memphis Depay is one of the attackers on Arsenal’s summer shopping list despite his previous struggles in the Premier League with Manchester United.

The Dutchman currently plays for Barcelona, and he has struggled for relevance since Xavi Hernandez became their manager.

This could see him leave in the summer, and the Catalans are happy to sanction his transfer away.

They have a big squad, but they need money and that calls for some sacrifices to be made.

Sport claims they will move Depay on in the summer, but they want 40m euros for the former Lyon man.

That fee could prove to be a stumbling block in the transfer because Arsenal might not consider him that valuable.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Depay did well at Lyon before moving to Barca, but his present struggle is a clear sign that he cannot thrive at a big club.

This is because he also did well at PSV only to struggle at Manchester United previously.

Considering this, he is simply not worth signing, certainly not for 40m euros.

We can use that money to sign a much younger and more accomplished striker that will give us the goal returns we need.

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    1. Oh I’d willingly pay £4. After all, the rag and bone man will pay us ten!
      His clothes will be worth that to him.

      On a serious note its great to see BARCA struggling for money, even though they have recapitalised to some extent, though it won’t last long ,in my view. It couldnt happen to a more deserving club. They lived far beyond their means for far too long. Real Madrid too. I d love to see them both go bust!
      As for Chelsea, Newcastle, Man City and PSG all going bust too, that would be HEAVEN!

      We fans urgently need to get some sanity back in the transfer market and if it meant big clubs going bust, THAT WOULD BE WORTH IT, imo.
      It would bring back and retain sanity in the mad transfer market, which has been killing top football for decades already.
      As for the obscenity of player wages, DON’T GET ME STARTED!!!

  1. Never ceases to amaze me the prices Barca keep quoting people for players. It’s why they got stuck with all the players they wanted rid of originally and got in the state they are, clearly havent learnt.

  2. Let them keep over rating there player prices and they will body will buy any and it will end up like Messi business.

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