Communication was the key to Arsenal’s win at Leicester

Communication key to Arsenal win over Leicester!

In recent times Arsenal have been guilty of a complete lack of communication on the pitch between players.

But today I saw a lot of communication and understanding between the players. Even those without the armband on it was nice to see the control and the way they were telling each other what to do and where to go, without having to rely on Arteta to do as much.

This is the sort of thing we want to see as Arsenal fans, well I know I do! Even 1-0 down they didn’t let their heads drop and get angry, they continued to probe and continued to communicate which for me is a big thing that is needed in a club.

Times have been hard for Arsenal but performances and character like what we have seen in the past three days is more like what we want to see. That fight and determination not to give up and that belief that we will win no matter the scoreline.

And the key to both performances was communication between players and knowing what each has to do and want to do!

Now we can’t look back to the games we have lost we can only look forward and although this season may come just a little too late for a title challenge, if this is a glimpse of what is going to come next season then I for sure can’t wait! Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. The real key was taking advantage of a very poor and timid Leicester performance…I watched them on Thursday too and they were incredibly sloppy and wasteful against a weaker Prague side that shut them out in a must-win Europa game

  2. TRVL, the injury toll on Leicester City cannot be discounted, given the number and profile of the players they were missing like Madison. However, as the truism goes you can only play what is in front of you.
    As for Shenel’s comment on “communication”, there was certainly room for great improvement, thankfully made, after the diabolical defending in the first 6 minutes to go 1-0 down.

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