Confirmation Arsenal have already sealed Mahrez transfer?

There were reports going around at the weekend about Arsenal and our rumoured transfer pursuit of the Leicester City attacking star Riyad Mahrez. This news was coming from Italy and if true it will surely put a smile back on the faces of Arsenal fans who had to suffer the disappointment of dropping out of the top four of the Premier League and facing Thursday night games in the Europa League rather than our usual high profile Champions League exploits.

Before we all get too excited though, we must remember that there are and always have been a vast number of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with every player under the sun, so just because the Daily Express was reporting the news from Italy that Arsenal have already secured the transfer of the Algerian international it did not necessarily make it true.

But today there is more reason for Gooners to believe it and start to get excited, because today is the first day of training for the Foxes after the summer break but reports claim that Mahrez was not there. The 26-year old has already made it quite clear that he expects to move on from the King Power Stadium this summer and we know that Arsene Wenger is a fan as he tried last summer to sign him.

So can we put two and two together and assume that the Mahrez transfer to Arsenal will be announced very soon?



  1. Only Leicester’s non-internationals reported back for training today. As an international, Mahrez has an extra week before he reports back.

  2. Is Wenger a fan of mahrez? I don’t think so… But I do believe Wenger may try to sign him. I personally would love to have Walcott sold if mahrez comes in. Else, as we all know Wenger, Walcott will play and mahrez will be on the bench. Wenger is just so talented at making the wrong for games

      1. I would tend to agree with you but would prefer if it is the other solution – Mahrez for Wallcott. I also would not want to sell Giroud because he gives us an extra dimension but with Lacazette and him playing for the national I can understand why he may demand a move.

  3. Two brilliant additions. I’m not sure who I’m more excited about. We haven’t had a Mahrez level talent on the right wing for a long time… Longer than since we had a top striker even. Though Lacazette seems to fit all the boxes, coming from a possession based team but able to score for fun on the counter as well.

    1. Add Goretska or Seri and Arsenal will challenge next season with or without Sanchez

  4. Yeah, but you have to also remember that Mahrez was on international duty, he has been given extra time off, just like every other player who is missing from their clubs first day back to training. So it’s a bit premature to assume that he is missing for only one particular reason. ?

    Apparently Arsenal have given up on Lemar due to Monaco’s stance of not willing to sell anymore players unless they are offered enormous amounts of money. Hence the interest in Mahrez now and I really hope that we manage to sign this fella. I would ignore the players performance from last season, he is way above that and I’m guessing that other issues at that club were the reasons for is mediocre season.

    1. For 40 million u’d ignore
      One bad season and one good season in premier league??

      I wouldn’t
      Perhaps I’m pessimistic
      Really wanted lemar

      1. On what basis are you saying he had a bad season.On the basis of stats or what?If anything he just wasn’t at top form.He was still making defenders look average.He’s also not had only one good season.He was good in season 14/15 and even destroyed Arsenal in a home fixture that season.I don’t know why people think he’s average and a one season wonder.I urge you all to constantly keep watching a player before you say he’s average.For the same reasons why people don’t want Mahrez to be signed I can also equate them to why Ox should be sold.The team he’s even in doesn’t fit his style of play at all.The whole Leicester team struggled last season which even lead to Ranieri’s sacking.

      2. I read it was £35 million ?? there must be a £5 mil discount voucher available for that ?? season that you are finding hard to swallow, Muff? Just imagine it as being juices from that Dairylea triangle! ??

    2. If he is coming then surely at least one of Sanchez or Ozil is leaving?

      There are only 3 attacking positions in the new system. If Lacazette takes one then before anything changes the other two would be Sanchez and Ozil. I can’t see him buying Mahrez as a squad player given how much he will cost so looks like someone is leaving

      1. revert back to 4~2~3~1



    3. I just hope people stop this “he’s lazy so don’t sign him” thing.Riyad Mahrez is a quality player and in my eyes one of the best PL dribblers.Sanchez may be the better player but Riyad is still the better dibbler.He makes dribbling look so easy.He’s even destroyed Arsenal before and was one of the few players who made Coquelin who was so defensively solid look bad in 14/15.I can mention teams with wingers who don’t track back who have been winning top trophies like UCL and the like.The most important thing is to look whether a player is playing to his strength.The funny thing is Mahrez with the same laziness won the EPL in 15/16 with even more average players.I can also mention teams in the past and currently with lazy wingers who are likely to win a top trophy next season.

      1. He is lazy kev
        An dribbling without end product is pointless

        1. I’m not saying he isn’t lazy.I’m saying that it’s not a solid basis to say we shouldn’t sign him.There are similar players to him in top teams that win trophy year after year.The fact is that those players are playing to their strengths.You need to look at the bigger picture and his qualities.If Mahrez plays to his strengths laziness won’t be an issue and that’s the same with Ozil too.He’s not playing to his strengths so people are faulting him there.Also I’ve watched enough of Mahrez to know he has end product.He also scores a lot of goals in style.

