Clubs lining up to hijack Arsenal transfer plans

It seems that whenever Arsenal are linked with a player and in some cases actually close to signing that player a club will pop up and attempt to hijack that said signing.

Just today news has come in that Lyon have followed Tottenham in showing an interest in signing Sampdoria defender Joachim Andersen and Bayern Munich have made a move to sign Yannick Carrasco who had seemed almost certain to be signing with us imminently.

There are more from previous days and weeks and for some reason, it tends to be Tottenham more often than not that are our main challengers for a players signature. I am not sure if that is just journalists stirring it a little or if both North London clubs are strangely aligned on what sort of player they desire.

But regardless, it is becoming a little frustration to continually read about clubs trying to hijack our transfer plans and it has to be hoped that whoever is calling the shots at Arsenal with regards to transfers are operating in some sort of secrecy because the more public a potential signing becomes the more likely it is to alert our rivals.

You see, the thing is this, our domestic competitors know we have a restricted budget and that for the most part, they can outbid us financially and Man Utd apart, can offer Champions League football.

No one said this transfer window would be easy and that is certainly proving to be the case.


  1. Good to hear Bayern are after Carasco, they should jess sign him, I don’t want him at my dear club.
    Arsenal should fight for Andersen and leave praet out of it.

    1. You should be praying we sign Carrasco, he’s an excellent player, much better then a lot of the players we’ve been linked with.

    2. OK pour ANDERSEN. Sinon, il faut un ailier buteur, mais qui ? CARRASCO ou FRASER OU SAAR ?
      Pas de PRAET, ne marque pas assez. Mais plutôt le Lorientais CLAUDE MAURICE, un réel espoir.

      1. Andre, you certainly have the most beautiful language in the world, it’s just a shame nobody apart from the French speaks it.

          1. I`m quite the multilingual person myself, I can do many accents………….cant speak any languages, just the accents !………..I can do a wicked Wenger !……………I have the mental strength for it !

          2. Thought a person as clever as you GoonerP would have taken my comment as tongue in cheek

      2. Bonjour Andre. Je suis d’accord en ce qui concerne Andersen. Oui oui un ailaier et j’aime Carrasco. Praet? Certainement pas. Je suis d’accord Claude Maurice. Veuillez excuser mon Francais.

          1. Be preparred to melt Suzeee………….As a child I was brought up on Pepe le Pew cartoons and is the main reason for my success in chatting up women…………….my little cherry pie !

          2. Hahahaha!!!! ? I can hear that French accent right now (prefer Koscielny’s to Claude Puel’s ?)
            Va va voom – that’s about as good as it gets with me ( didn’t like French, at school, very much ?)

      3. Bonsoir les gooners, Je dis qui pour Andersen et Carrasco aussi mai pas certainement Praet.
        I can speak a little French too… winks

  2. It’s so early in the window still, and so many rumors floating around. Who knows which players are truly on our radar, and which are just smoke screens.

    The players we’re rumored to be after can quickly change if we sell a few of our players. Sell Mustafi and we can really go after a top CB, sell Xhaka and we can chase a top CM, perhaps free up money for a gifted winger as well.

    Hopefully we can bring in Tierney from Celtic, and I would like to see Fraser before Carrasco to be honest. However, I wouldn’t be too upset with either because both are upgrades to Mhki and Iwobi. I also hope Nelson is given a chance to play as rotation or backup.

    CM is the position we need to address that can change our fortunes. We are so slow and non-threatening in the midfield that we will limp along in terms of creativity and the backline will continue to face pressure from inept midfield.

  3. I`ve an idea ! 💡

    Seeing as we seeminly have bought some shite players over the years, how about we watch what the top sides are looking at player wise and then we do the hijacking !

    Obviously there are two problems with my cunning plan……….. 1) we need money………….. 2) It could be a bluff by the other clubs to make us go and buy more shite players !

    So what I suggest is we scout them !…………brilliant !……..Do a Marcelo Bielsa job and hide in bushes at other clubs training grounds……..employ Anoraks !…………..I would be good at this, I dont go out looking at trains etc`, I go out and see how many Trainspotters there are………my best is 7 in a day !
    I also once inadvertantly did a bit of spying when I was seeing my mates wife and he came home early !……..I quickly hid in the wardrobe and watched as he whipped out his Subbuteo pitch and did some training sessions with his Subuteo players what would have put Cruyff to shame !………..when he went to sleep I sneaked out and went home and had a team briefing with my own Subuteo players, we were ready for him at the next game !

    1. Actually, Le Coq there’s one more issue we have against us. We’re not as attractive as we used to be and it’s easy for players to lose interest as soon as a better offer comes along!

      My plan instead would be to meet up with them (Including agents) and drug the hell out of them until they agree to join and sign up?

