Comparing Arsene Wenger with Klopp and Ancelotti (FACTS!)

Two of the best coaches around are free, for someone else to take ’em of course‏! by Konstantin

Good day, good people of the Arsenal world. The summer transfer window has already dropped two of it’s biggest transfer bombs, despite everyone pretty much knowing what was gonna happen. Carlo Ancelotti was sacked by Real Madrid, after winning them 4 trophies in their first season and none in their second.

Astonishing really, when you consider that both fans and players wanted him to stay. The Premier league on the other hand is in desperate need of more quality managers and Arsenal do need one too, but we’re looking unlikely to go for the italian tactician, because we’ll never sack Wenger.

People on this site keep throwing abuse when you tell them that Wenger needs to go, but because people always say that I make things up I decided to put up some statistics of what Arsene has achieved in 10 years compared to other managers in other clubs.

I already mentioned why Ancelotti got sacked, after 4 trophies in 2 years. Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid has won the La Liga title (in a league including Barcelona and Real Madrid). The Copa del Rey, the Spanish super cup as well as the Europa League, the UEFA super cup, and managed a final of the CL lost in the last second. Arsenal FC is valued at $1,307million according to Forbes while Atletico Madrid is valued at $436M.

Now, we are financially outdoing them in every aspect. We have a better stadium, better finances and still we’ve not won the title in 10 years, and haven’t played a CL final in almost 10 years as well. The situation is similar with Dortmund valued at $700M, who managed two Bundesliga titles with a team like Bayern in the league, a DFB-Pokal, 2 supercups and a CL final again lost in the last minute.

Of course the AKBs will be back with a bang with statements based on pressured air, but statistically Arsenal is much better suited to win trophies and compete with the others. For years we were complaining how we cannot compete with City because we don’t have money, but it turns out money isn’t the biggest problem after all is it?

And the latest example of course comes from this years CL finalist Juventus, who already won a double this year, they made it 4 straight league titles 8 years after being sent down to Serie B. Their biggest acquisition last summer was young Alvaro Morata bought for round 15 million pounds.

Juventus is valued at $837 M, which again is almost a staggering 500 millions less than what we are, but they can do it. They changed a Juve favorite Conte with Alegri and they look tactically aware enough to play in the CL final, even though they play in a championship like Serie A where the top teams are in shambles. And last but not least, they moved to a new stadium, if that’s your excuse.

And of course Arsene Wenger’s record against the top 10 teams in England sees two wins, two draws and 5 defeats. I don’t need to add the 4+ goals defeats of last season + Milan + United and so on. Please don’t make me go on the injuries record, but I’ll just say that even this season we are in the top two.

So please, spare me the excuses. Put against all actual evidence, we more often than not find ourselves more than 10 points behind the champions in the final league table. If Ancelotti is taking a year off, we need to make sure, the moment he returns it will be on the Arsenal bench.

And, sadly for all the AKBs, that doesn’t make me less of an Arsenal fan. I love the club as much as any of you out there, but I love Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger. While he’s been a true great for this club, he’s past his best, and even if he secures another FA cup, he’ll not win us the CL trophy nor the League title. 18 attempts – 1 final, 11 years since his last league title and counting.

The biggest transfer of them all will be the manager. We need to be prepared, because Ancelotti and Klopp are available.


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    1. Whats the fa cup final got to do with it.If hes got to go he has to go,an i believe we won’t win another major trophy with Wenger in charge,the best you can argue is that we shouldn’t say anything becos of the cup final?, rubbish

      1. True goon , you believe we won’t win another major trophy under wenger? Your gunna look fairly foolish on Saturday then

        1. @Justin, i don’t believe the fa cup to be a major trophy,im talking about the League and the CL mate.Just goes to show we’re thinking on different levels

          1. The Fa cup is the biggest and most famous domestic cup competition in world football , if you don’t rate it as a major trophy then it’s not not me and you thinking on different levels, it’s you and the footballing world .

            1. Dont be delusional Justin, nobody gives a damn about the FA cup, it is the League or the CL, the FA cup can be won by anybody Wigan and Portsmouth won it in the last 10 years for god’s sake how big of a deal can it be?

