Come on Wenger! Arsenal need transfer help NOW!

Wenger’s transfer dithering could cost Arsenal dearly by DN

Here we are again Arsenal fans, with seemingly everyone in the world of football except Arsene Wenger thinking that the Gunners are teetering on the brink of a disaster and needing some quick action in the January transfer window in order to avert it.

We have the tough test of Stoke City on Sunday and then the even tougher trip to Man City the following week and there is still no sign of any new players coming in to bolster our injury stretched side. Arsenal are literally one injury away from a real nightmare and if we happen to lose either Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny or Calum Chambers, that nightmare will be upon us.

I cannot really understand why Wenger has not made a move already. He has had plenty of time to prepare for this window and he was well aware of the situation. We have already paid dearly this season for Wenger’s decision, or failure, not to sign another defender in the summer and the ligament problem afflicting Koscielny could come back at any time.

I don’t agree with what the Arsenal keeper Szczesny’s dad had to say, or at least his decision to speak out, but he does have a point and I do feel a bit sorry for the Polish international, because he has been exposed over and over again. Come on Wenger, sort it out will you…

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  1. No reason for any delay, if it hasn’t happened already, knowing Wenger, it probably won’t.

      1. People not getting the sarcasm.

        Wenger doesn’t sign anyone in january, we barely manage to beat Monaco 1-0 a Emirates and 0-0 in Monaco, get smashed in the quarter finals, defeated by some minor team in quarter finals of the FA cup as well, end up without a CL spot for next season

        What does Wenger say? “dis is my problem, i will fix dis”. The board backs him, and the same thing happens next year, only in Europa League rather than CL.

        Mark my words, YNWA has never been more fitting for us than now: You’ll Never Win Again.

      1. @Soopa, have faith in the Messiah, Arsene. He shall deliver unto us the EPL, UCL, CWC, etc.

        I bow to you, oh wise Wenger!!! #InWengerWeTrust

    1. There’s every reason for delay, Wenger is REACTIONARY in the transfer market. No other top team is like this, they go into a window and know what they need and who they need…case in point Bony to City, Matic last year to Chelsea, Costa/Fabregas again in the summer.

      That’s PROACTIVE management. Look at our previous windows, waited to see who was being ousted at Real for Bales arrival…Ozil. Waited to see who was getting booted for Suarez, cheers for Alexis. Did we target them as the window opened? No way.

      We sit idle and ‘wait and see’ what bargains we can nab from any domino effect transfers. Our management team is a complete joke. For Ozils 43mil we could’ve had Schneiderlin AND Howedes. You’re supposed to strengthen your weakest areas, yet we spent a fortune on a position (#10) that we have terrific quality in (Santi/Jack).

      Oh and btw, just when did our manager lose his knowledge of the French market? 16mil on Welbz in the summer when Lacazette was ripe for the picking. We just scream amateurs with how we conduct our business, it’s painful watching the days go by as we sit desperately needing reinforcements.

  2. Is anyone surprised with the lack of urgency in signing players?? This is the Arsene wenger we know.He won’t sign anyone untill we get battered by city.Apparently wenger needs a constant reminder of just how weak this squad is defensively,after every win against a weak side he seems to forget that up untill we come up against a decent side and get exposed. He is a man living in denial, knowing there is a problem but not willing to accept it and fix it.
    Something tells me that we are in for another shocker at the etihad,and that is when Le fraud will wake up from his usual transfer window slumber and start throwing desperate bids around. Hence I don’t expect any decent signing this window, what I expect is a PANIC buy after another humiliating defeat.#WENGER OUT!!!

    1. I don’t expect any signing either, because the rule is: never expect anything positive with wenger still in charge.

      1. Chilax Gunners.
        Arsenal are one win off top 4.
        We only need a CB.
        Even one on loan will do.
        The squad is nearly back to full fitness.
        3rd place FA cup win and ECL semi final comming up 🙂

          1. With our injuries we are struggling
            at both ends of the pitch.
            We have never had a fit squad
            all season but we are close now.
            Giroud is back. Kos is fit (for now)
            Walcott is back. Ozil and Ramsey are close.
            and Wellbeck too. We just need a CB.
            We don’t really need any one at DM
            because Coqu Flamini and Arteta are good
            enough for now. So we are going to be stronger now.
            You will see in our results.

