Concerned Arsenal fans have turned to an unconventional method to raise funds for the club

Arsenal’s financial struggles have been much-publicised in recent weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The club’s last reported financial year ended in a loss and the pandemic has forced them to ask their players to take pay cuts.

This is also expected to affect the club’s spending in the summer and that could see them struggle from a lack of proper reinforcements next season.

With so many players being linked with a move to the Emirates and the Arsenal fans also hoping that some quality talent would come to the Emirates, some concerned Arsenal fans have found a way to help the club raise money for their summer business.

These fans have come up with the ingenious idea that watching the adverts on the club’s YouTube videos would help the club raise funds for their summer transfer business reports the Star.

YouTube pays for the adverts that are being shown on videos posted on their platform and these Arsenal fans seem to think that they can raise enough transfer funds for the club from the video-sharing social network.

One fan wrote: “Guys if you’re watching Arsenal’s channel please make sure you watch the ADs completely. “It’ll help us gather money to afford Partey and extend contracts of Aubameyang and Saka.”

Another said: Not skipping ads to generate a little more income for Arsenal to fund Marcello and Zaha signings.”

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  1. This is just embarrassing, we have a billionaire owner but we are struggling for funds. Absolutely pathetic.

  2. YouTube ads have an average cost-per-view to the advertiser of $0.18. This is split between YouTube and the site owner who gets 55%. So we would have to watch an awful lot of ads to buy a player like Zaha!

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