              I agree it is better to have it then not, but I would rather win the league once every 3-4 years than win the FA cup every year.

      2. You’re Forgetting how Versatile this league is, Those guys performed well in leagues whereby the top 4 teams where different class Economically and Player wise from any one outside that top 4. BE REALISTIC FOR Second just bare in mind we have teams like Southampton, Palace, Spuds, Swansea, Everton, Liverpool all capable of getting a top four position or potentially winning the league all have significant spending power to get top class players, to assume any of the managers would be good based on stats is fantasy. Let me use an age old saying “CAN THEY WIN ON A RAINY DAY AGAINST STOKE”

          1. You hate Wenger with such passion then you shoot all your views down with a single comment (not that any of your comments are worth reading). But what’s separated us from the likes of Totenham and Everton and the other mid table clubs over the last 10 years? The idea that were arsenal and we should be winning things? Spending money is the key to winning and arsenal have had the financial power of a mid table club. Like your saying its a FACT these clubs can’t win the premier league then it’s been a fact that Arsenal can’t win the league. Some of these mid table clubs have massively out spent us we’ve been punching above our weight thanks to Wenger for years. If he can do that on a small budget now there’s money he can win anything.

            1. r u telling me what i think?i don’t Wenger at all,i hate what hes doing to Arsenal,making us stand still,we got 7 less points this year even wit te addition of Sanchez.fact

          2. Im Just pin pointing a fact that the financial capability of the sides in the premier league is a lot different to the ones in Bundasliga or La Liga i cant see a side outside the top 4 of wither of those leagues spending 60 plus million a season on players, point being the calibre of their players isn’t anywhere near that of Premier league players. BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY!!!

            1. Only a Moron can fail to get Real Madrid in the top 4, if you Have Real Madrid’s side, I think even Pardew can manage to finish second in La liga. Its not really difficult, they have given the man a Nuclear Bomb whilst two thirds of the league are fighting with spears.

      3. Fact, Dortmund finished 7th in Bundesliga after loosing just 2 star players from their team and lets be honest here you only have one team to beat in Bundesliga.
        Fact, Arsenal have lost countless players over the past 10 years TH14, RVP, Fabregas just for starters and still managed the consistency of Top 4, one CL final,1 FA Cup and 2 league cup finals.
        Fact, Real Madrid spent £225m under Ancelotti in last two years and we are not considering only major trophies, he only won one.
        Fact, Arsenal spent net £9m before 2014 in 10 years.
        Fact, Juventus play in Seria A. Do I really need to say any more. I would say their biggest achievement is CL final this season.
        You can twist the stats whichever way you want. One has to consider the circumstance under which the club was operating and I would say a lot of managers would struggle to achieve what Wenger has managed with Arsenal.

  1. Your comparing all the ones you want to compare, what about the ones who have not won… there are more of those. Also you say now we have huge resources but then you still put the time frame on ten years, stop trying to make the stats fit.

    I could make fit juve have one CL final in ten years and so do Arsenal. Juve have been the wealthiest team in Italy for ten years, Arsenal have never been the wealthiest and up until two seasons ago where mid table spenders and feeder club.

    Dortmund have one terrific season to boast, Arsenal have an Invincible season to boast and two recent FA cup finals… next.

    One team i am a little envious of right now… is liv, say what you want but they have terrific fans. I would love to send the wobs packing in exchange for a few of their lot.

    1. You will find no such fans on justarsenal. This site is a fu cking click bait just to attract micro transactions. If you don’t have the means to sustain such a site then why the fu ck bother? Greed?

        1. JustArsenal is a business, and they are trying to make a quid or two while giving Arsenal fans a place to vent their frustrations and shoot the shit. If you dont like it go somewhere else.

    2. not to mention the fact that not only will Dortmund not be playing in Europe next season, now that Klopp is gone, there could be a mass exodus of all the top players at the club..
      what do you make of that Konstantin?

