Complete list of all Arsenal summer transfer business

The European transfer window has now closed and managers can relax knowing that there will be no more disruptions to their plans going forward, well, for four months anyway.

At the beginning of the summer transfer window, there was an air of desperation hovering over Arsenal, there was speculation of a limited budget and optimism was at an all-time low.

By the time the English window closed, there was a complete turnaround in the mood and atmosphere surrounding the club and that was because of the brilliant business that the club had accomplished.

And it was not just players that Arsenal bought but also the players that were offloaded and the European transfer window, which closed yesterday, allowed the club to discard more fringe players.

Here is a complete list of the ins and outs this summer.


Nicolas Pépé – Lille £72.00m
William Saliba – AS Saint-Étienne
Kieran Tierney – Celtic
David Luiz – Chelsea
Gabriel Martinelli – Ituano


Dani Ceballos Real Madrid


Alex Iwobi – Everton
Krystian Bielik – Derby County
Laurent Koscielny – Bordeaux
David Ospina – Napoli
Carl Jenkinson – Nottm Forest
Takuma Asano – Partizan Belgrade
Nacho Monreal – Real Sociedad
Stephan Lichtsteiner – FC Augsburg Free Transfer
Aaron Ramsey – Juventus Free Transfer
Danny Welbeck – Watford Free Transfer
Cohen Bramall – Free Transfer

Loaned out

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Roma
William Saliba – AS Saint-Étienne
Dejan Iliev – SKF Sered
Eddie Nketiah – Leeds United
Mohamed Elneny – Besiktas


Petr Cech

If you would have shown me that list before the transfer window opened I would have thought you had lost your senses. I will freely admit that I will no longer make any assumptions until the fat lady sings because if there is one thing that this transfer window has shown me, is be prepared to be surprised.


  1. We had a good transfer window and I think we are progressing slowly but in next few months when we are able to see tierney bellerin holding back and with pepe settling in well we can be a different team we will improve as a team but it will take time like liverpool we are on a right track just two or three more signings in CB CM and may be a back up winger like fraser campbel or zaha if he is available at cheap then we are good to go we are following liverpool’s route emery is following liverpool’s model as we are also selling surplus requirements slowly this season we sold alot of players which were not good enough and now may be two or three players are remaining xhaka mustafi may be kolasinac that are deemed not good enough for emery’s system and playing style which he wants to implement. Liverpool’s base is strong and imposing CB with leadership skills, very skillfull fullbacks that are good in crossings and bombing forward plus high workrate, they have a midfield trio of henderson fabinho wijnaldum or keita who by no means are world class all of them are very good and hardworking players who fit klopp’s system of high pressing and ball recovery so we need to get a CM that ticks all these traits and replace him with xhaka other CMs we have are quite capable guendouzi torreira ceballosa and willock. Liverpool’s other strong base is a forward line a forward trio of salah mane and firmino thats a very strong world class forward lineup and their chemistry and understanding is top class one of the best in the world. This season we have done that by signing pepe and with lacazette and aubameyang we have completed that forward trio which liverpool have just may a backup winger like fraser campbell on cheap like liverpool have in shakiri they signed him om very cheap. So we just need to sign a CM like liverpool’s fabinho a strong powerhouse one may be docoure or any one else from ligue 1 like fabinho signed from monaco and one top class imposing CB who can actually lead the backline i see upamecano as a perfect candidate for this job sign him in january at all costs like van dijk signed for liverpool in january and now see the difference he made to the liverpool side they were average in defence and had top class forward trio but signing van dijk made them world class and best side in europe as evident by last season. I am very optimistic we are going on a right path just need to sell two or three players xhaka and mustafi and replace them with better ones that fit emery’s system and can take on best players so upamecano and docoure have my votes..

    1. We just need to sell Xhaka and Ozil and replace Emery and we are good to go. Even with current squad, a good coach can very easily fight for top 4

  2. we dont need anymore CB. Chambers is 25, Holding 24 next season Saliba will join so no need to waste funds. What we need is make ceballos deal permanent by all means… Sign ryan frazer and then sign ngolo kante… Yes kante. If we put 80 million on kante in january and promise him he will play his favourite holding midfield role am sure he will jump ship.

    1. while i may be willing to go with Holding, Chambers is not the answer to arsenal defensive issues. Holding reads the game better, plays the ball better and also better off at interceptions. He can be complemented by a strong, hard tackling (not wrestling) guy with an excellent aerial ability and Chambers does not match the criteria. I dont know alot about Saliba but i know Upamecano fits those criteria. Holding-Upamecano partnership will be solid with young Saliba and Chambers as back up while old Luiz stays as a mentor/helper to the CBs. Sokratis and Mustafi can leave and Mavropanos neeeds a loan to prove himself again.

