Clubs set to reject technical areas having mics attached to them

The Premier League is considering many different ways to keep their broadcasters happy now that fans won’t be allowed into the stadiums for the rest of the season.

There are rumours that broadcasters would ask for a rebate even if this season is completed because the atmosphere won’t be the same without the fans in the stands.

In their bid to avoid paying back any sum of money to the broadcasters, the Premier League is considering a number of interesting ideas to provide more content to their broadcasters.

Some ideas that have been talked about include allowing cameras into the dressing room and interviewing players at half time.

They are also considering adding mics to the technical areas so that they can pick sounds out from the managers and their coaching staff.

However, the latter is set to be rejected by Premier League teams, according to Daily Mail and this is because the teams fear that their managers won’t be able to stop swearing around their area.

Another reason is that managers often discuss tactics on the bench and this could lead to questions being raised about the integrity of the competition.

Teams will vote on these proposals and the report claims that the idea of managers’ areas having microphones would most likely be rejected.

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  1. Marty says:

    Good, let’s hope they don’t have microphones or cameras in the dressing rooms either. It’s bad enough having to listen to some of the interviews with players or coaches straight after the game anyway.

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