Come on Arsenal! Show ambition by signing Van Dijk

Arsenal’s Shkodran Mustafi is being targeted by a number of clubs for a move this summer, and I for one think he should go.
The German international struggled in his opening season with us, but no doubt holds ability, and despite expecting him to enjoy a better year with the club, I think we should cash-in.

Mustafi could no doubt play a role in our first-team, but if we seriously want to mount a serious title bid than we need to make actual improvements to our squad, and I mean more than just two players!

Sead Kolasinac looks a shrewd signing, and a bargain considering he was a free transfer, and Alexandre Lacazette also looks like he will be a great addition this season, but we should be improving at every opportunity despite any obstacles.

Latest reports claim that we are unwilling to battle with Chelsea and Liverpool for the signature of Virgil Van Dijk, which infuriates me. Personally he is the best defender in the division ahead of Laurent Koscielny and Toby Alderweireld, and knowing he is pushing for a move, means we simply have to make an effort!

The Dutch defender has come on leaps and bounds since joining the Saints from Celtic two seasons ago, and would improve any team in the world. He is also perfectly suited to playing in a back-three due to his ball-playing style and composure on the ball, and could be a huge stride in pushing for our first Premier League title in 13 years.

Is Van Dijk the best defender in England currently? Is it about time we started to match the ambition of our rivals in the transfer market? Would him joining Liverpool put a big dent in our top-four aspirations?

Pat J

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  1. On skill level that would totally kick ass! With the Mustafi rumors it does get one thinking that it’s at least remotely possible we have a top center back in our sights or even signed and waiting on announcement at their current team’s preference. The drama surrounding Van Dijk’s relationship with Southampton and sitting out training could be a concern though. Don’t frankly know enough about Van Dijk as a person other than seeing him on the field to draw a fair conclusion on that point, but yeah if that is not a valid concern then he is definitely quality!

  2. Van Dijk is also a great example of how we seem to like to “track” players for too long before taking real action about it. He probably could have had him for highway robbery fee from Celtic with timely action. So many examples like this…

    1. Wenger probably could have got Van Dijk, Seri and Lemar if he wanted them and got them fast instead of dithering. Both Lemar and Mahrez wanted to come here big time.
      Wenger could have activated Seri’s £36 million release clause

      As you said Wenger should have got Van Dijk from Celtic

      1. Lemar’ s agent was recently quoted as saying that he wanted to go to ManU instead of Arsenal which is part of the reason he didn’t push for a transfer from Monaco. Mharez is a flash in the pan and would be a waste.

        The only way we get VVD is if we sell Mustafi for 23-30 mil and immediately use thst for VVD and pay 70 mil for he. Outside chance that happens and I wouldn’t bet on it. Although word out of.VVD’s camp is that his agents met with Arsenal people yesterday to discuss the possibility. VVD told them he would come to Arsenal. But will The Saints lower their price from 75mil to around 50-60 where it belongs before the deadline. It all hinges on that.

    2. And, Kolasnic? Sanchez? Ozil?

      You cannot win every transfer and every player. Look at Pogba.. Luiz… Lukaku, etc.

    3. You’re right, we track players for so long that eventually someone else comes in and signs them. Van Dijk should have been signed 2 years ago. If Wenger has any real ambition left he should try his hardest to sign him now. Also, why on earth hasn’t he replaced Viera, every other top team has a strong imposing DM except us….

  3. I think Wenger is finished for the summer in terms of Buying

    Now he wants to sell a few players to make back the money spent on Lacazette.

      1. Lol

        I hope I’m wrong too
        He could still get players if he wanted to like Mahrez for example

        But Wenger’s words lean the other way ie when he said that he wants to sell more players before he buys. What was he doing the whole summer? Also today he closed the door on Lemar.

        I’m still praying for players like Draxler or Mahrez or Goretzka or Van Dijk or Seri
        But probably just a dream

    1. gmv8 100% correct. KROENKE OUT. As fans we have to do everything we can to get this Yank out off our club. Everybody blames Wenger and don’t get me wrong I’m one off the biggest W.O.B’s there is, but it would be interesting to see what Wenger could do with an ambitious owner at the helm investing what ever it takes to get the players we need. Arsene would probably still stuff it up but at least then we would know for sure if he still has it or not .

  4. Van Dijk would make the team stronger at the back. Aso get Mahrez… while at it.

    Mustafi-—–Koz—–Van Dijk

    1. Wow that would be awesome
      Van Dijk, Koscielny and Mustafi
      Excellent back 3

      I like Front 4 too
      Ozil, Mahrez, Alexis and Lacazette

      1. Draxler—-Lacazette—-Alexis
        Mustafi-—–Koz—–Van Dijk

        Now, if Ozil has anything to do with it, he wants Draxler in. Then Ozil signs. If Alexis is assured that Ozil signs and Lacazette and Draxler both are in, it is possible that the Chilean will see possibilities with this team THIS season. (Remember that Alexis likely thinks the English right whingers are loud and useless, and so he sees no future. You often see Alexis exasperated by Theo and Ox.)

        Add, Van Dijk and maybe the return of Carzola, and we are in with a chance to win it. Catching Man U will be hard–that is one tough team… but also frail mentally, given Maureen is an s+it. Alexis also knows that Man City is frail with too much football and a squad that is not settled. Spuds can be beaten.

