Arsenal legend urges Wenger to splash the cash!

Anyone connected with Arsenal shares the same desire, to see the Gunners win the Premier League title once again for the first time since the incredible Invincibles achieved what many thought was not possible back in 2004, but we do not all agree on the best way to do it.

Whether this season is the one that sees Arsene Wenger and the players get their hands on the coveted trophy again remains to be seen, but I think it is safe to say that we are looking stronger than ever at the moment and are back in the title race and are serious contenders to be crowned champions of England.

That may not be the case for long according to one former Gunner and club legend, as The Mirror reports that David Seaman has warned Arsene Wenger about the dangers of losing the two star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. With both approaching the final year of their current deals with Arsenal, talks about signing extensions are ongoing and going by the Arsenal transfer rumours in the football media it is the wages of the two that are the main bone of contention.

Seaman clearly feels that the boss needs to get this sorted and if that means paying over the odds or breaking the club´s wage structure he has to do it or face the prospect of losing our ability to challenge for the EPL crown. The former keeper and legend said, “To win the title Arsenal have got to keep their best players.

“We used to do that. When big clubs came calling for Thierry Henry or Patrick Vieira, we always managed to send them packing.

“But then the club went through a phase of selling them, although maybe that was partly because finances forced our hand.

“Now they are in a situation where they have a great chance of winning the Premier League for the first time in 13 years and they don’t need to sell.

“The Emirates stadium is paid for, the bank manager is happy, so if it means paying Sanchez and Ozil what they are worth – or perhaps even a little bit more – just do it.

“If Arsenal lost Sanchez now, they would have to spend a colossal amount of money, maybe £50-60 million, to bring in a replacement of his quality.

“Why not just go the extra mile to keep him and Ozil at Arsenal? They are special players, and it’s special players who make the difference between winning the major trophies and coming close.

“People talk about breaking the wage structure and upsetting the applecart, but in the dressing room nobody will complain if the club accommodates a couple of higher earners who are in that ‘special’ bracket and they deliver the title.

“Arsene must make sure that if either of them leaves – and all the supporters hope it doesn’t come down to this – it must not be for financial reasons.

“I’m all for good housekeeping, but sometimes in football you’ve got to push the boat out a bit further. You have to stay ambitious.”

So there are very few Arsenal fans that would disagree with that statement, but obviously we need Ozil and Alexis need to have the belief that we really can challenge for the title. Is Seaman right? Should we pay them whatever they ask for, and buy maybe one more superstar to prove we are serious about being about being one of the biggest clubs in the world?

Or will Wenger not see things the same way, or will he be prudent and go for the cheaper option?


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  1. Just pay them what they are looking for. If we need to make savings let Wenger retire and make Sanchez player/manager.

  2. Just pay the money! The new deal would tie them up until they are in their early 30’s, so they won’t be demanding anything higher.

    If it’s not about money then give them what they want! Bring in a another world class player in the summer, give Özil the #10 shirt, build the statue of Sanchez outside the Emirates, sell Sanogo to China, whatever they want!

  3. I know this may not be popular, but even if they do leave, we have to admit that Wenger saw their talent and knew they would fit in at Arsenal. He persuaded them to come and he nurtured them to be superstars. If they leave for more money then they should still appreciate that it was Wenger that made them worth that much.
    Yes or No?

    1. Sorry Admin, dont agree with you on this one. Sanchez was looking to move out and dont think anyone else was fighting over him other than Liverpool. He was already a player with known ability by then and it just so happened that he our playing style suited him perfectly.

      And Ozil was already one of the best in the world in his position, Madrid wanted to offload him and Wenger got him because he was already too late in the transfer market and maybe already wanted someone like him.

  4. @admin. Yes totally correct. Unfortunately with the likes of Paul Pogba earning 290k a week rightly or wrongly we are way off the mark with the wages we pay our top players. I just hope we don’t end up keeping them for this campaign and then accepting to sell at large profits. Losing these two players would be crippling as the understanding between our front players is now slick. Change our business model radically or sell for profits and re build again? Which will it be? Either way it may be a problem for wengers successor.

    1. Admin is right, but if you earning 200k a week and really challenging for medals ((coz we all want to win) or better to go for a Europa League side (Pogba) and earn lots of money.
      Does the extra money make you more commited to winning trophies or does it make you complacent?
      Wenger wants winners not money grabbers.

  5. 1) Pay Ozil, and Sanchez, what they want. We must keep them at all costs! Otherwise it’ll be like the old days, waiting forever for players like the Ox, and Walcott, to turn into the likes of Sanchez, and Henry.

    2) Change the wage structure. Stop paying huge wages to squad players. It’s crazy we have some average players earning almost as much as our star performers!

    3) Finally…move players on. This will not only free up wages, but also bring in money from the transfers, which could go towards wages, and other players of course. Wenger likes to keep deadwood like Ramsey around forever, but sell him, and that’s probably £30 million at worst coming in, and around 90/100k p/w freed up in wages.

    1. We have loads of players up for renewal this summer. If they aint good enough offer them a cut in wages take it or leave it.
      Then they can decide whether to go somewhere else or really fight to earn a new contract cant they?=

  6. I dnt think it’s about the money with those two.. I think they need some assurances like Wenger staying or the club showing ambition by adding another WorldClaSs star.

    n admin we talking about ozil n alexis here, Wenger ddnt make them stars talk more superstars… they were WorldClaSs before joining Arsenal

  7. @Wilshegz: i share your opinion that Arsene contract situation created uncertainty and i feel Arsenals success has had a lot to do with the creativity of Wenger and so i really don’t believe this guys are holding Arsenal to ransom but playing the safe game until Arsene future is soughted .

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