Comparison between possible Arsenal targets Maddison and Grealish

Tactical analysis between Maddison and Grealish

There will be an obvious divide among people who have started reading this article.

One side will believe that Arsenal can land either one of them. While the other half will be certain that both will be unattainable for the team who has missed out on Europe altogether.

But stranger things have happened at Arsenal in the past few summer windows. Thus, it won’t be beyond any realm of imagination that one of them would be starting for the Gunners come the next campaign, especially with the amount the Gunners can raise from player sales.

There has been a huge clamour from Arsenal fans regarding James Maddison as well as Jack Grealish. Fans have come up with their own opinions regarding who would fit in with the current squad.

But let’s make a logical assumption after looking at what the duo will provide to Mikel Arteta’s squad respectively.

Minutes per chance created 2020-21

25 De Bruyne
27 Grealish
33 Bruno Fernandes
33 Hudson-Odoi
33 Mount
35 Ziyech
35 Groß
37 Shaw
39 Alexander-Arnold
39 Barkley
41 Maddison

Arsenal’s best was 43 Ødegaard


The Leicester City man certainly possesses greater threat than his countryman when it comes to shooting. Maddison’s numbers of Total Shots/Shots on Target/Shots from Freekicks/Goals minus xG are at an impressive at 3.17/1.03/0.56/+0.15.

While Grealish’s figures were at a decent 2.02/0.70/0.08/0.07. Maddison clearly is a superior head between the duo in terms of shooting. He is not afraid to take a shot and fairs better when he lets one fly given his positive xG.


Although both are somewhat equivalent players when it comes to basic passing, the Aston Villa star boasts a better option. Grealish, who is expected to start for England against Italy in the Euros Final, stands at 78.5/0.41/0.35/3.42/3.46/2.97 in terms of Pass Completion%/Assists/xA/Key Passes/Passes into Final Third/Passes into Penalty Area.

While Maddison was at 77.3/0.21/0.23/2.23/3.69/1.50.

Grealish has more involvement in the team’s end products. But that also might be due to Aston Villa’s reliability on their star man.

Leicester already have other options who spread out the burden of Maddison. Still, everybody knows Grealish is a class act in terms of not just scoring but assisting too.


Although this is not the most important and is overlooked by fans, managers like players who contribute attackingly as well as defensively. When compared to other attacking midfielders, the duo are average at best when it has come to creating a nuisance for the opposition’s attacking players.

Maddison’s metrics of Tackles/Tackles Won/Pressures/Blocks/Interceptions were at 1.59/1.16/14.75/0.56/0.47. Despite having good numbers of Tackles and Tackles Won, the 24-year-old midfielder was underwhelming.

Whereas Grealish stood at 1.11/0.78/13.02/1.07/0.54. Both were underwhelming in this metric and will have to improve if they end up making a switch to the Emirates Stadium.


It is the possession stat where Grealish comes out way superior than his counterpart. The Aston Villa man’s numbers were not just one of the best in the league but one of the best in world football.

His figures of Successful Dribble%/Carries into Final Third/Carries into Penalty Area were at 65.6/3.75/3.30 whereas Maddison’s numbers were 58.2%/1.76/0.60.

The difference makes sense as one of them is an England international while the other has made just a single appearance for his country until now.

Arsene Wenger on Jack Grealish and Phil Foden: “I like Grealish. He has mastered [how to play] slow and quick. He can dribble, he has composure, he is very creative in his passing. Foden is a bit more direct. They’re two great players.”

Both players will provide something different to what Arsenal already have in their ranks. While Grealish is a better dribbler, Maddison has a set-piece and shooting threat that is matched by few.

Although Grealish is a more rounded player than Maddison, his price tag might prize away Arsenal. Thus, the Leicester man looks like a more affordable asset.

Yash Bisht


  1. Hahahah – Grealish an Arsenal target……hahahah.
    Though to be fair- great click bait- you got me in here…..kudos.

      1. The two players may be expensive for Arsenal. we should go for Aouar.
        30m pounds can get Auoar

        We can then spend big on Raheem Sterling.

        If Man city get Kane and Grealish there is a possibility that Sterling will be up for sale.

        55m pounds should get Sterling. a 300K per week wages also. Offer Willian to Barcelona.

        Out: Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Nelson, AMN, Willian, Bellerin

        IN: Tavares, Lokonga, Aouar, Sterling, White

        It wont be easy convincing Sterling to join Arsenal. My belief is every player has a price. We can try.

    1. first, It wasn’t clickbait. Second, there is no harm in knowing the stats of two players who Arsenal CAN chase if they sell good this summer

      1. I’d like to hear more about the “sell good” part. Be kind enough to elaborate on that, if you can, please.

  2. Neither Maddison or Grealish is realistically going to join Arsenal this summer, those who believe it will happen are seriously deluded. Arsenal may be a bigger club but they are not a better club than Leicester or Villa and currently Maddison would be taking a step backwards if he joined Arsenal whilst Grealish would want to join a club in the Champions League if he is leave his beloved Villa.

      1. Thinking short sighted😂😂
        I didn’t see any point in your comment
        You talk like a soothsayer

      2. YASH YOU ARE BEING A STUBBORN FANTASIST. There is zero chance of Arsenal signing either of these top players. Write articles that have some hope of happening ; not nonsense fantasy like both these players who all sensible fans KNOW will never come to us.

      3. Yash, you are being a stubborn fantasist by refusing to admit that neither of these top players have a cat in hells chance of ever coming to us. Please get real and cease writing fantasy.

  3. Interesting read. But probably more appropriate if written by a Citeh or Utd blog and not Arsenal.

  4. I just hope you wont have heart attack when arsenal sign Grealish…
    Arsenal was able to sign Partey for 45m+ last season despite not selling any of the deadwood player,selling the unwanted players will increase arsenal budget and arsenal can afford any of the two.

  5. Grealish,Maddison,Why would either go to Arsenal?Not big 6,not in Europe,pointless article.

    1. soothsayer’s are predicting arsenal can sign grealish and Madison. I can’t stop laughing
      And they said that arsenal can do this after selling their deadwood when they are paying players to leave or terminate their contracts
      They couldn’t even get more than 25m for Martinez and now xhaka but somehow they think they can sell deadwoods to fund 70m players keep dreaming when you wake up the transfer window must have been shut

      1. Easy there Pepe. I wasn’t rude to you. And I am definitely not saying we can sign both.
        There is no harm in being a bit nice.
        Have a good day

        1. YASH I had previously thought you were an intelligent fan. By refusing to accept that both these top players will NEVER be coming to us , you have lost my respect as a serious minded commentator. Serious minded fans KNOW both will NEVER be coming , so why don’t you?

  6. If Aston Villa and Leicester City have any serious ambition to win any silverware this season, they need to sell a player each to Arsenal in this summer transfer window.

    Last summer we signed Willian, Partey and Gabriel. Chelsea won the Champions League, Atlético Madrid won the La Liga and Lille won the Ligue 1 respectively last season.

    Now that’s some stats we need to put before the current clubs of our possible transfer targets.

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