Club legend uneasy about Arsenal’s future “This is a turning point”

Emmanuel Petit won the domestic Double under Wenger in his first season at Arsenal, and had previously played for Le Prof at Monaco. He also won the Euros and the World Cup with France and has worked as a football analyst on French TV.

The Arsenal team he played with had players like Tony Adams, Ray Parlour, Martin Keown, Dennis Bergkamp and Patrick Vieira in there fighting for every ball, and he bemoans the ‘character and quality’ of the current crop of players in the Arsenal squad.

Petit told SunSport: “I don’t recognise this club anymore, I don’t see the Arsenal blood on the pitch.

“It’s not the question of money because Arsenal have the power to put £70million on a player if they want to.

“It’s a question of profile – who do you want for your team in terms of character and quality?

“What are Arsenal doing in the transfer market? I don’t understand it. They spend money – a lot of money sometimes – but on the wrong player.”

“To be honest, I’m not really convinced – for four, five, six years now – with 60 per cent of the team.

“This is a turning point for Arsenal, they are at the end of the world. They need to take the right direction or else they’ll drop, drop and drop again and it’ll be more difficult for them to attract players.”

After yesterday’s news about Buendia, it looks like Arsenal are already having trouble attracting quality players, but with a long way ahead in the transfer market, Arsenal fans need to be patient and see what Arteta and Edu can sort out.

But one thing Petit can be happy about is the amount of youngsters in the squad like Saka, Smith-Rowe and Willock, amongst others, who have been brought through the Academy and have Arsenal blood in their veins.

Let’s hope this is a positive turning point, and not a negative one, eh?

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  1. At this rate we will go the way of Everton…
    A proper mid table team..
    I think I’ll just stick with Tennis…Great grand slams..The Roland Garros is currently on…And it’s a Peach!..
    Football has become too painful over the last couple of months..

    1. Lolss..😄
      Funny thing is that, when you start talking about how Low Arsenal has gone, some here criticize you n call you moaner, complainer,etc..😒😕

  2. We seem to have a lot of “Legends” don’t we, I’m not saying Petit isn’t one, I just don’t know what the criteria is

    1. Anybody that is lucky enough to wear the red and white and puts their all on the pitch for a game consistently is enough for me.

      Sad thing is I don’t think I have seen a team of 11 do that for a very long time😔

  3. At what point do others wake up.

    Kronke sells mediocrity every year; just changes the packaging; stop being a sucker.

    Remember the speech about moving to Emirates? How has that turned out?

    Wenger saying if “there are players to improve team we will get them?” Have we? Remember Cech and no one else? Kallstrom?

    Now it’s “trust the process.” Can anyone explain this process? Management has not, Arteta has not, no one has. What are the goals of this process? Standards? Signs we are on track with this “process?”

    Now its “the project!” Edu and Arteta vomiting more etheral nonsense to deflect failure.

    Is it a secret? Can’t explain or define “the project” to fans? “It is exciting” for players and targets Edu and Arteta claim.

    No more words and speeches from these two. They regurgitate the Kronke regime, repackaging false hope to sell to gullible fans.

    They feed off fans emotional attachment to the club. They offer little; they love money not the club.

    If they truly care, then why a rube manager? They watch as our identity dissolves. Legends bemoan our state, the football is unwatchable, we are listless.

    Aside from the kit, what about us is Arsenal? Negative football, stifled creativity, no flair, scripted play destroying flowing football.

    IF Arteta is successful what would that look like? Jose style or a Spanish Pulis. Not Pep or Wenger, but the languid, stale, risk adverse, negative football that Arteta showed as a player.

    At least Wenger’s arrogance had substance; the best Arteta can muster is “top 4 since December.” Do you hear yourselves? What is that worth? I’ll tell you, 8th place again.

    Arteta mid table player now mid table manager; open your eyes.

  4. Arsenal is out of joint, O cursed spite, that Arteta was born to set it right (act 1, scene 5). Oxford!

  5. We will never get in top 4 with arteta and edu , they are clueless, now we are competing with the likes of everton, aston villa, westham, even aston villa doing the transfer buisiness better than us. we were poor on and off the pitch, this mediocrity will destroy our beloved club and fanbase,

  6. I understand the frustration and I agree about the club going “backwards”. I have been a critic of MA but lets give Him and the Kronke’s this transfer window to show that they really mean business. Personally I don’t think it’s going to happen but at least if there’s no significant changes, then I will have good reason to publicly vent my anger at them.

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