Clubs lining up for transfer of Arsenal and England starlet

When you consider that Arsenal have recently let the young striker Benik Afobe leave the club on a permanent basis, even though he was scoring goals for fun this season, it shows you how much Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff must think of Chuba Akpom.

But despite the 19-year old’s undoubted talent, which has caused our Chile international star Alexis Sanchez to compare him to Thierry Henry and dub the young striker β€˜Titi’, it is unlikely that there will be many chances for him to prove it on the pitch for the first team this season.

As Akpom has recently signed a new contract with the Gunners, Wenger is more than happy to let the youngster spend the rest of the season on loan to gain some valuable experience. He is not short of offers either, according to a report in The Telegraph. There are no less than seven clubs keen on taking our young Gunner, with the two Championship clubs Nottingham Forest and Norwich City leading the chase.

Akpom was expected to feature in an England under 20 game against Mexico last night and we should soon learn which club he is set to join, with Forest rumoured to be favourites after losing their top striker Assombalonga and therefore more likely to give Akpom plenty of game time.

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  1. I like akpom, but I still believe players like him, Bellerin, Zelalem, Crowley needs to get much tougher physically and mentally. Look at sterling now and before, he has bulked up for the premier league. Even Chamberlain and Walcott had to as well.

    Technically they are ready. but physically its a no for me.

    1. No, he scored an Henry like goal in training which caused Sanchez to jump up and down shouting “TITI” and the name has since stuck.

  2. All England line up


    Ox Wilshere Walcott

    Crowley Chambers

    Gibbs Ayaji Hayden Jenkinson



  3. well, wenger must have missed his classes on squad rotation πŸ™ otherwise we shuld have been seeing a bit of akpom now and then πŸ™ πŸ™
    That aside, who is arsenal playing this weekend? no is talkn abt it.. πŸ™

    1. top clubs dont rotate much

      go look at chelsea City or utd….almost the same squad week in and out….only minor changes

  4. Can he join a BPL side or does it have to be a Championship side? Either way, this will be a loan spell will be a new challenge for him and I think he’s more than capable to step up to the task.

  5. Chuba Akpom left the club permanently? When or is the writer referring to Benik Afobe?

    Either I’m crazy or the writer needs to check facts.

    1. Afobe left. Akpom has been on the bench since Christmas. After having signed a new deal and still not getting enough game time, Wenger has decided to let Akpom go out on loan. Akpom is not leaving on a permanent deal.

  6. Again, another article not been proof-read.

    I believe Akpom will be a brilliant striker. I can’t wait to see him playing regularly for Arsenal.

    That’s if he doesn’t lose patience and sign for another club before he gets his chance.

  7. Akpom shld be let go permanently with a buy back clause…

    this way he can play to gain exp…if he performs we can resign him back

    if not we have cleared a deadwood…

    1. Thats the worst advice yet, why would we want to pay millions for a player we already own. All we have to do instead is loan him out for one or two seasons and if he doesnt make the grade well then at least we get a decent price.

  8. I think Akpom himself must be happy to go out on this loan as he will be given playing time to play regularly in he remaining 6 Northinham Forest Championship games. And hopefully improved on his game too. Let’s hope the boss will retain him in his next season 1st team squad as he is widely expected to sign a top quality striker for option and gives Olivier Giroud competition for his game.

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