    2. Honestly if Wenger ends up going for Gundogan that’s the final nail in the coffin for me. Terrific player (when healthy), but so not what we need.

      We know it, other teams fans know it, pundits know it, and he refuses to address it….we need power and presence in the heart of midfield. Gundogan is a better Arteta, so a better square peg for that huge round hole. Ffs this shit is getting old.

    1. incase you don’t know……. TIME WAITS FOR NOBODY!……… Get ur business done early so you won’t lose ur prime targets ,be left with the transfer remnants and the players could settle down and gel……..could that be too much to ask?

      1. Unless you count united signing a number 2 keeper, no other team has done business either. Because January is hard. You idiots here never really seem to grasp anything that most people view as common sense. I’m not sure why I still even come to this site, it seems like mostly the bottom of the bucket plastics or disturbingly dumb “fans” lurk around here with only a few people that actually have any common sense.

        It’s the 9th. 22 more days to go. Now if City, United and Chelsea were all making moves. Id be upset. Nobody is. No other team has made a big move. It’s not FIFA you daft mongoloids. You don’t just pay 2 million more and get the club to sell when they don’t want to.

        1. “you dafts, you idiots, mongoloid, bottom of bucket plastics or disturbingly dumb fans” …….. Can’t believe u haven’t yet being moderated by mr admin ….such worthless insolence to fans whom you may not even be better than

  3. How much longer do we have to put up with Wenger I for one am tired of seeing Arsenal hang on to someone who has passed his prime we are 6th for crying out loud we haven’t challenged for the title in a very long time we are miles behind the big teams which is why the Southhamptons, West Hams of this world are on the same level as us come on now enough is enough

  4. even with dis injury hit squad I don’t believe dat we cnt make it into the top four.we have to and…. yes we can.pls don’t raise our hopes by posting big names…let dem join and den surprise us.

  5. Wenger loves to keep us in suspense… I just pretend that the transfer market is only 10 days, the last 10 days of Jan… This is the only time we see some movement (if any) in the transfer market from Wenger!

    1. @kia_SA
      well waiting for the last day doesn’t always work…remem wat Mou did when Wenger wanted D Ba on last day…Plus an early transfer would’ve helped a new guy to settle in…

      1. Yeah I’m not agreeing with it, its just how Wenger does it. I’m a big fan of how other clubs (such as City) get their business done early. The longer you dwell on a deal, the more complicated it gets…

  6. I don’t really comment on this site but when I do,I make it a standpoint to be on the fence. A simple question to everyone out there,even while we were the all conquering team in the EPL,wenger still did not buy players,why?
    I’ll say wenger is the type of manager who does not like messing up with the rhythm of a team. I know we don’t have the best squad right now,but I believe with this squad (and with a little bit of luck),we can get to 4th this season,and probably get to the semi final of the UCL. While retaining our cup trophy. I believe we need some new signings,even wenger has that belief but with the exception of mid-table and smaller teams,which top club in europe has significantly added to their squad depth as at this moment. Let’s take the chill pill a bit. Let’s not expect top name signings like we are in FIFA15. If (and a big if) we end up getting the fans choices,let’s applaud the manager. If we don’t,let’s resent him a bit but still be the 12th man on the pitch for our players. Arsenal for one,Arsenal for all. COYG!!!

    1. @flasheyz
      You are right there what top four club has significantly added to their sides?
      well Man united have and Man city have and perhaps chelski may, the fact is we are NOT a top four club at present and the fact also remains that most of the afore mentioned actually don’t NEED to add to their squads due to being very active in previous windows there wont be any activity as there are NO plans to add in this window and its got nothing to do with traditionally NOT buying and everything to do with the “Bargain basement2 mentality that Wenger and the board have always adopted and in todays market your NOT going to get the sort of top notch players we need to actually change for a rock bottom price same old Wenger same old Arsenal

      1. um……u might be wrong …….city’s going for BONY……. They wanna be OverLy okay…… They just strive for perfection!

    2. I was on the fence for so long that birds were nesting on my head,

      We all know AW’ers tactics like he said.. wait and bluff.. on the final hour of the final day of transfer window until a team sells their asset on the cheep if not he will say he tried or there was no one that is right for us or loan a dead beat with injury issues while our competition….well you know the rest.

