Club record fee set to be agreed as Arsenal close in on target

Latest reports claim that Arsenal are set to agree a fee with Fiorentina for Dusan Vlahovic’s signature.

The Gunners need for a striker has amplified in recent months, with both Eddie Nketiah and Alexandre Lacazette’s contracts running into their final months, while Pierre-Emerick has found himself exiled from the first-team for the past month.

Things could well have worsened for our former captain, who has been reported to have possible heart issues after contracting Covid ahead of the AFCON, while Folarin Balogun has also left to join Middlesbrough on loan until the end of the term.

Our worries up front could well be dismissed however if we can pull of this deal this month, with Vlahovic amongst the most highly rated forwards in world football of late.

Fiorentina’s biggest sale currently stands at £37 Million as stated by TeamTalk, with the same publishing citing both La Repubblica and the Metro in claiming that we will agree a deal worth £58 Million this month, also claiming that we had been willing to pay over double that amount to secure his signing.

I believe signing him for £75 Million would still prove to be steal, so £58 Million would be an amazing deal, although I struggle to believe we would be unchallenged at such a price, and there could well be a bidding war if this was proven true in public.

How much do you believe Vlahovic should be worth? Does anyone expect him to struggle in the Premier League?


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  1. Well most journalists claim the fee wouldn’t be an issue for Arsenal and the player could be convinced, but good luck convincing his agent, who apparently Vlahovic is scared of changing because their linked to the Serbian govt and mafia.
    The MF agent be demanding 8 million euros just to renew his contract at Fiorentina, so I wasnt even surprised the bozo is asking for a 10% of the transfer fee as agent fee.
    Which is why he prefers to hold out til summer when more clubs can go into a bidding war once Haaland moves on.

    Believe it, the moment Haaland moves on, it’ll kick start another hunt with clubs looking for the next Haaland that’s clearly Vlahovic.
    I hope we can get him though, would be great signing though a very risky one too

  2. He is clearly a quality striker who I would liken to Giroud but slightly pacier and more clinical in front of goal. My only concern would be whether he can adapt to the league quickly and he is not the most mobile but I would still be happy if we can get him.

        1. if that were the case, which it really isn’t, I wouldn’t want us to invest heavily in that sort of a half-measure…it’s clear you’ve never really watched this player, but likely just saw a headline that read something to the affect of “Edu handed discount deal for next Giroud…” and simply assumed that these two players are carbon copies…it’s the kind of article, if you were to actually read it, that wouldn’t really compare the two players, except to say that Arsenal was looking to acquire someone who’s much more of a target man in the box, like Olivier and unlike Auba, Laca or Eddie…that’s where the comparisons end, as Vlahovic is significantly quicker, far superior with the ball at his feet and has a bit of a knack for scoring from distance

          1. Fair enough. I can freely admit I haven’t watched him extensively but I can confidently say he wouldn’t look as quick in the Premier league up against quicker defenders generally speaking in comparison with those in the slower paced Serie but I maintain I’m in favour of this signing and would be impressed if we get this deal over the line

  3. This guy is top class and would have no problems in the Premier league I would go as far to say he would be the best centre forward in the Premier league comfortably.

  4. As far as PEA is concerned, the only way to get Covid is via injection.

    Wonder if he has been clot shouted?

  5. The more he join our team the more he will be happy and like our team,money player don’t like Epl is most different league, but I trust this signing,he is young and talented, he can not run to our team we need to convince him why we want him, Good things don’t come cheeply you must spend much and the Owner, Arteta and Edu are showing signs that Arsenal will be title wining team,If you get this striker ana quality midfielder no one will like to play Arsenal,

  6. I don’t want Arsenal to sign him, I read his hold up play and passing are very poor. His link up play is nowhere near Laca’s.

    I can sense a flop in the waiting IMO.

    1. He’s a striker who cares about his passing. The teams supposed to pass to him not the other way around. His hold up play in terms of holding off opposing players is good. He’s big and strong.

  7. Bukayo saka has been discovered b4 we go 4 our record signing(pepe),today he starts on the bench behind saka. We have nketia now who can (and willing to)learn from laca,but you insist to go 4 another record signing. Alright o.we shall wait n see

    1. 0.5 million more than Pepe’s to eclipse him as the most expensive player. It is a shame that the most ex player doesn’t feature in the starting 11.
      We also need presence, strength and agility as the apex of the attack. Vlahovic has all the attributes to excel there.
      Vlahovic + a midfielder loan signing(Wijnaldum or Melo) will be a fruitful transfer window!

  8. Arsenal should seriously consider getting a seasoned striker. As fans we are eagerly waiting for that.

  9. Without sentiments you cannot compare nketiah with this guy. You need to watch him before talking. Nketiah can’t lead the line for our team if we are gunning for the title or top 4. By next season our ambition now should be vying for the title not struggling with mid table teams. If we get this guy most premier league team will not want to play arsenal. I think at times we need to make reasonable sacrifice and that’s selling nketiah, retaining lacazett for a year and moving auba on bc of his wages and his age. Flo balogun will come in next season and buying vlahovic so we should be good.

  10. Haven’t I heard this before?

    A certain Nicolas Pepe created so much noise and we ended up breaking the bank to get him.

    Two and half seasons down the road, all we’ve got to show for that noise is just a disgraceful 15 Premier League goals, and a space on the reserve bench.

    Now this?

    1. To be honest, 15 goals isn’t disgraceful at all, especially considering he’s been in and out of the team (I had to double check that because it sounded too good!) it’s that he’s too inconsistent and doesn’t fit well in our team. Needs to be more direct and decisive and probably works best in a counter – attacking team

  11. There’s no assurance an player will perform but we can teach him our ways and hope he learns well,

    So far, Arteta’s choice of players have been good,

    Yes Pepe is a flop, Emery wanted Zaha but got Pepe, I believe Pepe was a political and selfish idea, he isn’t a bad player, he’s just failed to understand Arsenal’s style,

    Even if Vlahovic doesn’t score much goals, I’m damn sure he’ll still be a force to behold.

    January is our best option to get him, if we wait till summer, other clubs will come with outrageous amounts,

    I do support this move.

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