Clubs starting to line up to sign Mesut Ozil in January

Mesut Ozil set to leave Arsenal in the winter transfer window

Clubs are starting to show interest in signing Mesut Ozil in the January transfer window, according to multiple media outlets.

The German is no longer part of manager Unai Emery’s plans and has found himself ostracised at the Emirates. The likelihood of him working his way back into the fold is looking remote.

Therefore, the only real options for the playmaker is to secure a move or sit out his contract for the next 18 months.

Last week Turkish side Fenerbahce were linked with a move for the 30-year-old with Arsenal subsidising the wages. This week both The Daily Mirror and Calciomercato are claiming Inter Milan and AC Milan are interested.

The same situation with wages applies with the Serie A giants. Whatever deal is agreed will involve Arsenal paying some of Ozil’s massive £350k per week wages.

What Arsenal are looking for is a six-month loan deal that could be converted into a permanent move next summer.

That is now three teams that are reportedly keen and the list could grow by the time the transfer window opens up.

It would be a sad end to Ozil’s career at Arsenal. He arrived with much fanfare and for a time it was beautiful. But over the last couple of years, we have not seen the best of the former German international.

A winter move would be best for everyone concerned, especially Ozil who probably has a couple of good seasons left in him.


    1. Don’t worry Sue I don’t think he’s going anywhere and will feature in the first team in at least one of the upcoming games. I’m hoping it’s when I’m back at the Emirates against Palace, playing opposite another of your 🔥s. 😜

      1. Which reminds me, since most of games ve been dead boring to watch and I’ve missed a few on purpose.
        They’ve been on the pitch the same time before? I don’t really know, anyone knows if they’ve all been together on the pitch at once?

        1. That’s most ever retarded team management in football. Nope we never seen right team on! Ozil to feed these guys, and free to do so with right DM allowing him to be free to play attacking football!


      2. I hope you’re right, Declan, I really do! However, I can’t see it happening!
        Well, that should be a great game… just think next season, Wilf could be wearing our colours (with a bit of luck) 🤞🙂

  1. Happy Birthday to the man.. He needs the move.
    I miss the days he played awesome football, not just st Arsenal. At Weder Bremen, Madrid and for Germany.
    Might have declined early, (every player ends up declining anyway)
    which is sad but one thing certain in the history of football, he’ll always get mentioned and be seen as one of the greatest AM to play the game

    1. I agree, sometimes with players, even the big names, decline early. If we think of Torres, he started declining badly at the age of 26. Players should be reaching their peak around that age. With Ozil, I am not sure if it’s back issues, motivation, etc, but his decline has been from about 28 years old.

  2. I think Ozil realized quickly that the way this manager wants to play doesn’t work for him
    as did the manager. Ozil is too old and wealthy to try to buy into a way of playing he doesn’t rate.

    The excuse that he doesn’t work hard enough in training is bullocks. He doesn’t work hard enough during games as far as the manager is concerned.

    Older players often save themselves during training to keep themselves fresh for game time.

    Ozil simply doesn’t execute what the manager wants from him during games. He has not bought into the manager’s philosophy and with his wages, that’s a problem.

  3. Thanks for your 19 assist season and help with getting 3 FA Cups. We appreciate it

    But sadly £350,000 per week is too much for lazy football

    So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehn, Goodbye

    All the best at your new club

  4. Inter looking, Barca was and be back as Bayern soon!

    Glad for Oz, can go and play his game as maestro he is in a team with ambition, a coach who is aware of of waist of talent he is with such coa h and in such average team we became.

    He’ll be able to play at his level and CL football as his likes do and belongs to.

    Now Arsenal is a club in devellopment like,with promising youth but we don’t play them nor have them on loan to play weekly pro football

    Means they will never make first team beside cup before quarter when Emery brings his first team to lose.

    They being used to fill gaps as Niles then forgotten.

    If Tierney didnt have game time, he would not be where he is at.

    We can’t build a team of top players, nor of young players.

    No way to win anything but fight for 4th to 6th spot.

    We play 8 games, won 4 only. 2 lost, 2 draw, very lucky in two or 3 occasions.

    Other teams slip, but this is our worst ever start in history!

    It is scary and mediocre for most games.

    Ozil should be gone 2 years ago with Sanchez!

    He will be fine in a top club playing champions league in January!

    1. Worse start in history we are third lol?

      And we only lost 1 game to pool so far

      Your numbers don’t add up lol

      1. Bayern, absolutely no chance!
        The odds would be so great it would be worth betting (and potentially losing) a pound, because of the potential outcome.

  5. Having a second thought this team wouldn’t be bad anyway.


    Aubameyang, Ozil, Pepe..

    Guendouzi, Torreira..

    Tierney, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin..


  6. this seems to be the only solution to this major problem. he does need to leave the emirates, one way, or , the other. such a waste of a wonderful natural talent !. all i can do is wish ozil the very best, if he decides to leave . never a fan of the man, but credit where it is due.

  7. Long after he’s gone people will still be slating him, but atleast he will play football elsewhere. The club will be poorer losing him.

      1. I’ll be proved right😁

        In the meantime, the club’s birthday wish is being trolled badly I heard.

      2. For any major club in Spain, Italy or Germany he would probably be a bit player. In Turkey he would be a super star.

  8. Emery clearly does not have the skills to manage super skilled superstars. He showed the same incompetence at PSG as well. I’ll play those who run & hustle the most is what high school coaches do.

    1. You’re roght, for a coach 15 or 16 months on and still tinkering, not a hopeful sign. Ozil definitely needs to leave and play for a club who appreciates his skills and can get the best out of him. Juve or one of the Milans?

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