Club’s insistence on a cash-only deal has forced Arsenal to walk away from top transfer target

Arsenal has finally given up on signing James Maddison this summer after Leicester City rejected their latest offer for him.

The Gunners have been targeting the Englishman as Mikel Arteta desperately looks to add new players to his squad in this transfer window.

One position they need to strengthen is their midfield and that is why they have been linked with the likes of Maddison and Martin Odegaard.

Maddison is one of the finest midfielders in the Premier League and his experience in the competition means Arsenal would sign a player that will need less time to get up to speed if he joins.

However, Leicester City has shown that it takes a lot of money to sign any of their players and they have been playing hardball with Arsenal over selling Maddison.

The Gunners had been confident that they will get their man with a player-plus-cash offer.

Football Insider says their latest offer involves cash plus Reiss Nelson and Ainsley Maitland-Niles, yet the Foxes have turned it down.

The report claims Leicester has told the Gunners that they will accept only cash to sell the former Norwich City man.

The Gunners will now look to complete the transfer of Odegaard, but Maddison has more Premier League experience than the Norwegian.

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  1. Was never going to happen offering AMN / Nelson. What would Leicester want them for? Leicester have top-6 aspirations for this season, and those players won’t help any team fulfill such aspirations. Not for Arsenal or anyone else.

    1. Ornstein said 24 + 4 with the latter add-ons only payable if Ramsdale becomes no. 1. Good deal I’d say!

      1. If true, it brings our spend this transfer window to over £100,000,000 and some say that kronkie is tight!!!

        With Odegaard to come at a reported £40,000,000, there can be no excuse whatsoever for any kind of failure.
        Top four and Cup win must be the minimum requirement in my opinion.

        1. Hi Ken if you are being totally fair, I think top four would require a lot of luck ( injury’s , top teams not performing) etc. I reckon or would like a solid 5th position and maybe a realistic chance with a few games left to clinch 4th. The league cup is achievable and with no European football this year we should be pushing for what you say…. And to play attractive direct football 👍

      2. Chris Wheatley is saying 6, quoting Ornstein. Interesting how it says ‘only payable if Ramsdale becomes No.1’ That’s a lot of money for a back-up keeper….

        Blades fans are loving it from what I’ve seen.. daylight robbery has been mentioned. Big profit for them…

        1. I read through a few fan forums and most seemed to be saying that £25ish would be good for both parties. I haven’t really seen him enough to judge but he ticks a lot of boxes so best to stay positive!

          1. Arteta is a joke selling martinez for 20mil buying a 30 mil keeper all martinez wanted was a 1st choice now look at us Leno was the number 2 option but if you don’t know u don’t know

        2. Sheffield paid 19M for him so if we pay 24M that’s a profit of 5M(well less if we deduct wages paid to him) ,hardly daylight robbery considering that he now has PL experience.

          1. I guess some of SU’s fans just didn’t rate him, Siamois!

            The £6m add-ons will only trigger if Ramsdale makes numerous first team appearances & Arsenal qualify for Europe numerous times (Chris Wheatley) Watch this space!!

          2. I guess some of SU’s fans just didn’t rate him, Siamois!

            This is interesting:
            The £6m add-ons will only trigger if Ramsdale makes numerous first team appearances & Arsenal qualify for Europe numerous times

          3. Yeah I think so Sue it looks like Leno will be dropped kinda defeats the purpose on why name not to be mentioned was sold last summer 😂 waiting on forest to score please 🙏😂

          4. Should never rely on Forest, Kev!! Bloody hell, that’s a bummer.. you won’t be betting on our game, no?
            I know many don’t rate Leno, but is AR any better? My lips are sealed 😆

          5. I’m one of the very few who likes Leno Sue but I like the old fashioned keeper but the modern keeper must play like Messi 😂 oh I’m seriously annoyed, I won’t be betting on them again ever 🙄 I never bet on Arsenal Sue that is a rule of mine 😳 been a bad week tbh my sisters fella died yesterday at 38 I’ve known him 25 years this year couldn’t end soon enough.