  2. It doesn’t matter what the value of Arenal as a club is or what’s Atletico Madrid & Dortmund are. Congratulations too them they’ve done very well in recent years but they’ve been able to invest more money into there squads than arsenal. Clubs like Aston Villa have spent more money than arsenal in transfers over the last 10 years yet we outperform them and many other clubs year in year out. Wenger’s last 10 years the challenges have been completely different than the challenges at other clubs. He’s a unique manager who’s massively overachieved but there is no other comparison. The last few years to some might not be regarded as successful but probably have been some of the toughest and I think we’ve come through them reasonably well I think we could have seriously dropped off the map in recent years and now we’re much stronger. He’s sacrificed a lot for arsenal & could have easily moved somewhere like Real Madrid took over a billion pound squad & Been given the backing to go out and spend a lot more. Don’t say he hasn’t he’s a far better manager than Pellegrini & potential Benitez. Yet he chose to see a project through. Judge what he does in the next few years in terms of trophies & write him off all you want he’s still a top manager.

    This is stolen from someone’s Twitter account but it shows a lot.
    Net Sped 2005-Present
    Man City £580m
    Real £522m
    Barca £336m
    Chelsea £335m
    Man Utd 303m
    B.Munich £233m
    Arsenal £42m

  3. I stopped reading further than the name of the author. I’ve read his previous article and immediately regretted it. Don’t wanna be going through similar feelings again…

  4. Konstantinos, you say your as big a supporter as the rest of us ? A real supporter does not try to constantly destabilise the club he loves wether you love or hate Wenger his loyalty to Arsenal has been second to none he could have gone to Real Madrid or psg when there was no money and our best players were running for the hills , instead he kept us in the champions league every year and is now using the money to add world class players and we’re just on the verge of back to back fa cups (all going well) and real optimism about the title next year and you want to replace Him with one of two managers who have just been sacked, Ancelotti failed to win anything with the most expensive squad in world football and klopp who was fighting relegation for most of the season! Be careful what you wish for or are you really a spud?

      1. Destabilise the club????? jesus you AKB’s are unning out of time and excuses Im not a Wenger out man per sey but jesus you AKB’s ae really brainwashed your like the ISIS of football lol

        1. @OZZY AFC
          Using “you AKB’s” twice, in a four line rant makes you a Wenger out man by proxy…

    1. Oh grow the F@ck up!!! destabilize the club??? are you having a laugh??? GOOD GOD MAN!!! I suppose AW and Ivan Gazidis and Stan Kroenke have just read this article and scurried away screaming about how they now need to rethink their respective FA Cup and transfer strategies.
      Really? articles like this just rile all you AKB’s and you know what ? regardless of if the stats are correct or not, that’s a good thing. We are NOT the club we were and its irrelevant as to if its AW’s fault or the board or Fifa or whatever it boils down to this, Arsene should either come out and say that he’s controlled by the board or he should say NO its me. We all of us know that we need a beast of a striker brought in this summer but will we?? will we F@ck and that’s either the boards fault or Wenger’s and if its the former AW should say if its he’s fault he needs to go and that’s the end of it!!!!! Destabalise the club!!! jeeeesus!!!!!

  5. Im not an AKB but if it happens that we win the A.F cup and win the bpl title.i say retire on the high…pep,klopp and ancelotti will be availabe and we should take the like arsenal to dominate manu,mancity,chelsea and liverpool…i dont even count spurs they are sh*t

  6. Premier League is a different Kettle of Fish, Some succeed whilst others fail.

  7. Did you notice that for an article labelled comparing Wenger to Klopp and Ancelotti, Klopp is only mentioned in the last line of the whole article???
    The only clear idea is that you dislike Wenger. I don’t share the same feeling but I respect your point.
    Wenger and Arsenal are not perfect. Other clubs and other managers might have been better.
    But comparing final results of the clubs in a very messy article is far from being enough to conclude Wenger is done, has to be sacked…
    And final remark: what did Klopp and Ancelotti win this year ? Aren’t they done too?

    1. i don’t except your assumption that the writer doesn’t like Wenger he just thinks its his time to step down after nearly 20years.An maybe the reason the Klopp is only mentioned is because the author is leaning more towards Ancelotti,an who would blame him,out of the 2 Ancelotti is the 1 who is clearly superior to Wenger.I don’t think many people would dispute hes in the top 3 managers in the world along with Mourinho and Guardiola,and he also has premier league experience

      1. When the author writes “I love Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger”, it is more than an assumption he doesn’t like Wenger…
        Ancelotti is a great manager, but it doesn’t excuse the fact the article is poor and with no relation with the title.

