Comedy of errors is last straw for Wenger

Classical comedy display from Wenger once again!‏ by KM

It goes without saying that Arsenal are beaten at the Britannia again! And again we are beaten by our own managers inability to manage a top side football club. The mistakes at the defense do not need to be commented.

No keeper, no defenders, nothing. Koscielny will leave in the summer. He’s the only player in our defense that is reliable and he’ll be snapped by a top club like Bayern. We are shambolic in defense.

Up front we don’t do very good either. We are wasteful, we miss chances and we get punished. Giroud should’ve leveled the score with a free header, Sanchez hit the bar when he could’ve walked in with the ball and to top it off Chambers got sent off.

I cannot go too hard on the lad. He wasn’t suppose to be the one making our defense work in the first place and he plays every other game on a different position. We put in Campbell at added time and the Podolski sub again happened after the 60th minute.

We should be working on the contract of a new manager right now. Wenger has to be sacked at the end of the season. But it won’t happen. maybe finishing 8th won’t be that bad, maybe it will make Kroenke sell to Usmanov and we might just start to move forward. This all just a dream though.

What i hope for this season is that the fans who are lucky enough to be at the emirates boo Wenger and the board. I wish that the “Wenger Out” songs become a law at the Emirates set by the fans. He simply has to go.

Enough is Enough! Wenger OUT!


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  1. Its funny that other teams crawl back after going 3 or 4 goals down against us like the newcastle 4-4 and anderlecht game but we can’t do it againt other teams Bayern 1-2 and ac milan 0-3 game when we needed extra goal to send the ties into extra time and today against stoke, its just something terrible about this club, I’m sure if it had been the other way round the game would have ended 3-3 after arsenal leading 3-0 at half time

    1. On Judgement day, i will wear my Arsenal jersey, scarf and kits just to convince God that i’ve really been through heLL………..

    2. Boy had to stretch his back……. Coming on to the pitch…….. He’s sat for way too Long ====> i mean JOEL CAMPBELL

  2. Didn’t watch the game but knew this would happen and that’s the whole problem for the last decade. It’s all so predictable under Mr Arsene Wenger. Teams have a gaurantees blueprint to beat us. The squad glance is pathetic and Wenger’s go out and express yourself vision is just an utter joke.

    Still we are left with a man with Mafia like status at arsenal who has very thick skin and is going nowhere.

    It’s so sad watching this unfold.

  3. Yes, cary c, it´s only Wenger mafia like status, who to blame. He is the North Korean Kim Jong-un of Arsenal, a dictator who does not care about people if they die for hunger (=us fans, who have a hunger for trophies). Excellent example is that he has decided who is going to be the next Arsenal manager. He goes to all games with same tacticks, opposite teams do not EVEN have to watch a video how do we play, before they play against us, he causes injuries, ´cause he has his favourite players who he doesn´t rotate, and overplays them in wrong positions. His training methods are from 2005, football has changed after that. EVERY team is using (at least a deasant) DMP, our versions are Arteta, 2 glaslegs Willshre and Diaby and the worse, Flamini. We, the Arsenal are in the crises situation and we the loyal fans and the team need a change so Wenger OUT and today. HE CAN´T GIVE ANYTHING NEW TO THE TEAM OR US FANS, that is why he must go. We need a fress start with a new face, who is hungry for succes, not a 4th place average performer, who will take all the money from the fans, like Wenger.

    1. @Jippi,

      I agree with you very much. Everyone wonders why arsenal players injured so much. Like you said it’s because he has favourites, irrespective of form , fitness they will be played and consequently they get injured. Another factor is because he loves nimble, quick footballers who are more susceptible to injuries due to style and sprinting requirements. He basically tried to copy Barcelona framework.

      He is a sad old man living in the past. He makes me angry. Sorry

      1. Right on, we need to stop this tiki taka sh…t every team knows, even further a Russian TV commentator was frustrated watching our boys unsuccessfully trying to score after 10 passes inside the Box from the middle.
        GIROUD is no Messi (far from it), Welbeck is not Neymar….BUT they have other skills strong presence for Example, Height (last two goals from each) we need to exploit these skills and not having them do short passes inside the Box because they suck at it

  4. When we defend well we usually win when we don’t we usually lose. We need a defender that says I want that guy. Yesterday Peter Crouch got his head on a ball over 4 Arsenal players. We have a player his size but not around the player. If we get a player that can say “you are not getting near the goal today” then our wins would go up twofold.

    1. Except the malaise is a collective one. When we defend as a team we usually win and it shouldn’t take a new world class CDM or CB (no matter how welcome) for the rest to put the requisite effort out.

  5. It is always painful to face the reality.

    Alexis already shown sign of fatigue, see when he will get injured. Lousy rotation by Wenger. Same set of players every game. It is even more exhausted for people to watch than the players on the field.

  6. Just my opinion, arsenal training methods are shi*. Why all our players got injuries problems, especially those with arsenal longer. We got many young players, over the years they were injured all the time. Walcott, ox, wilshere, Ramsey, gibb and now ozil also start to get injuries probe. Sanchez, chamber, all will soon too(not I wish). I think our young players just not physically well grown but was put to play physical game too soon.

    About our corners and free kick, did any body saw how bad we are. We can’t defend nor take advantage of corners and free kick.

    1. Come to think about it why Mert is not, when did we see him out? Maybe he is making too much effort on not getting injured than how to defend.

