Colombia captain to join Ospina at Arsenal on free?

One of the big suprises for Arsenal fans at the end of the summer transfer window was the failure of Arsene Wenger to bring in another defender to strengthen the squad after the departure of club captain Thomas Vermaelen. Yes we had Calum Chambers, but Wenger had already admitted that this area of the Arsenal squad was light.

But the window closed without a defensive addition, leaving just the loan market and it is very unlikely that we would find anyone there. But maybe the boss knew what he was doing all along, because the Daily Star is reporting that we are set to bring in the captain of Colombia and international team mate of our new keeper David Ospina.

The good news for us is that Mario Yepes is available on a free transfer after completing his last contract with Italian club. Also, he has plenty of experience at the top level, but therein lies the problem, because Yepes is now 38-years old.

He did play 24 league games last season and led Colombia to their best ever World Cup finals and would not be called on too often for the Gunners, but his age is certainly an issue and he has never played in the Premier League. So what do you think of this rumour Gooners?

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    1. At least he will know What Falcao is capable of, just a shame it is not Falcao whois 10 years older than him rather than the other way round.

  1. Absolutely, I am a big fan of his. He would be excellent cover and can play 10-15 games for us this season giving Kos a well deserved rest from time to time. Yepes 38, Chambers 19, our average age is 28 🙂

    1. Have you seen much of him?. I mean, to be a BIG FAN, you must have.
      Can honestly say, I have never watched him. Missed all but one of their WC games, and was not really looking at his performance.
      He IS getting on at 38, but, as long as he is fit, not TOO slow, and, can use the ball out of defence, then, as a last resort in case of slight injuries, to come in for the odd game, Cups, then why not.

      1. He’s extremely slow. Experienced and knows what he’s doing but suicide playing him alongside Mertesacker. I’d rather we played Ajayi, yes he’s young and inexperienced, but so is Chambers, not to mention he’s actually older than Chambers. If he was good and promising enough for us to buy him, he must be at least good enough to be last resort, though I must admit I’ve barely seen him play, he could be injured right now and I’m none the wiser.

        1. Just goin’ to hold my breath.. Arsenal a team vying for premier league title and Champions League final…. WoW other teams must be p***ing themselves laughing that we are still trying to find cover at the back.

      2. He is faster than Per( I know not hard) and reads the game extremely well. Also great for bringing in last 10-15 minutes to protect a lead. He is a warrior.

  2. I’m fine with him, but I suggest never teaming him with Mertsacker because Mertsacker who is a very good CB but slow. I don’t think a 38 year old would be much faster and so together they probably wouldn’t work

    But we desperately need defensive cover.

    Are there any other good free agents in any position btw?

    1. There’s Hugo Almeida, the Portuguese striker and Valdes the keeper.

      unfortunately both are playing positions we just reinforced during the summer..

      1. Almeida is crap but I would take jonas he is very good and still at his peak .

        His champions leauge record speaks for itself 14games 8goals and 5assist. He also scored 10 goals for Valencia last season. He has a better pass/shot accuracy than giroud last season.the only reson they had to let him go because there is a limit of how many non eu players you can have registered for la liga and he was sacrificed for negredo

  3. It’s so annoying that Wenger gambled by hoping he could get someone cheap at the last minute

    With important positions he should make sure we have adequate cover before the season starts let alone the end of transfer window

    I am hoping that all our 6 defenders are injury free for rest of season because we play in 4 competitions.

  4. Wenger: Did I hear FREE transfer on Yepes?
    Italian Club: Yes
    Wenger: I have contracts already prepped for those kind of transfers. It’s a deal.

    1. Yepes wants to come, he also has very good stats from last season winning more duels than merts and kosc, his heading duels was identical to per. He is also an excellent leader and intercepter. He is the perfect back up for per and is still at a good level having been the first choice centre back for ac Milan last season

      1. wouldn’t mind him on our squad. Watched him for the first time during the World Cup and he was ALWAYS in the way – intercepting some sort of pass or shot. Aggravated the hell outta his opponents. Whether he’s benched or on the pitch our D can learn something from him.

  5. Never watched him play. But when so many are consenting, must be good.

    Its situation like this someone steps up from the academy.

    I really want to know Jonkers opinion of Hayden. I read Wenger’s the other day. But i am not fully sold on him.

    And where the fcuk is Gnabry?

  6. I was the first to call for Yepes the day after the deadline day to be Precise I have been really impressed by his leadership and reading of the game he would be an excellent addition. After all how many games did Sagna play at cb last season. We could at least have him training in the squad to see if he is on our it would give ospina a familiar face. His Xp will be invaluable for all our defenders and were adding another leader in the dressing room

  7. I can understand the fans desperation for CB cover But Yepes, give me a break. Why do most fans think that the solution to our problems is always out there?Promote Isaac Hyden and Hector. Let that guy retire in peace.

  8. There is no way Arsenal defenders will have an injury-free season… At some stage it will come to bite Wenger and I just hope we don’t get another Chelsh**t spanking because of his penny pinching…. He is one heck of a stubborn o’d man….

  9. I would have no problem with a Yepes signing, bags of experience, a good reader of the game, very good aerially and he would have no problem sitting on the bench, would be great for the cup games with one of our young prospect and i rather Hayden to be used as a DM in those games to develop more.

    Yepes is actually the perfect solution for the season, there are other players available too

  10. At this point Wenger must either be confidant that Hayden is ready for the 1st team or he must pick up any reasonably-capable CB as backup. Whoever it is, he is bound to be better than Squillachi.

    Yepes would work fine so long as he does not require a long contract or high salary. Need him for 1 season only.

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