        Just maybe Wenger might convince Alexis to sign long term if this team has those forwards, and defense and mid-field to be built. This season it is the Wenger-Sanchez show, if it rolls, that is.

        1. It would be fantastic if you were right about Draxler in, Ozil signs, Alexis gets excited and signs! That’s the kind of thing that might actually happen at a competently managed club rather than seeming like a fantasy.

          1. Right, were you around when they won the double? Same brilliant Manager that players love.

            The world has changed. Winning championships means getting to a contender or being part of the building process. Arsenal are not a top three side in spending, it is not a contender. However, if there is a chance from the outside, it is this season, with Sanchez’s hunger and Ozil’s class. Sanchez would like to joint a contender (Man City), but Ozil has no takers, except on a free. Both would play and have nothing to lose if they can bring some other players in…

            The problem with most the haters, is that you have unrealistic expectations! Then you cry.

    2. Jjpawn. I like that except for Mharez. He’s such a waste. A one season wonder. A flash in the pan. Replace him with Llorente, Lemar, Draxler and we are in business.

      1. No, not a one season wonder, but a very accurate passer and poacher, who does not track back. Upgrade over the English players for sure.

        But, yes Draxler on the left and Sanchez–if he agrees–on the right might work.

        Sanchez would come in for the cross and attack from the right with his dribbling, but we would miss his curling in shot from the left wing.

        These days teams are built by players also wanting a group they can play with, like the NBA. Except, I think what is happening is more on the forward line. There also has to be hierarchy that is accepted. Alexis-Ozil-Lacazette-Draxler might be the Arsenal front four hierarchy, basically, 300K, 200K, 100K, 100K…

        At the back there is no such clique… yet. But, if Koz bonds with Mustafi and we get Van Dijk, it might happen.

        In the middle, Sead might fix Xhaka’s mistakes, but the British players are not bonding well enough as they talk too much being too much at home.

        Czech is needed in goal until the back three settle, then we need another keeper of his class/leadership.

        1. One thing I’ve always found puzzling about Alexis when he plays on the left is whenever he gets the ball near the corner of the penalty area he just about ALWAYS tried to cut back toward the middle hoping for a shot to open up. Every back in the league must realize this by now. That’s in part why I think he was effective as a striker, he was stimulated to have to be more creative and also got more quality finishing chances.

  5. Yes the fans have every justification to bury Wenger in the hell hole that he has created due to his procrastinations,but, lest we forget it is the same man Wenger who has kept this big ocean liner steady as she goes through many a rough sea and now sailing with a fair wind at the Emirates. Lets not break the camel’s back, he who must carry the load in this, his, final stretch to what can yet be to the top of the mountain of the EPL this season. and the whole AFC family must unite and assist the Captain with a final heave ho.
    Yes AFC is light at the back and Wenger must chase Van Dijk who is there to be had. Wenger may well sign Lemar or Draxler to boot. Other than MC and Liverpool, I have not seen any other performance other than of AFC bar her leaky defence, to challenge for EPL honours yet. The fans have a massive responsibility not shoot itself in the foot and to give a wholesome and united Hello to Wenger and fully embrace him in the hearth of the family. He who has been a Father figure to all and sundry at AFC and continue to be in spite of all the vehement vitriol , abrasive language and ridicule that he had so publicly to absorb and endure all last season. You the fans must unite and support him in what could well be his last hurrah !

    1. Wenger is hurt by the “fanz”… I wonder what his autobiography will say, when I read it one day.

  6. Virgil van Dijk would have been a great signing for us. Kolasinac is among the best left sided defenders around but should not be used as a CB. Koscielny is still a class act but isn’t getting any younger. A back three of Mustafi, van Dijk and Koscielny for the next 2-3 years before Holding replacing Koscielny…

  7. Offer wallcot and chambers plus 20 million people for vdk., get learning for 50millon, serious for 40millon happy days..

  8. Offer chambers and wallcot plus 20 million, get serious 50millon, serious for 40millon happy days

  9. Van Dijk is top quality. Wanted us to sign him instead of Mustafi last year. If not Van Dijk then there are a lot of quality centre backs available like Manolas/Sakho/Tah etc. Howedes is seemingly on his way to Juventus for only €10m- and we’re just dithering. We need to snap up Juve’s transfer negotiator, they bought Matuidi for peanuts as well.

  10. Difficult to say if he is the best but certainly one of them, he’s the most wanted one so that prob tells us he could be. Sou played with two DM and sat back a bit when it suited, whereas Koscielny plays in an open playing side. Kompany plays in an open side too, he has been the best over the years but for injury. Aerially I think V Dijk is best, a bit harder to judge the other stuff because they have different teammates and different styles of play. But after he makes the move it will become clearer, he looks like he’d improve every single top club in England. If Arsenal have any ambition they will fight tooth and nail to steal VVD away from Che Liv, esp Liv it would be very bad for him to choose them over the rest. It would mean Arsene has lost out to Klopp in more ways than one.

  11. Chamberlain and Walcott should go. who is Chamberlain, He has scored
    just 9 league goals in his time at Arsenal. 9 goals in 6
    years in the Premier League. Is that a good record. Just imagine.

  12. No top player will come here any more. They know Wenger is a loser. Football has moved on. Wenger is truly a liability and it seems to me his happiness comes from letting the supporters down. Will he buy Van Dijk? You have more chance of winning the lottery.

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