  8. The nice thing is that you can do anything with statistics. Wenger will go, make no mistake about that. Then we will probably see who is right. On the other hand, we may end up being bought by an oil sheikh and then he could bring anyone to lead a team bought for one billion and end up winning UCL.
    You compare Real Madrid, the greatest club in football, a club with unlimited resources with Arsenal. Only the attacking line cost more than all Arsenal team, ffs, Bale costs more than Ozil and Sanchez put together. Of course Ancelotti should be sacked when he has these resources at his disposal and fail to bring ANY trophy. Same happens with Tata Martino last year. And don’t give me Klopp as an example, this guy chickened out when the club released the best players. Wenger at least stood and fought for the Big 4 league, he could have been gone coaching any club in this world. No one will ask Simeone to resign after failing to win any trophy this year in a much weaker league (according with Mourinho) because they are also short on resources. Personally I would like to see Wenger finishing his contract here. But for the fans cheering fro Arsenal since 2006 I would like to see him gone, Ramsey sold, Wilshere, Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud released just so that they go and support a team like Chelsea or City. These guys don’t deserve players like above.

    1. How did Klopp chicken out? he made sure the team were safe,he finished a respectable 7th after being bottom for much of the season.Then he stepped down so he could take on another challenge.Your just talking rubbish about Klopp to justify your delusion over Wenger

      1. 7th? in a league where there are basically 2 teams? Is like you competing alone on a 100m race and you finish second. I don’t care if Wenger stays or go, I support Arsenal for almost 30 years now so I have seen other people in the club being shown the door. Coincidence or not, none of them were as capable as Wenger.

        1. im confused wat r u talking about?i asked you how did Klopp chicken out?you still havent told me

          1. You late on the news, aren’t you? OK, let me refresh your memory : Klopp is leaving at the end of the season. Dortmund will sell its bets players so Klopp decided to leave. That’s OK but here is where you draw the line and stop compare Wenger with Klopp. One dedicated his life to Arsenal, the other one to something else. Definitely not Dortmund and definitely not Arsenal.
            You understand now? I can draw you a picture as well if you can’t read. Just let me know.

            1. hold up thats rubbish,they have already sold their best players,Gotze 2 seasons ago and Lewandowski last season.So i repeat wat r u talking about?how did he chicken out?

      2. @true goon
        They won the league in 2011/12. Then came in second the following years. Only to end up a”respectable” 7th this year. In a league dominated by 1 team, I call that “respectable” regression…Not rubbish talk.

      3. pretty sure he announced his step down when they were still in or close to the relegation zone and after that they managed to scratch out a 7th.

  9. this article is a work of art! pure pure brilliance! I fully support everything the author says..Wenger must be pushed aside for this club to move forward.He is the stumbling block that has been holding us back and he wilp forever hold us back until he’s minted enough millions from us. I mean after 18 years at arsenal just what exactly is he still trying to accomplish. away with him! He should give a chance to other managers, younger, hungrier, meaner, trickyier to drive us forward.

  10. @Konstantin,Thank you 4 your honest an frank articles,we don’t get alot of sense in the articles on here but you a starting to counter balance alot of the delusion

  11. I believe the biggest reason this is a biased statement is the status of other English teams and the English league. In England we are the 4th most wealthy club with City and Chelsea also having financial backers who pour additional money into the club. When you consider this it means that we cannot (or will not) add additional funds to the club from non-club areas so what we have is what we have. Chelsea and City can always rely on an additional cash injection if needed. The other club bigger than us is Man Utd who are worth well over 2 times our club. That tells me we cannot compete in terms of spending power at all and have to spend wise instead of big to succeed. With our financial restraints up until the last 2 years, this has been even more polarized so realistically we CANNOT compete financially.

    Not being the big boy does not make us incapable of success though. It would be laughing in the face of evidence to say a smaller club cannot win the championship at the expense of a bigger earner when you can reference Atletico. While this was a one off, it is not correct to disregard the evidence that it is possible. Still, the points tally that year was considerably less (90 is the lowest winning points total in the last 5 seasons) and displays that Barca and Madrid had poor seasons as much as Atletico had a good one. You can still say that a smaller club should be able to get in amongst the big boys though and the PL certainly hasn’t had 1 team of the quality of Barca or Madrid the last couple years, so why aren’t we up there?

