Come on Edu, don’t Arsenal have any targets at all this season?

Top 8 or Top 10?? by Konstantin

Well lovely Arsenal people, Norwich is almost here and I hope we put a performance. I would usually be confident of beating a side like them at home, but the messages coming from the board spark more fear rather than excitement.

Edu said on Sky: “I don’t want to go for top four or top six or top eight or top 10. I’m just really looking forward to seeing this squad play together. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone fit.”
Eight and tenth is not something I wanna hear about Arsenal. That to me tells me there hasn’t been any target at all. We won an FA cup beating the likes of Chelsea and Man City. This squad pulled it together when there was a target, why don’t we have one now? Champions league should be the minimum requirements for Arsenal, no buts.
The second bit about the squad playing together is really poor. What does that mean for the players who played in the first 3 games? I remember Liverpool beating Barcelona with Origi up front. There should be no excuses, we are the Arsenal, whatever that means.
And what really hurts me is Edu is an Invincible. Truth is; being a good player, doesn’t mean you can set up a winning structure at board level. But I wished he’d at least come out and stuck his head out for the team. Instead he chose to go hide, maybe crumbling under the pressure.
It’s a shame, but what message did it send to the players? What is a realistic target for them? What is your target for this season given the start we’ve had and the signings we’ve made? I’d like to see it in the comments.
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  1. As the majority of posters on JA have a variety of expectations this season then unless we somehow surprise all the pundits and ourselves by winning the league then most of us will be disappointed For some, finishing 17th will be an achievement

  2. The picture header for the article says it all

    Mr 10 holidays a summer and comes back and gives a speech that makes real fans want to spew up listening to .

    I remember his son sharing a post last summer with caption “busy at work” and a photo next to it off him sat in a expensive hotel room on his phone smiling ,which just smells of our are club is room is if go on their official FB page .

    Photos and captions with constant sales techniques that make you cringe .

    Hoover over the pics and it takes you to the club shop to buy a shirt rather than telling us the story of the pic .
    The amount of lengths our sales team goes to sell sh1t tells you all you need to know what’s more important to this club .

    Cringe after cringe and Edu and Arteta are at the top of this triangle ruining this club .

    Not a negative post 😂😂

      1. 😂😂
        Didn’t want to keep repeating that line sue ,but yea that would be appropriate if their was a couple of banged up BMWs behind him

  3. Yep, well observed from having champs league football and competing to let’s just try and get in the champs league to let’s try and get into the europa to let’s try and get off bottom of the table..

    No ambition from the top (Stan) means no targets.

    1. AOT
      look at all stans teams
      Every team he has is happy to float around mid table and not wanting come top
      Coming top and winning something will mean reinvesting heavily and more than we have this season
      That’s not good for the bank balance
      We can moan about Edu and Arteta all day long but until we rid our selfs of Stan the cycle will keep going on
      The regime who sold out to stan in the first place haven’t come out of this whiter than white.
      They sold there shares for profit and also at the same time sold us out and left us with a yank who just looks st the bottom line rather than the trophy cabinet

      1. Alan, the then Board who embraced Kroenkes and forced out David Dein should be ashamed to show their faces at the Emirates.
        The real concern is how far the Club still has to fall under KS&E’s ownership and the inept management of Arteta and Edu, both of whom speak in clinches and gobbledegook. All front, no substance.

        1. Just to be clear
          Beleive it was David Dein Introduced Stan to the board and that was the beginning of the end
          DD probably done it for the right intentions as he thought the yank has the money
          Once inside the marble walls he set to work with his slim charm and greed took hold of the rest of them

          1. Alan, you are correct; however David Dein jumped ship to support Usmanov, which led to his demise, when the remainder of the Board supported Kroenke.

  4. FA Cup – realistic target, back into Europa at least.

    Top4 – Ultimate Target

    Top 7 – Very Possible Target

    Edu has just said this to not let fans let his words come back on him if we dont hit these targets he mentioned.

    We have a very young squad and he is right, 30 changes in personal over the last 2years, some debatable decisions over players coming and especially leaving but that’s been mentioned time and time again.

    Season starts this weekend…

    Hopefully 🤞

    1. No season doesn’t start this weekend it already started.. The statement that our season starts after 3 games is the same as the bs statement we are good because we are 3rd from boxing day last season.. Our season started already and we already gave away 9 points.. Didn’t score any goal and conceded 9!

  5. “Where you aim is where the arrow lands”. Pretty disgraceful attitude by Edu. Like everything in the world you need motivation to reach your goal. How the mighty have fallen!

  6. Lack of clear direction, poor leadership, no incentives or motivation, no strategic goals.
    Instead, all we have is a big smokescreen (called a project).
    Edu is a big part of the problem. The Fish Rots From the Head Down.

  7. I know he was trying to be smart and diplomatic.

    No matter what he say though will be a top headline so it’s better he avoids the question and controversy.
    The board has target and it’s been communicated to the manager let’s get behind the team and avoid unnecessary distractions.
    We badly need to win on Saturday

  8. No honesty with supporters from Arteta or Edu, who treat them all like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on BS.
    Now Arsenal FC is a “project”, with no plan or targets to be achieved. “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”.

  9. Well, I see it as not putting so much pressure on the players so as to allow them settle down, gel together and perform.
    Our first 3 matches, if not the calamitous outings at Brentford, the other 2 teams we played against are way ahead of us in quality and squad depth. Our key players were out as a result of injury or illness. Let us give these guys the necessary support to perform and desist from antagonising them. Two or three players can actually change and improve the way a team play and we are having back the fulcrum of team in Party, Gabriel and I believe, from what I have seen, Tomiyasu coming to arsenal to shock the world.

  10. ……arsenal can beat about 9-10 teams in the league……home and away around 50-60 points for the season……realistic target..65 points……)

    1. lol…..the only team i really think Arteta’s Arsenal can defeat is probably Norwich. Would have added Brentford if arsenal hadnt played them before now.

  11. Edu sweating a lot when people will understand how he scammed Arsenal by buying overpriced avg. DUDs for millions in his own pocket

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