  7. Joke is,the If the 2 bad misses by Giroud and Sanchez are put away we win.
    Also Gibbs couldn’t tackle my granny.

    1. We just can’t depend on if. If the 4-0 counted we may get spank more. I remember not long ago in one of the match, the same scenario goal was counted.

  8. It’s because of results like this that we are all Arsenal fans. If it was just a matter of buying lots of good players and winning everything easily, then we’d be City or Chelsea fans! It is because Arsenal do it differently that we get so hooked…. can they or can’t they succeed even with all the hurdles they put in front of themselves. Intermittent reinforcement is a powerful psycological driver.

    They stuffed up yet again. So much so that it will suck all the joy out of their next win as we’ll just be relieved they didn’t suck again. Then the next win will feel OK, then we’ll really start believing on the win after that, and just as we get our confidence back, Sanchez will do a hamstring, or the Ox will move to City or Wenger will buy an injured CD who is 5’3″…… and we’ll all moan and groan about the injustice of it all…. and be back willing them to win next time.

  9. Damage limitation? Spuds and the scousers drawing, Toffees getting beat.Top 4 here come.
    And if you think lm satisfied, think again.

  10. I watched an interesting documentary on SKY the other day about one of the greatest American football coaches ever – Tom Landry from the Dallas Cowboys. The similarities with Wenger were uncanny — seen as an innovator, longest streak of winning seasons in NFL history but when he got into his mid sixties it was widely believed that the game had passed him by and his players no longer responded to him. It took a change in ownership for Landry to be fired. Half the fans were furious, the other overjoyed, Dallas won the Super Bowl within two years and Landry now has a statue outside the stadium and his legend status is secure. It’s worth a watch, just squint your eyes and muffle your ears and think of Wenger every time you see Landry.

  11. I think alto of people need to have a look back at the game yes we should never have conceded 3 goals to stoke but the ref was poor they should definitely have had at least 2 players sent off Adam should have gone and crouch wasn’t jumping for balls he was continuously climbing players we were being pulled and shoved by numerous stoke players but poor chambers gets the softest red card ever……….I cant stress enough we need a fit koss and another great cb he did everything against southhampton and mert just headed and gave them the ball back i like mert he has good character but the boss should be our captain and have someone who can share the workload next to him not covering for everyone else chambers is great but has been thrown in to many games ……..

  12. When will the rest of you thick deluded AKB wan$ers realise it doesnt matter if we beat Liverpool or Tottenham here and there, we will always always always fall short with Wenger.


  13. We are going to face the flying Newcastle, watching them vs Chelsea, they defend the first 30 mins than they start to get confident and try to play Chelsea. I find it quite a good game plan.

  14. We play like a team who think we can neglect defending as a unit because we are so good going forward!!
    The truth is we are not that good going forward to neglect defending properly.
    Mertesacker got bossed by Crouch!
    Only annoying thing about yesterday was I had Stoke to win 2-1 on the super 6.

  15. First half Mathew was being taken to School time and time again but AW still had him in 2nd half. Thing is after 20 min AW should have made a change but AGAIN no. It’s far to much now over n over again. He can’t see things that fans do

  16. Arsenal fans , all we do is to talk and write without action . Just look at man u and what they did to moyes. Enjoy watching the old freaking face of wenger for the nxt 2 years . Haha

    1. I agree @Evans. How about we launch a drone with Wenger Out like the Serbia Albania game. Perhaps we could fly it straight at Wenger and see him catch he flag.

    2. On point @ evans….Arsenal fans got no balls all dey do is rant like hungry babies..If u don’t like what is at hand what will u do? Its simple make ways to change it…wy won’t d board take d fans for a ride when same fans rush to buy ticket, merchandise etc boycott matches n see what will happen but dsame fans will run to emirate to watch trash football now one will protest or bring banner to match”””I made a suggestion some weeks back u should go in groups what ever will b d out come let it be…if d board falls to act leave emirate for them n watch the matches at home from ur big screen……Wenger out… Why no do a day protest…..I don’t moment again bcos its dsame shit every day am fed up…am done watching game till change is done..its my hard earn money n I won’t spend it on jokes like wenger n his shit board

  17. I watched the highlight yesterday when I got home from work, Mr arsene is a confused ,and I think he’s an enemy of arsenal progress as it is now,as far as I’m concerned Wenger is not under pressure to win major titles,it’s a shame he can’t even win champions league as a big he claims he is,

  18. Wenger is being found out for a lack of tactical awareness and defensive organisation. I honestly believe if Klopp had this team we could be challenging Chelsea. We have some quality players who need direction on how to defend as a team and to attack with pace and purpose. Players have lost respect for Wenger he is not getting the most from them.

    Why is Jenkinson out on loan, if anyone can answer that I would love to know?

  19. Wenger must know that you can’t use the same tactics that made you lose games n expect results…. Stoke is always going to bully n rough up our players,,, why not tell them to toughen up a bit,, wait n see what they are ging to throw at you then decide how u going to play….. Plunging into a game like a blind mice is dangerous n Wenger,, (I pitty his wife),, will kill himself coz of heart failure and/ stress…. Respect your fans Wenger,, you are not in North Korea,,, dictatorship is not going to tek the club anywhere… See your shortcomings, accept them, fix them, enjoy football again…..

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