    There are lots of reasons you could give for Arsenal’s struggles, but it’s most certainly not as simple as “the manager isn’t good enough”. To name a few additional struggles: we have to compete with the richest league in the world where every team has money and isn’t begging for transfers of their best players to fund themselves (8/20 of the highest valued teams), we have a poor injury record that is being addressed, we have far fewer homegrown talents in our league, the overall league quality is higher even if the highest teams are not of the quality of other top teams, selling of our best players during the past decade has lead to a lack of momentum and yes, there has been times where our manager got it wrong.

    SO do we sack Wenger for another manager who COULD do better? You use Juve as an example where they haven’t got all the positives and yet are successful…but as the biggest Italian club who only got relegated because of a MATCH FIXING SCANDAL you must be kidding to think they’re not already big boys. The thing is they are in a champions league final because they have a quality team that is streaks ahead of other italian competition. Arguably the poor competition at home means they can prepare better for the CL and this can be a factor for their success.

    Look, we could replace Wenger but it does not equal to suddenly winning titles. It equals change and that could be good or bad but most notably has no overall definite positive or negative because Wenger has achieved what is expected of a hamstrung Arsenal. Now if we see no improvement next season, yes, he should go. This season has ended up showing a minor improvement but also highlighted flaws. If these are not rectified then yes, we should look to new management. But seriously, we’re not Real Madrid and sacking a coach for not winning is just downright dumb and sacking a coach if he is winning trophies is even stupider. A little more patience is needed because I hope I’ve shown the evidence is not as conclusive as you think as to other teams becoming resurgent in other leagues. I think 1 more year is the final litmus for if Wenger can cut it or not.

    1. In my Humble opinion it boils down to this Wenger has been a magnificent manager over the years he HAS without doubt been soley responsible for revolutionising the EPL, he made our club a force in worldwide football and created the legendary 49 unbeaten squad. The man should be lauded with praise and he will be or at least should be recognised as the most important man the club has even employed. However he is also now a man who has NOT moved with the times and he is a puppet of a board who consider 4th spot to be a major trophy and while perhaps he is doing a difficult job with his hands tied by the board but if this is the case he need to say so and manage expectations within the fan base. IF he is of the same mindset as the board , and this has yet to be proven either way then he needs to go upstairs or out of the door but whoever we get in his sted will have the same difficulties as AW cos its the board that hold the ultimate reins of responsibility and they are NOT going to change anytime soon. Its lucrative for them its safe for them and its working FOR THEM!!!

  12. There’s no sense in arguing kost, the AKB far outnumber us 2-1 at least. The way i see it is simple, in 2 years their ‘god’ is done at the club and we will have a new man at the helm that will deliver league title and CL glory. I hope for the sake of our club that this man is none other than Pep not ancelloti or klopp both are decent managers but i’m not impressed by them. I think Klopp at arsenal will be the nail on the coffin for loud mouth mourinho and imagine the banter between the two at press conferences. Until then just relax and enjoy the show but don’t expect any major trophies until then given that the majority of the fan base are more than fine with FA cup trophies and community shields lol

    1. Pep will never work for a club with limited resources. In England he will probably go to Chelsea, City or Manure. He at Arsenal come here if the club is guaranteeing him any players he wants. At this moment I fail to see how the board can guarantee him this.

      1. you must be very young. wenger spent 42 on ozil 35 on sanchez and he will buy i think 2 quality players this year. wenger was also quoted as saying the next guy who comes in after me will enjoy something ‘special’ he said. Meaning wenger will lay out the ground work for the next manager to come in and reap the rewards. I hope pep comes in 2 years time with a team that’s all ready for him to go the next step and if he needs to buy a few players of his liking then we have players that can be sold to facilitate those purchases.

          1. Arsene inherited the best defense in the league and Bergkamp. That is a pretty solid inheritance.

            He has also bought every single player playing in this team including reserves, so he has not been very successful building teams from scratch has he?