  7. Usual BS!
    Our Player’s getting loaned out with no one coming in,
    No doubt wenger will bring in some old injured player
    on loan from some teams reserves lol.

  8. Apparently we have an 8 year old centre back on our books that has shown promise!! no need to buy at this stage!!

  9. different clubs have different. needs my friend,you cannot justify our lack of signings by pointing out that other top clubs haven’t strengthened either. We are a club in dire need of defensive signings, have you already forgotten the first half of the season??? are you not aware that we are the club with the worst injury record in the whole of Europe?? Chelsea do not need to strengthen, City are already so far above us and they’re getting Bony,utd and spurs are on the up and have bigger if not better squads.

    So my friend if wenger is waiting for the likes of Chelsea and city to spend so that he can also spend,then am sorry to say that he is dumb as f***

  10. If poldi had played as good has he had communicated on the social media what a player we would have had.What a waste of talent.

  11. You cant escape he fact that Podolski was played rarely and when he was he was played out of position much the same way that Wenger has assembled a squad of players most of which are a talented bunch, but, Wenger has failed to build a team who fit n with each other, we have a midfield that overtly populated with players who al excel in the same role BUT have no solid defensive midfield talent and no options in defence when players have crap periods or are long term injury problems. We have No world class striker which is what ALL teams who are challenging for silverware have and MOST TELLING OF ALL we are not seeking to buy these players in that we lack and are not seeking to rearrange a team that at present is not cutting the mustard. 4TH is NOT A TROPHY!!!!!! AND WHEN YOU ARE A CLUB THAT CHARGES THE PROCES WE DO THE CURRENT SITUATION IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!!!! our manager is tactically inept and has no idea of who to buy whenever the price is too high (quibbling over half a million for a 17 year old polish kid, really???) iTS NOT GOOD ANOUGH, WE ARE THE MIGHTY ARSENAL AND THIS BEHAVIOUR IS BOTH EMBARRESSING AND BENIETH US.

    1. We should be called the Deja Vu Club
      because its the same comments every transfer window and same comments every week, We just don’t have the balls to unite and force the necessary action, which is option 1) force Wanger out or option 2) demand necessary players in one Voice.. both wont happen so sit back and live in stress or it could be that Goners get our kicks from AKB v AOB we don’t need outside competition.

  12. come on, we all know wenger in Jan, he won’t spend the money. reason is he won’t spend is because any decent player will cost 15-20% more than normal, hence he will get some cheap loan deal to compromise

    i just find it amazing that we constantly compromise ourselves, when we are now in a position to pay for top talent, and we have the money to do so.

    but lets not forget wenger is one of the reasons we can attract top talent, hence the reason i just don’t understand why he won’t buy in where required.

    DM is being vulnerable for a long time, why on earth hasn’t he found a replacement for this area.

  13. Same old sh1t..

    Wenger please leave.

    Your ideas are prehistoric (training & preparation is years behind what is required in the modern game).

    Your ability to create a cohesive and well functioning team and squad of suffecient depth and quality is not adequate.

    Your man management, rotation and tactical abilities (formation/system & selection) are poor.

    Your repeated lethargy in the transfer market is disgraceful.

    Your blindness to what is needed to strengthen the team in order for them to challenge is incredible.

    Everyone including pass managers, loyal past AFC players, pundits and most football fans (AFC and other) can see the glaringly obvious holes in our team and club but you cannot.

    you are now and have been for some time incompetent and ineffective in your role as manager. Your saving grace is that the suites at AFC are getting paid handsomely and do not care about whether you deliver the TOP prizes on the field as long as the UEFA Champions also ran fund is secured by finishing 4th.

    Your time has come!

  14. It’s stressful this, I need a fag! I wonder if Schezney has any spare?
    Wenger confirms this happened in the shower room, WS what a twat!

    We need to lose some of the boys in this squad and get in some men!

  15. Wenger denies all the defensive linked players
    He denies Isco
    Guys stop this BS we are a Mid table club the dark days are coming I promise next year will be worse, we will be playing in the Eufa tin pot trophy on Thursday and we will be 10-11 th in the league and wenger will still be here

  16. What in the history of Wenger has made anyone think he is going to buy a quality player in January?

    Serious question because this happens every year and it gets worse not better!!!!!!!!!!

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