Club reaches an agreement on personal terms with Arsenal outcast

Nicolas Pepe is currently attracting interest from Turkish clubs Besiktas and Fenerbahce in the Turkish top flight, and it appears likely that the winger will join one of them.

Pepe’s future at Arsenal is uncertain, as he seems to be outside the club’s immediate plans, prompting the Gunners to actively seek his departure.

Despite receiving ample support from Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta to excel, Pepe has not managed to meet the high expectations placed upon him.

With one year remaining on his contract at the Emirates, Pepe, who arrived at Arsenal with a record-breaking fee four years ago, has been the subject of discussions regarding his potential departure. While Arsenal had initially hoped to sell him, recent reports suggest that there have been talks about terminating his contract.

This development is favourable for the Turkish clubs, as they monitor the situation closely. According to a report from Fanatik, Besiktas has reportedly agreed to personal terms with Pepe. Allegedly, Pepe’s agent has assured Besiktas that he will become a free agent this summer, leading the club to await this development so that they can secure his services.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Pepe has simply been one of our worst buys in the last few seasons and we have to end his spell with us this summer.

He could shine in Turkiye but is still not good enough to play for our team.

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  1. According to several reports, Arsenal are going to buy Pépé’s contract will cost the club 8M(7.9), apparently we couldn’t find a club ready to pay the 10M asking price.

    1. That is stunning. We will pay 8m for him to leave ? That is 150,000 per week. Absolutely stunning. What a business we made with this player. I can’t understand, if it is to pay him the wages of his contract, keep him OR he leaves for free no ?

      1. At some point a player needs to be accountable and bring some pride and ethics back to the game.Pepe has not done this and frankly significantly underperformed to a point where it’s embarrassing and he should be constantly looking to eliminate any issues that he can be held accountable for on his side of the fence , one of these being the language barrier this is totally down to the player and shows an inability to look at himself in the mirror simply not good enough!
        A player must not read his own press and this falls squarely at the feet of Pepe , you truly never stop learning and improving and being Arsenal’s most expensive player should have been a signal for him to keep his head down and work his socks off to prove he’s worth not only the price tag but also the weekly wage, unfortunately neither of these things have taken place!
        Truly a massive disappointment.

  2. Definitely theworst and most foolishly expensive total waste of money in our hitory. Even Ozil, though anidlr loafer,had natural talent,though his c.onsistent lack of effort negated it’s useto us. But Pepewas our all time biggest mistake and must NEVER be repeated.

  3. If Arteta don’t need you anymore, he will do everything possible to get you out of his sight, that is why our unwanted players are often paid to leave.

    A prudent coach will rather keep a firing player than pay him off. He can still be instrumental in cup games, who knows, he may put up a good performance in cup games and clubs can pay reasonable amount for his service in January. After all, he is not that bad and he doesn’t have attitude problems.

    The gaffer has the final say on any player. We the fans can only watch as events unfold.

      1. At least we were super lucky with Willian. Had he behave like Auba or Ozil, he would have get a dozen millions to leave.

    1. I’ve seen sense, 8M or 150,000/week is too much. Let’s just keep him who knows what he will become this coming season plus we have alot of fixtures and he has loads of experience.

      I still remember those two beautiful free kicks he scored.

      You’re right his not that bad anyway!!!!!

    2. The big question is. Why cant we get even £5 mil for a professional player, who had an excellent goal involvement first season, is a full international and while he didnt blow the French league apart, he produced performances and scored and made goals. The big question is, why has it got this bad. Are Arsenal fools?

      1. The ‘open market’ is a funny thing. The usual group is on here making all Arteta’s fault, but the reality of responsibility for the outcome most likely lies closer to the player and his agent.

        Pepe simply has not done enough to generate interest from other clubs and any offers that may have arrived for him did not carry personal terms viewed lucrative enough to accept = will make more just sitting or getting paid off to leave. That’s where the Turks come in – they learned from the Italians. It takes 3 parties to make a deal in football – purchase or a sale.

        Arsenal made a deal that did not work out.. Why carry a bag you don’t want no matter the cost. If nothing comes in, last day of the window, you cut the cord…..

  4. When you think that Emery (trashed by many while he deserves a lot more credit) wanted a proven Zaha for less and he was forced to get Pepe. It is like Arrêta had been forced

    1. It’s all Arteta and Edu’s fault that they couldn’t magically turn most of the players they inherited into better player. And it’s also their fault that no serious clubs have rated all these players that highly for them to be comfortable paying up.

      We need better magicians..