            10 years without a trophy is simply not good enough, the board might be at fault, Arsene might be at fault, money could have been available and maybe not available, we can agree to disagree on those points.

            But what about tactics, what about the horrific results we suffered against all the top teams? That has nothing to do with the quality of the team r a lack of money, it has to do with a stubborn old fart playing with his stubborn old tactics while the whole world around him was screaming for him to change. And now that he was supremely lucky to have Coquelin turn into a very good DM, are we going to call him a genius for being the last man to see the obvious.

            The losses we have endured in the last 3-4 years no manager of any top team could have kept their job.

      2. @Budd
        Exactly. Pep went to the top team in a 1 team league. He should be at the CL finals after brushing aside the cannon fodder of the Bundesliga.
        Eddie Howe he ain’t…

      3. But this is the argument though Budd mate Im sure most AOB’s would settle and keep quiet IF Wenger was to spend the money ON THE RIGHT PLAYERS and win something of real note, Its not that any of them really want Wenger out they just want to see some value for money after so long and who can blame them really after the way we used to be winning titles here there and everywhere. Ok we’ve been financially tied up in the past but we are far from that now and while we don’t have the money that our competition has we still have far more money than we’ve ever spent and in my opinion when what we needed was a real beast of a striker we go and do what we did with Suarez and Liverpool and then let the Higuain deal slip away thee has to be some blame apportioned somewhere doesn’t there? I mean isn’t the main fundamental aim for a sports team is to win?? or am I mistaken? I realise we’ve been lucky with AW and we’ve achieved some degree of succsess in todays footballing world , but to not move forward when now is the time we can is really down to someone and that someone needs to make amends OR make for the hills because whatever anyone says its not right for a club of the mighty Arsenals stature to not be winning trophies for as many tears as we have not.

  13. Kloop to come in as number 2 for 2 seasons and then replace AW. Things are done in a certain way at Arsenal and we want that to carry on and I would rather win trophies and not buy them

    1. Ozil and Sanchez are proof that we are also looking to buy very talented ready made expensive players. What is the difference between that and Chelsea buying Fab and Costa?

      two teams that have won the title without having the best teams or the biggest budgets have been Atletico and Dortmund, everyone else is buying quality to win it.

      1. The difference was that Chelsea were adding two £30M+ players on the back of 10 years of investment and to team up with their other half dozen £30M acquisitions they already had. We have just bought our first two.

        Atletico 3rd richest team in La Liga – one title in 20 years. Dortmund 2nd richest and 2 titles in 13 years. We need to look for longer term trends not one season teams that buck the trend and then return to normality.

      2. What are you talking about? Athletico spend a lot, it just doesn’t seem like a lot because of Real and Barca. They spend more than the rest in la liga. Dortmund are the second highest spenders in the bundesliga. They’ve had success because they managed to find a few gems and maybe promoted a few. De Gea, Koke and Saul.

        Dortmund bought their entire team including Rues who the rejected and bought back from Gladbach. So to answer your question, the difference is we don’t buy an entire team of expensive players but we build most of stars, meaning we promote or buy unknowns and make then great. We don’t take shortcuts to success

        1. At least they had managers who were able to buck the trendno,they spend what they bring in,i’e they sell a player but buy replacements,Wenger on the otherhand doesn’t replace our top players when they leave

  14. Yep, let’s discuss changing manager a couple of days before we play the FA Cup final. Spoilt brats or what?

  15. This Konstantin dude doesn’t even understand the difference between value and wealth. You can be a business/company with great investment value and little or no cash. Investment value is geared primarily to risk/stability/revenues/debt level/cash reserves. Need to look at revenues to compare the clubs and their respective capabilities in the player markets, both transfers and wages. PL has 14 of the worlds top 30 clubs by revenue in its ranks and 3 of those are above Arsenal and another one not far behind (L’Pool). Bundesliga has 4 of the top 30 and only one above Dortmund. Spain has just 3, Atletico being 3rd and below the big 2. Serie A has 5 in the top 30 with Juve top of the pile.

    Klopp/Simone done well – but not quite miracle workers. Frankly they are about par for the course. Atletico have spent £215M in last 4 seasons, not exactly on a budget.

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