          6. Dan Kit and I are the other 2 who like Bernd, Kev!!
            That’s very wise, it’s bad enough predicting them on here!
            Oh no, I’m so sorry, Kev. Your poor sister, that’s terrible and at 38… no age

          7. It’s probably the younger fans who don’t like him as much Sue but for me and obviously yourself and Dan he would be our number one 👊 well I predicted they would beat Brentford 2-0 and look how that turned out 😂 I think I scored 7 points though 😂 yeah it’s been a nightmare Sue and my niece too as she’s only 16 and losing her father that young is unimaginably tough 🙄

          8. It’s heartbreaking, Kev… my heart goes out to her..

            We’ll have more excitement from the predictions game, than anything else 😂

          9. Well you can tell I won’t be predicting an Arsenal victory this weekend I might go for the draw 😂 what about you Sue a draw ? Man city away smells of a 3-0 defeat though 😆 yeah did you see city’s 3rd kit ? Looks like a t shirt 😂 it really is, I appreciate that Sue I hope your family is doing well 🙂

          10. JordanGooner.. yes we know he didn’t play. That’s why I said SU would add another 10m to put us off so they could keep him!

          11. Well, Kev, the more I think about it, the more unsure I am! Although I thought Brentford last week, but went with us. I’ve thought Chelsea all along, but…..?
            Yeah it’s horrible, ours isn’t much better and £70!!
            Hope you’ll be all right, Kev 🥺

  2. Sorry, the topic!!!

    Leicester playing hardball, because they have a owner who puts his money in to the club and supports the manager.
    Maddison reportedly wanted the move, so Brendan might have a resentful player to contend with.

    1. Arsenal also have an owner who will spend money, on the self sustainable business model. In other words, you only spend wat you earn. Arsenal have actually spent over 400 million pounds, on players.
      The problem for Arsenal buying poor players and over paying. Additionally due to poor management, losing around 120 million on allowing players to run down contracts. This started will Wenger, also poor management control by the senior executives !

  3. Madison or Odegaard?
    In pre covid days Arsenal would have paid the 60m for Madison no sweat. Heck we paid 72 mill for unknown Pepe in the blink of an eye.
    None of that today. The goal posts have shifted.
    Arsenal has incurred massive losses with Ozil Sanchez Ramsey Mustafi Socritis all going on a free.
    Post covid and Arsenal like most clubs is in serious debt trying desperately to offload expensive players like Auba Laca and non contributors like Torreira Cedric Kolasinac and Willian.
    If they were not Engliah quota Chambers Nelson Nketiah and AMN would already be well gone.
    What all this means is the club who has just suffered two humiliating 8th place finishes has been forced into a very pragmatic no frills selling and recruiting policy.
    Players now need to be under 24 reasonably priced and have decent resale value.
    White Gabriel Saliba Guendouzie Tierney Tavarez Lokonga Saka ESR Martinelli Pepe Balogun Azeez and soon to be Ramsdale and Odegaard all fall within these new parameters.
    So Willock had to be sold for 20m.
    Odegaard bought because he is younger and cheaper than Madison.
    Ramsdale will come because he is English.
    A new lean machine is being built.
    And about time.
    5th place is my expectation starting with a good win v Chelsea 🙂

    1. Those players they sign are not not capable of lifting us to the top four even top six may be very doubtful. 5th place, not yet. Maybe in a couple of seasons to come with addition of more talents and may be an experience manager.

  4. We should have signed him when he was at Norwich.
    On the plus side we’ve not handed Leicester £70 odd million, which they’ve shown in the recent past that they’re quite adept at spending wisely and a lot more wisely than Arsenal…

  5. Sue, I have placed 10 dollar on arsenal! I won’t be blaming anyone except my heart. Someone should slap me really hard 😀

  6. Am glad Mikel stuck to his priority target in Martin Ødegaard.
    This Madison dude’s fitness levels is suspect With the number of injuries, it’s always been a HARD pass for me.

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