      2. Who cares if people say he is lazy KEV . Do you really think the club come onto just arsenal to read what the fans are saying before they sign a player. People can say what ever they like its thier opinion the proof will be when the season starts and we see how well he does and if he improves the team . Thats if the rumors arw true and we sign him

    4. I agree and I think Wenger also said the same thing in one of his comments on Mahrez – his quality cannot be debated. My main worry is if he is brought in to replace Sanchez – who frankly is irreplaceable. If Mahrez plays on the right wing then where does Ozil play in our new 3-4-3 system?
      Does it mean we are going back to our old system which honestly I am skeptical about given our defensive frailties. So where does Mahrez play if Ozil and Sanchez are playing is the big question. Is he a smokescreen? That possibility cannot be ruled out – remember nothing has come from the reliable Arsenal sources. And if Mahrez comes then one of Ozil/Sanchez is leaving. As far as I am concerned – I would force Sanchez to stay and help us get back to CL ; Worst case sell him abroad but UNDER no circumstance should we be selling him to Man City – absolutely NOT


  6. I’m not sure what to make of this news, we have been linked with Carvalho for at least 3-4 years now and apparently we were linked with Martins in the last transfer window… Get the salt out.

    According to reports from Portugal, We’re set to sign Sporting duo, Gelson Martins (22) Winger and William Carvalho (25) DM for a combined €80m this summer.

    1. William is the be one of the top target, he is solid, in the air and on ground, he can shield our defence, he can play as center back

      1. I agree.
        We were close to signing him a good few years ago but he ended up having a bad injury at that time of interest. He seems to have shaken off his injury proneness. ?
        I’m surprised that he’s still only 25, I thought he was much older than that.?

  7. please can I remind all Gonners that we have not signed anyone yet apart from a free transfer can’t even remember his name so lets just say NO one

  8. The said report also said that he may have been given an holiday extension. So no need giving yourself some far reached hope.

  9. if him not turning up at training means we have sign him, i take it that our players not yet at training have been signed by another team.

    If he does come, he would be an interesting addition base on the fact he is a fantastic dribbler and a decent passer of the ball, not too shabby with the dead ball too. This has been a tactics missing from arsenal game, a player who goes at defenders especially in tight defenses

  10. Absolutely no because any good reason could have kept him away from training with the foxes, not necessarily because he’s Arsenal bound or not.

  11. Looks like Everton want the little and large show up front, next season.
    They are after Giroud & Rooney ?? maybe Lampy can give no-neck-Shrek some tips with his hair?

    1. If we’re to be honest he should’ve been sold long ago along with many others.If he was in another top team he’d have been gone long ago .The only thing that kept him around is because he’s French.I don’t know if people have tried to visualize him in an avrrage team.If they had ever done that they’ll see his real quality.

      1. The Giroud vs. Fans problem is; he was signed to replace Van Persie, we so much put a lot of pressure on the big guy, now, the problem is, Arsene Wenger is a kind of manager I think didn’t take time to study hard the chemistry of each player as to how well he can fit in the team.. Giroud is rigid, agreed, I don’t like him too but that was because he has been under performing for us and not because he’s not good at all.. He’s huge, he can’t run, he’s not a fox in the box, likewise, we’re underutilising him too the way our team set up is.. Our pattern is only to cross the ball for him and he should work in his department holding up play.. Whereas, modern football can deal fine with that and we don’t even have wingers that made 80% perfect cross. Look at the French setup, he is performing just because he can’t play as a lone striker.. And he didn’t just developed into that, he has played with a supporting striker all his career before Arsenal.
        And if you ask me what he’s good at, he has a great footwork, excellent eye for’ tap ins’ and ‘pass and shoot’, he’s as well good in air. If you can’t use those merits of his, then sell him, infact, he shouldn’t be in Arsenal

  12. If we get Lacazette and Mahrez and keep Alexis we will challenge for the title next season.

    If we lose Alexis then we will need another left winger to replace him. Someone who is better than Iwobi and Welbeck

    But Lacazette and Mahrez for £100 million is good business in my opinion and brings us tantalizingly close to a team that can win the PL and Europa League

  13. Also something important to consider.

    We should not think that our starters are the only ones important for winning the title. The quality of the bench is too.

    Alexis, Ox and Giroud are close to leaving. If we lost Alexis and Giroud. Who would be our number 2 striker? I guess Lucas or Welbeck but Lucas isn’t happy either. This season Alexis started at both LW and CF. Giroud started and came off the bench CF.

    Do we replace Ox if he leaves? Or is Wilshere his replacement? I still think we need to get a future Cazorla replacement and and upgrade to Coquelin.

