Confident Trossard insists Arsenal’s “great players” helped him “reach their levels”

Arsenal signed Leandro Trossard in the winter transfer window after failing to acquire their primary attacking target, Mykhailo Mudryk, who joined Chelsea. Months after the Trossard deal, the Belgian international has proven to be exactly what Mikel Arteta required in place of Gabriel Jesus’ void.

Trossard has been a hit for Arsenal in recent weeks, and he has helped them continue to soar to the point where he has helped them to 8 points clear at the summit of the league. The 28-year-old has a goal and six assists in 10 league appearances for Arsenal. Without a doubt, the former Brighton player has been crucial to Arsenal’s title challenge.

The Arsenal forward spoke about how great his time at Arsenal has been so far during Belgium’s news conference. “I maybe didn’t expect to play that many minutes, but injuries helped me a bit. I’m however more than convinced of my own capabilities,” Trossard said, speaking at a national team press conference on Wednesday.

“I arrived in a great group, filled with great players. That also makes it easier for new players to adapt and reach their levels.

“It was a very busy and weird period for me, but I’m very happy that I have been able to join Arsenal. I think it’s been a great step for me.

“We all know how difficult it is to win the league, looking at Man City and Liverpool in recent years, but I think we have a great squad and that we have proven time and time again that we’re doing well.

“There are 10 matches left; we’ll see where we end once the season finishes.”

I doubt Trossard thought a year ago that Arsenal would be the club to join if he wanted to win the Premier League. But how things change: Arsenal is now 10 games away from being the champion. We can’t wait for the international break to be over so we can watch Trossard, whose brilliance has seen him continue to pull the strings in Arsenal’s attack, helping them to win after win until the conclusion of the season.

Onwards and upwards!

Sam P

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  1. Strongly agree with the two posts above.

    Tossard came in with a chip on his shoulders so he’s highly motivated.

    All that the gaffer has been doing with him in my opinion, Is putting his arm around his shoulders and telling go and have fun kid

    The Lad is completely fired up from day one, but he’s very clever and unpredictable, that’s why he’s causing so much damage in the business end of this campaign.

  2. Agree 100% with the above comments, wish I could just give an upvote. Or a like to all of them.

    1. Why? Are you perhaps either too busy or even perhaps too lazy to write your own comments, rather than simply use an upvote or a like?

      And it has worked too!

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