      As for your spying antics.. You seem like a spy master. One of the best. You may have learnt from the great Voyeur himself (Wenger)? But STAY OUT OF MY WARDROBE!

      1. OK GunneRay……I`m about to leave now and hope you dont mind if I borrow some of your wifes clothes !

  4. The fact that Bayern are interested in him now makes me more interested in Carrasco.

  5. Ah, so other clubs are interested in players we are after, EXCEPT Praet. Well at least other clubs have some sense in them and realize what an average player he is!

  6. As we will be mentioned in connection with at least 50 different players in every transfer window, and other clubs our size probably close to the same, there is very little chance knowing what is true, and what is not.

  7. Guys please the serie a is a weak league on par with the Eredivision
    Meaning the championship is tougher than the serie a I’d prefer krystiqn bielik over Andersen anyday we keep being linked with mid table players like Dennis preat he’s not even rated in his own country and he’s weak on the ball and carassco is not that much better than iwobi maybe a little faster and a better shot but dribbling wise and strength the important things you need to succeed in the Premier he ain’t got it i don’t exactly know who replaced Sven msintltat but the guy is fuckin up our transfer budget with meaningless targets like périsic and the sampdoria pair we’re in a rebuilding phase that means adding young talent and looking at our own young gunners from the academy players we all know are ready like Nelson bielik Smith-rowe saka ameachi willock nketiah and of course we need pl proven quality like Ryan fraser I’d definitely keep aubameyang as a second striker to cause havoc coming on as against tired legs with devastating speed he’d be better super sub than giroud was and mainly use laca as the main man with speedy wingers supplying him holding and sokratis were great at the beginning of last season and the players I honestly feel can’t add anything to our club are the obvious names like mustafi jenkinson xhaka monreal does anyone know who replaced Sven msintltat????!

    1. It’s vacant dude, currently it is filled temporarily by Francis Cagiao Cagigao (the head scout, not sure about the last name).
      In the future Edu I guess, after he finished his work with Brazil.
      Has Arsenal DNA & already brought us Gabriel Martineli, looks good

  8. Off Topic:So it’s Palace away first game if we believe the leaked report of the fixtures. Sounds true to me with Manchester United getting their usual easy start with Brighton at home. Fixtures worked out by a computer? Don’t make me laugh.

  9. (I put this on another thread and I think it is more relevant here.) Arsenal still could **** this up. In the days of Dick Law, he was so slow to do the business that we lost so many players (I was told by someone close at the time). I wonder how many potential signings were lost because Dick Laws and Arsenal could not muli-task. Now with Raul Sanllehi and Vinai Venkatesham we have very possibly a pair of tortoises. Sven Mislintat had a speciality of doing this player business quickly and sharply. Sanhelli and Venkatesham could lead us into the mire, as they are not the sharpest I have listened to in their tittle tattle. Having some staff who can quickly dot the i’s so to speak is imperative. Liverpool do this so well. We have such a deep rooted and slow system that we end up shooting ourselves, regarding signings, in the foot. I have a feeling that some of the players we really want will go to other more proactive clubs. Who chases Sanhelli and Venkatesham up in this setup? Carrasco may end up elsewhere. Other good players too may be left so long that others get there first. Maybe you should get on the old dog and bone Unai?

    1. It’s not that we are slow – we just haggle till the last minute and lose out in the end

  10. It’s always been the same we take far too long to get deals done.just think of the players we have missed out in the past. We will probably go right down to deadline day and panic buy whoever is not wanted by other clubs.

    1. Heartbreaking but true. We will end up panic buying as we argue over small amounts of money.

  11. Ornstein has spoken !……………..rumour Darren Burgess was sacked after EL final.

  12. Bonsoir les gooners, Je dis qui pour Andersen et Carrasco aussi mai pas certainement Praet.
    I can speak a little French too… winks

  13. On a second thought why is anyone not reasoning that many deals might have been done already but just waiting til after the addicts unveiling so new players could be unveiled in our new kits. I believe players bought this window will not be unveiled with the old puma kits so maybe we should just be a little patient and fasten our seat belts for a good summer ride.

    Also about the 40-45mil trash the media is rumouring to rubbish our club, it shouldn’t be believe at all cos last season we sent more so why not this summer when we have deals coming in from addidas and many players leaving and retiring?

  14. Really? If Bayern seriously want to sign Carasco we are screwed. We have nothing better to offer beside maybe a spot in first team.
    I think Carascao would suits us better, because he could drible and shoot from long distance. At least he’s been “military” trained by Simeone :p
    In contrary Fraser seems like the type to run and cross, idk if he would thrive here where opponents defend deep.
    But honestly we need both, if not more

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