Compare our Arsenal players with……Bayern Munich (combined team)

Many people, including fans and pundits, deem our squad to be a million miles away from the elite forces of Europe.
There are three current clubs given the title of Europe’s best, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid. So how far away or how close are we until we can be deemed capable to be equal to these top sides? I am going to do a comparison between each of the three, starting with Bayern Munich….

Bayern Starting XI
Lahm Boateng Martínez Alaba
Xabi alonzo Vidal
Robben Götze Muller

How do these players compare to Arsenal?
Neuer v Cech – These are the two world’s best keepers. But Neuer is Number One so Cech loses his spot to him.
Bellerin v Lahm – while Bis a very talented youngster, Lahm is more versatile and more experienced and that gives him the edge over our young Spaniard

Centre back comparisons.- Koscielny comes out better in terms of movement and reading the game while Boateng comes on top in terms of vision and aggressiveness. Koscielny and Boateng get the nod.
Monreal v Alaba – While Monreal is rated highly in this department, the young man Alaba come impressively on top.
He’s the best in this position. So he’s better than Monreal.
Xavi Alonso v Coquelin – Coquelin Comes better in all the defensive departments while Xavi Alonzo is a more creative. In comparison Coquelin is suited more in this department. He comes out on top in my opinion.
Vidal v Cazorla – Vidal scores more goals and takes more defensive actions but then Cazorla gets more involved in the game than him and is more creative. Cazorla is world class in his position so this gives him the edge over Vidal.
Götze v Ozil – Ozil is a creative world-class masterclass. He has better vision, Though Götze scores more, Ozil is better and has the upper hand.
The forward line – Muller, Lewandowski and Robben v Giroud, Walcott and Sanchez.
Sanchez, Lewandowski and Robben get the edge here due to their quality, talent and contribution.

Combined team
Lahm Koscielny Boateng Alaba
Coquelin Cazorla
Robben Ozil Sanchez

Overall Bayern have the advantage, but then they do over most teams in the world!



  1. I don’t think that Cazorla is better than Alonso to be honest. Since he left Liverpool Alonso has been consistently magnificent and always at top teams….

  2. What for? We are done with them for now. Talk about Barcelona. Okay, maybe we’ll meet them again in the final.

    1. Yes correct, no point talking about Bayern right now. We need to win against Barcelona and i believe if we can curb their front 3 even to 50% we have a good chance of going through. Lets beat them at home with a clean sheet and we are in with a shout.

  3. I’m afraid I have better things to do like…….
    Celebrating the exit of the greater Portuguese gob from ou premier league. Once again he has tainted our league on a daily basis. Open the windows and let some fresh air in and everybody take a deep breath and hopefully have a good Xmas.
    Play our cards right and we may have our best Xmas present come the end of the season.
    Merry Xmas everybody.

  4. haha seems no one wants to be compared with the big guns.We always refer to most of our players world class.No one wants to be compared to bayern.Okay.
    lol guys these are among the teams to beat if we are to win the ucl.Unless none of you have hopes for the ucl.Anyways from the look of things i can see our chances are minimal

  5. I like these comparing Articles and glad admin did Bayern as we are miles off them in quite a few dept… RB,CB,LB,ST,RW… rest i can sort of agree with! Bellerin will be brilliant so were okay there, Per will be replaced soon with a quality CB so we know that, LB is a hard one thats a main one maybe end of next season as Nacho be 31 but we have Gibbs and tbh nes cover, ST will be sorted this summer and hopefully RW can be taking care of in 2/3weeks time in the window!

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