    Also, we need to know about Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson.
    I assume Gibbs won’t be happy with our first signing Sead. So he will probably be sols. I’ve read for around £8 million
    I’m surprised Debuchy and Jenkinson are still around. Will they remain with us? I guess Gabs and Sead could play RB but I’d prefer a specialist RB

    Mahrez and Lacazette would be fantastic additions for our first team

    But the bench is highly important to winning the PL because starters get injured

    1. Add Ramsay and whilshere to that, perennial underarchievers need to go. I can accept Ramsay staying one more season but under no circumstances should whilshere be offered a new deal

  14. How many Weeks will it take a coach that think he knows what he need to sign and strengthen his team especially if the materials he needs are available. Wenger is still Wenger. Guys am tired rumours.

  15. We’ve signed this, we’ve signed that… We’re always signing every better player until the transfer ends.. Well, that should be a bit different now if the media report is something to go by.. Lacazette on the way to Medical and Mahrez ready to put pen on the paper.. I’m really not very optimistic this time around because of what I’ve gone through in the shape of heartbreak in previous transfers.. but I think Wenger is trying to get things right this time around..
    I guess it’s either Mahrez or Lemar, one will surely comes in and not both.. Don’t be too excited about both.. And after that. Please my brother.. Zip your optimistic mind-fly ahead of any other transfer rumours because they’re not happening anymore.. #Wenger-Style
    I’m hiding my #wengerout banner for now.

  16. I will prefer Thomas Lemar, am getting pissed off with Alexis..I see Ozil staying. Mahrez is lazy so is Ozil but they’re good technically… But I will prefer Lemar if Alexis leaves.

  17. Best Arsenal Squade That Can Win The Epl Next Season: defence: kolasnac-koshelny- Sanchez-mustafi Middle:xhaka-cavalho-ozil Attackers: Sanchez-lacazzet-mahrez

  18. If Mahrez comes Sacnehz is gone. People getting too excited not knowing that if Sanchez leaves thats one less player who is willing to win the ball back. Mahrez doesn’t do that and I’m not sure about Lacazette.

    1. No Gunner fan with even half a functioning brain would argue that Sanchez isnt Arsenals energizer bunny, team catalyst and best player. However the mercurial Chilean is obviously disenchanted by the collective talent, sans Ozil on the Arsenal squad and his propensity to play only through the German reflects this.
      His energy, goals and playmaking will be near impossible to replace but perhaps Wenger and the majority of Arsenals supporting cast see Sanchez as a team cancer that needs to be eradicated asap.
      I would gladly take the $50M on his sale and tempt Monaco with exactly that number bid for Lemar.

      Laca, Mahrez, Lemar, Goretska and Kolasanic after the sales of Sanchez, Giroud, Perez, Ox and other deadwoods would leave Arsenal well under $75 spent for this window, the greatest in the clubs history.

  19. Confirmation:
    Lacazette and his agent were spotted swimming across the channel, by a fan on a Ferry service heading towards Dover. Weather conditions were described as choppy, but they should make it to shore within the next day or two.

  20. I believe we only need 3 players as long we keep sanchez ( Lacazette / Mehrez Or Lema / Cazorla replacement )

    If Sanchez leaves thats another signing required. but for me i rather lose him for free than sell him. Big changes in the team will require long time to settle tactics and coordination,

    As for cazorla replacement. i will always take Fabregas as he 100% fit our style.

  21. Hope this one doesn’t pan out the only African player we should be going for is Keita other than that it makes no sense to me, there are so many wingers better than a one season Mahrez( dembele, Brandt, Lemar, pulisic, berrardi the kid from sassuolo, Forsberg,Marco asensio, Douglas costa,Allan saint maximin, the list goes on) plus all I read was how good his dribbling skills and the occasional goal or two,I also have seen him play and as soon as things get tough his head drops that’s what I mean by lazy no character, no fighting spirit and we got loads of those players the only one who differs is Sanchez so if he is coming we lose Sanchez, so no sorry I won’t be happy with that mediocre replacement!! even iwobi if given the chance will be much better than mahrez, dribbling, speed, just need to improve his decision making and not be timid in front of goal, if we are spending 40 million I would rather it be on a cazorla replacement not an area where we got loads of players and still haven’t sold any.

  22. Walcott scored plenty of goals. The reason he was not good enough is because he’s a liability, he allows players to get at Bellerin and he allows them all the time in world to make a pass/cross. Mahrez is no different, arguably/actually weaker and is more fragile/slight. He’s a better forward no doubt, but Walcott can rival him in the goal scoring stakes. Then Ozil alongside him, this is a serious lack of grit and determination.

    I know Arsene likes him, but how can he add him to this team. I hope it’s not true. Some people think only about pretty forward play, they must look at Alexis and ignore half his game. I think the rumour is made up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene does make a play for him at some stage.

    1. The defensive grit and determination should be behind them and doing what they are paid for and allowing Ozil and Mahrez to do what they are paid for. Set up goal scoring opportunities

  23. How is someone not turning up for training on the first day back confirmation of us signing a player. What a daft article….talk about desperation for news…..

  24. Are guys seriously saying Mehrez is better thn Thomas Lemar? I dont think so, we need Lemar, he’s younger and more talented

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