  3. Pepe £72m
    Saliba £27m
    Tierney £25m
    Luiz £8m
    Martinelli £6m
    Ceballos loan £3-4m


    Iwobi £28m
    Bielik £7.5m
    Koscielny £4.5m
    Ospina £3m
    Jenkinson £2m
    Asano £900k
    Monreal £225k
    Mkhitaryan £2.7m LOAN

    So we net spent rougly 90m. I believe we will have to spend more in January.. A CB and a RB I hope..

    And let’s pray Elneny and Mkhitaryan perform well at their clubs so they might be interested buying them.

    1. We would unlikely buy another 20+ M player in January, but Kroenke surprised me with Aubameyang’s purchase

  4. lampard is still using jorginho as his deepest midfield trio and am sure kante is just being professional about the decision. He isnt happy.

  5. Why is it only me that sees we are slowly improving if not for individual errors we might have been made better points than we have made. Against spurs we minimised how we play out from the back, leno always trying to feed the farword players and not passing out from the back which was very evident against Liverpool at anfield, it’s not all glorious at the moment but with the players and everything seen so far why can’t we accept this is a process that will need more time we are not like Chelsea who have a culture of changing manager and there players have adopted to it. Replacing a whole management team , changing players and culture of the club is not as easy as we see it from a distance we were told this is a process if you ask me we are slowly but steadily improving

    1. Individual erros leading to goals conceded:

      Mustafi – 3 -> finally DROPPED
      Xhaka – 7 -> why is he still starting?!

      Midfield of:

      Torreira – Guendouzi
      —– Ceballos

      or even

      Torreira/Guendouzi – Ceballos
      ———– Özil


      Guendouzi – Willock
      — Ceballos/Özil

      I think Guendouzi at the moment is undroppable. The lad is playing so well.

      1. How can we have error prone players like Luiz,Socratis,Niles,xhaka all in one team you never can tell who is going to come to the party just like Luiz then socratis then xhaka in two games this 3 have contributed in giving away 4 goal

        1. You forget that Kolasinac often forgets about marking altogether and that Leno leads the EPL table in errors leading to goals. And that Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos have already proven in the past they’re made of similar stuff (though Mavro is still young and Holding later improved).

          Let’s face it, we will quite likely qualify for UCL this year due to the incompetence of our rivals, but reducing deficit to City and Liverpool won’t happen in the next 2, 3 years yet. Too many liabilities.

  6. Thanks for the info, Admin

    But there should also be an info about Kelechi Nwakali that joined SD Huesca, a Spanish Segunda Division side, in a permanent deal

    Sadly it doesn’t work for Bramall. I hope Tolaji Bola and Joel Lopez could replace Tierney and Kolasinac when the time comes

  7. I have called for a clean out like this every summer since 2014.
    Can’t be done every one said.
    Wenger left Emery with a hell of a mess to clean up.
    Finally we can see the light in the distance
    for the first time in 10 years.
    Wenger also only had 3 serious competitors for top 4.
    It was just the order which was in question.
    Now there are 6 going for top 4.
    Wenger ruled Arsenal with Kroenke for a decade.
    No one else was allowed near the decision making offices.
    Emery is still well down the club structure.
    He may never get the players he really wants.
    Klopp gets 70m Alison, Pep gets Edisson 70m Emery gets 19m Leno
    Klopp gets 70m VVD Pep gets 51m Laporte.
    Emery gets 19m Socritis and Luiz 9m
    Klopp gets Fabinho 54m Pep gets Rodri 70m
    Jose gets Pogba 90m Poch gets Ndobele 52m
    Emery gets Torreira 25m 🙂
    Emery is driving a Sauber/Ford escort
    Klopp and Pep are in Mercedes/Jags
    Emery is doing amazing to stay on the same lap.
    The worst is yet to come for Emery because just as he is
    making the team serious contenders he will be replaced
    by Fredie ljungberg or Arteta who will get the credit.

    1. People said Wenger kept us in top 4 for years, yes it’s true but the amount of competition then is nothing compared to now,my problem is we are trying to eradicate errors that are costing us goals and points yet we are adding up the numbers (luiz) with all the good signings a strong dominant dm and a good physical cb would have made a different but let’s keep the faith as we are told it’s a process

  8. Credit to getting rid of unnecessary players. But we are still on a tightrope. Honey on a razor’s edge. Emery takes longer than the supporters to see the obvious. Xhaka is a mindless thug. An idiotic footballer. Our midfield three should be Torreira, Guendouzi and Ceballos. I an not an Ozil fan. But even though Ozil could have more desire, he could when necessary play a bit deeper, because he is so much better than Xhaka. Xhaka is a mindless thug who single-handedly cost us a Champions League place last season, with his moronic penalty against Brighton. Xhaka or Ozil… brainer….Ozil.

  9. @sanmi.marvellous….. Not toreira but xhaka will be sold. Sokratis chambers havnt conceded a goal this season including pre-season. So why didnt emery continue with them? Can we try mustafi as a centre forward?….. It just might work.

  10. one or two more players to be shipped out soon and i will be extremely happy, i just cannot wait to see the backs of those players.

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