Confident Giroud scores “perfect” hat-trick for Arsenal

It has been said that our Fench striker Olivier Giroud has lacked a bit of confidence in some games, and we all have vivid memories of the Arsenal hitman missing a hat-trick of easy chances against Monaco last season, but he made up for it n spades last night as he finally scored his very first hat-trick for the Gunners.

Arsene Wenger described his game as “perfect”. Le Prof said after the game: “It was a perfect performance because he scored a header, one with a good combination thanks to a good pass by Campbell, and also a penalty on top of that. He was sometimes in uncomfortable positions but he fought like mad and he has shown skill and character. I always defended Olivier on the character side because he has always had something special on that front. He showed that in the game again today.”

He certainly did! Olivier himself said that he felt confident ahead of the game, and gave his version of events. “It is fantastic for me.” he said. “We are happy with this result tonight. We missed the chance two or three years ago and also this year in Monaco so it is nice to go thorough the group stage as we were not in a good position. Finally we have done it for the fans and I feel very nice.

“To be honest, I just tried to play well and I have confidence so it was an opportunity for myself tonight. It was a nice feeling to score a hat-trick, even more because it was an important one. The first goal was a good ball from Aaron. Sometimes I like to step back from the box. The second one was a good assist from Joel and he did really well. The last one was a penalty so we are really pleased to win tonight and go through to the next stage. We will focus on the Champions League and we are going to focus on the Premier League.

“It is a great feeling because it was not easy for us in this group. Because of the first games we were not in an easy position and we have shown tonight our strength. Finally, we need to carry on being efficient at the back, we feel really good tonight because we have qualified for the next round.”

Giroud has scored lots of important goals for the club, but he was asked if he thought that this was his best ever. “Maybe, because I scored three goals.” he replied. “I worked hard for the team and I had the feeling before the game that I would have the chance to score. We have succeeded to complete another clean sheet and it is good for the confidence for the weekend.

“We feel really pleased tonight, we had a celebration all together after the game. It has been a few years and we miss it. We really wanted to focus on the group stages so we bounced back and we have great team spirit and confidence.”

Giroud was the focus for the goals he scored, but it was a brilliant confident performance from the whole team, made even more awesome by the fact that we were missing Coquelin, Cazorla and Alexis through injury. Giroud was happy as it shows that maybe this year we do have some real depth to the squad. “I think we missed a lot of players but this year [with] the new squad and [in] the years before, there has been quality.” he concluded. “It [was] a good opportunity. We defended well and we played well. We tried to play our game in between the lines and we created chances to score, so we are pleased tonight as it was not so easy and we were in a difficult position.”

If anything we are probably in a better position in the Premier League, and hopefully we can stop the celebrations quickly and emulate this performance on Sunday away at Aston Villa. Another smooth win then and we will be top of the League at the end of the weekend, and maybe even Chelsea will do us a favour on Monday by beating Leicester…..

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  1. Outstanding team performance in difficult circumstances.
    Cech calmness personified, Kos majestic, Ozil was just Ozil, and Ollie mad his critics eat humble pie (apart from that git Roy Keane!!)
    Special mention for Joel Campbell who now looks an accepted member of the team, showing great skills and always tackling back.
    Big praise too for AW who set the team up well and delivered yet again.
    Let’s kick on now in EPL.

    1. I think this season it will be a bit different in the sense of our position and form toward new year. I.e some years back we are whether on top but melting down around this time to February or we already down and not yet picking up until around same february when its already late for the title push up, but this year we are almost their around this time and we can only get better when Alexis, le coq, dat guy and so on joined the ranks. #COYG if this is not our year then who’s? And remember we have already won against Best team of the moment in the group stage, then we know what to expect in the next round, bring ATM on in the R16, not because its an easy game but because we always need pressure to succeed, Zenit might shock us as we will take them the same way we took Zegreb, Olympiacos and Monaco last year. What do you guys think?

  2. Excellent show from Giroud … However, quality is not based on one match … Now he has the confidence what he needs is consistency …

    1. Consistency! He has scored 13 goals from 15 starts (and 8 subs). Name me another striker in England that is more consistent!

        1. WBA game was just after Paris bombing, which included one at Stad du France where Giroud was playing plus Kos and others. Norwich, AW messed up imo playing Rambo on wing when he wasn’t fit. Should have trusted Campbell, as many on this site said. That however is past and today we are all smiling, except it seems YOU. Cheer up.

  3. I believe Olivier Giroud have a control goalscoring takes of goals yesterday than he usually had before, which led to him getting a hatrick of goals at Karaiskais Stadium. And he could continue to improve on his goalscoring rate which is at this moment good, but can be bettered if he continues to get the kinds of accurate&timely assist service from his collegues. One other thing Olivier needs to be doing occasionally in his game, is for him not to be totally depending on assits all the time. Because the assists may not work fine for him atimes or he may not even get them. But he should sometimes take the bull by the horns and become audacious to single handedly take on the opponent team defenders and breaks through them to score goals for Arsenal.

  4. “For me, Koscielny is the best defender in the league. Kompany isn’t fit or consistent enough. You don’t want to play against this guy.”- Rio Ferdinand
    …. TRUE TALK

  5. am suprised really that nobody mentions ramsey’s and monreal in yesterday’s game. i think behind campbell ramsey and monreal covered most ground. he made most tackles i for one am so happy for ramsey. ask gerrard who the best AMF is he will tell you.
    OT:i have always liked and believed in campbell because the guy is a fighter..he dosent sulk when he isnt wenger said he is a complete team player..i hope he stays for a longer period..
    for some reason OX is not many seasons now? walcot has proven his worth so have ramsey atleast each of our english players have proven either one season bar OX and maybe wilshere..i am begining to doubt his committment..campbell or alexis is a dream pair for any full backs.. our game changed when campbell switched with walcot..that was a masterclass from wenger to have spotted that..he saw walcot wasnt doing enough to help bellerin who i still feel he is still rusty per his injury..
    Monreal is turning out to be like sagna but a better version going forward. he is our mr reliable i cant remember a bad game from him for a long wonder gibbs is out of the first team..well deserved son..
    now onto cech john terry said peter cech would save us 15 point well in champions league he saved us 6point already against bayern and yesterday..
    in bpl against liverpool from benteke,against sunderland,against swansea i cnt remember all but i think it is more than 15 points already and d season hasnt gone far.. well tnx abrahammovich for ur kindness..
    now unto sunday trip to villa park..
    3point to round up a great week..6 goals in 2 matches and we have lots of injury..oh i love december.

  6. Right now the only weak link in this team is BFG…when will he dropped to benched…everybody knows that he is too slow and everyone exploit that in every single game…but still he keeps on starting the game…i never feel secure with him especially when we are attacking and play high line…

    If I was gabriel I would be fuming from inside…cause gabriel is so much better than him but still BFG starts while gabriel always start from the bench…

    We have enough warnings by now,surely we are not waiting for a Monoco like game…and then start blaming him…

    Gabriel has to start,the guy got lot to offer…his mentality his attitude his passion,fire in the belly this guy has to start…and he also can be the leader that this team so badly crying for years now…

    Gabriel can be the last piece in our puzzle

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