      1. The only truthful thing you’ve said is you need magic. Otherwise in the real world it takes more than that! Maybe yes Arteta isn’t up to your desired standard, BUT before him there was Emery(was he a failed gaffer too) who went to Spain n his work speaks for itself. After that, he’s sent to France(probably his 2nd home, plus no language barrier), does he perform? Bottom line spotting talent plus transforming that talent into goals is not a perfect science.

  5. “Pepe has simply been one of our worst buys in the last few seasons and we have to end his spell with us this summer”

    Pepe’s transaction has been one of Arsenal’s worst piece of business

    As a player, he’s not perfect (nobody is)
    We watched Haaland in the Community Shield – He has plenty weaknesses and they show in almost every match

    But Guardiola wants to work on/with his strengths

    Pepe is not a bad player
    The manager just doesn’t want him

    This same manager wants Kai
    Does Kai’s body language or demeanor give the aura of a hardworker – NO

    Is he a hardworker – NO

    But the same manager wants to work with him & seemingly give him more play time to allow him fit in

    Same goes to Fabio Viera
    Shouldn’t Arteta have given up on Viera already?
    But he’s sticking with him & being patient

    As a player Pepe is not as bad as most of us make him, he just doesn’t have the manager on his side

    The FA Cup we won under Arteta, I remember clearly that while Captain-America was the torn-in-the-flesh for our defenders (and we won after he got injured)
    Pepe was the one giving Chelsea defenders all sorts of troubles

    He can be fitted-in if the manager wants him but the Manager doesn’t

    1. You’re right, Smith Rowe is now in the shadows because Arteta rate Fabio more than Smith. The guy continue to receive more playing time, has he got better? Smith Rowe is proven talent.

      Let’s wait and see what the season has for us.

  6. So basically pepe agent has a deal with besiktas to get a bigger signing bonus for him and his client by assuring them that they dont need to pay a fee for pepe. So arsenal is getting screwed.

    At this point we should just put pepe to rot in the reserves for his last year.

  7. Got a chuckle reading about “the ample support” Pepe received from the manager.

    Where? When? I remember him getting a sporadic chance here or there, a sub appearanc, then frozen out.

    Pepe slacked on defense, but had far better numbers than Willan or Vieira.

    Vieira doesn’t have a defensive bone in his body, doesn’t win back possession and allergic to tackling.

    Yet Vieira is still here, still won’t go on loan, and will still get forced into lineup. Must be a good feeling to be a chosen transfer by Arteta.

    Rather keep Pepe for Cup games and the odd sub appearance. Offers more than Vieira, if you care about goals and assists.

  8. OT: For Dan Smith or Admin
    Pl let us know if you are doing the predictions like last year for the PL season.
    It was very enjoyable last year.
    The first game is on Friday.

  9. For me, i don’t believe Arteta don’t like some players because he didn’t buy them.

    Arteta is just a kind of manager, if he doesn’t fancy you, then you’re done for but when you’re in Arteta fancy book, he will always play you. Viera and Havertz are not better than Pepe, yet Arteta will continue to use them till is obvious they are not good enough.

    Have seen Pepe make a better performance under Arteta and yet was benched for another five matches before been given another 5mins of sub appearance.

    But it is what it is.
    I just hope all Arteta fancy players give it there all this season.
    Can’t wait for the season to start.

    1. You are right. Our performance this coming season will not depend on the strength of our entire team but on the performance of the players Arteta fancies and features.
      I believe we have enough squared to win us a trophy this coming season but it all boils down to Arteta’s choice of players.

      We all know that Trossard should play ahead of Havertz and we all know that Havertz and even Viera may get more playing time. Same goes for Tierney and Zinny, balogun and Nketia etc

  10. I think we many games to play and if it wasn’t for Manager Mikel, who doesn’t see the way forward with Pepe, I honestly want him to stay till January.

    Pepe is generally a nice guy and it is unfortunate that his suffering from low confidence for an extended period now.

    I believe things can change with Pepe if Manager Mikel can give him final chance to proof himself till January.

  11. I read an article yesterday, stating that we were now an “elite” club because of our new hard transfer policy and Balogun was given as an example.
    I wonder if those words are true as we prepare to give yet another player away?

    1. Yes ken, its astounding if we do again. These financial “deals” have to catch up with us eventually. It is an American thing though.

      1. I don’t know if we can keep doing this Reggie and what the implications might be references to the rules and regulations, both in the PL and UEFA – FIFA?

        1. Well i would think its allowed but it must go as a minus on the accounts so eventually affect finances and FFP, to our detriment.

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