Come on Arsenal – non league Lincoln cup clash offers perfect platform

Everyone connected with Arsenal Football Club, from the fans and the players to Arsene Wenger and the powers that be, could really do with a lift and something to cheer about after the chastening Champions League exit at the hands of Bayern Munich topped off a miserable period when the Gunners also faltered in the Premier League and saw another title challenge go down the drain.

Luckily enough the team has the perfect platform to provide that morale boost with the visit of a non league side to the Emirates stadium in the FA cup quarter-finals. They must forget about the what-ifs and the fear about what perople will say if a side ranked so far below Arsenal manage to win or even take it to a replay.

Instead we need to show our class and use the home advantage and the great pitch to put ton a show. It will not erase the memory of Tuesday or the last few months but a cracking good performance and a high scoring win will certainly lift the spirits as well as the reward of booking a place at Wembley for the semi-final.

So come on Arsenal, stick it to the Imps and give us Gooners some joy for a change!



  1. davidnz says:

    Spot on Bob.
    Good news indeed.
    The club is on a roll.
    Preston Southampton Sutton have all fallen to our all conquering hero’s.
    Now Galacticos Lincoln come to the Emirates.
    If we beat the Imps it will be an achievement better
    than Barca’s recent 6-1 win v PSG.
    Only 16 points shy of League leaders Chelsea and
    an insanely unlucky 2-10 ECL exit where we were clearly the better team.
    The gaffer is right to say after Bayern “The club is in great shape”.
    I implore all the Arsenal fans at the Emirates
    to sing “Arsene we love you we do” all through the game.
    We must persuade Le Prof to sign a 5 year extension at once.

    1. otunba_007 says:

      @ davidnz, well said Bro and i also love your sense of humor, i really don’t know maybe i should be laughing or crying, Arsenal has now become a joke to other clubs and fans, All thanks to silent Stan,Sir Chips and Gazidis whom i am still trying to figure out his role in Arsenal.. Arsenal’s recent results on the pitch is really the work of there hands and they should really be proud of their achievements, but little did they know that if Arsenal keeps performing this way in the nearest future, i see us earning the Everton,Southampton and west ham status…. Majority of the Arsenal board members are too old and outdated, they should resign honorably and let the younger ones with fresh ideas do the job and bring our great ARSENAL among the Europe elites again.. Gunners for life !!

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      @ DavidNZ
      Sarcasm at it’s best ?????
      This article deserved that and more ?

  2. goonerboy says:

    Nice one…sight you bro…

  3. Break-on-through says:

    There’s three young French strikers we should be looking at. Lacazette, Mbappe and Mousa, the old Arsenal would of had one by now. To be honest, I’m no sure which one I’d want most. If Mbappe turns out like Henry well then that would make it easy, but there’s still allot of developing ahead, and no guarantees. Mousa Dembelle is killing it in Scotland, not since Larsson have I seen that up there. It’s a weak league but defenders are strong in the challenge, and up there you don’t see many scoring those numbers. Lacazette is the maturest of them, strong, having terrific season and there’s still room to improve. As I write this I now feel Lacazette would be my third choice, only because I have to choose, but am fully aware that this decision could bite me on the ass if it were me whom made the choice. Struggling with these other two. Celtic are fairer than Monaco when it comes to pricing. I think that’s why Arsenal will be rumoured to him most of all. I wouldn’t think about such things, but I’m really not sure which one I’d pick. I presume Arsene wants Dembelle most of all after hearing his very public approval of the next Thierry Henry. Bait and switch, ah ya old devil.

  4. goonerboy says:

    There are reports Allegri has given Arsenal till the end of this month to decide the fate of Wenger…could that be true???

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    We’ve got ourselves the mightiest club in the world coming to Emirates this evening…Get behind the boys!! Rubbish, i say pull out the banners and boycott matches.. We’ve had enough, at this point even if we win the FA cup, i dont want Wenger next season!


  6. Big G says:

    Headline should read : Come on Arsenal – non league Lincoln cup clash offers perfect platform to be embarrassed again.

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