Confirmed: Aaron Ramsdale joins Arsenal from Sheffield United

Arsenal have finally completed the signing of Aaron Ramdsale from Sheffield United this summer, having had to start the campaign without a established back-up to Bernd Leno.

The English shotstopper is expected to challenge the German for the number one role this term, with the German having had little competition for his role in recent terms.

It remains to be seen whether the 23 year-old will be given many minutes as he looks to rival Leno in the coming months, but the hope is that strong competition for places will bring the bet out of both goalkeepers.

Ramsdale will wear the number 32 jersey this term, and will likely play as understudy to the our first choice from last season, although some pundits believe he could well be exactly what the team is missing at present, and could well be able to dislodge Leno from his role as number one.

According to the Metro, the deal could cost up to £30 Million with an initial fee of £24 Million to be paid up front for his signature.

It remains to be seen whether he will be made available for the weekend’s clash with Chelsea, although I would be very shocked if he were to start ahead of Leno as early as this weekend.


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  1. Not what many of us wanted, but it’s reality, so makes the most sense to get behind him and hope he surprises many of us. Welcome to Arsenal Ramsdale!

  2. I don’t really rate him that much but he can’t be worse than Leno. Welcome to The Arsenal Ramsdale.

    1. Agree Lenohappy, lets support the lad and stop the nonsense talk of playing for relegated clubs by a miniscule section of the so called fans. I recollect years ago, Wenger hired Ozil from RM, a club famous for winning La Ligas and UCLs. So how many titles he did cause us to win?
      For 24M, it’s a steal. For a 3rd choice German keeper, we were mugged by 20M, for a young man monster GK, home grown, player of the season for both his previous clubs, decorated with the 2017 England under 19 UEFA champ, English 24M is a great deal done by Mikel. Thanks Mikel!

      1. I like the term monster, Some of the English clubs have monster plays that harass weak keepers and defenders. I hope he spits venom on them(scary words) not the quite Leno.

  3. Hopefully he turns out to be good. If things go wrong this would prove to be an awful deal and it wouldn’t even be hindsight. All I can say is I wish him well. There’s a lot he’s going to face.

      1. Why ask Kev. £130 million has already been spent.It seems obvious to me that no more money will be spent on anyone unless we offload players.

    1. Agree Voyageur – I think by this time next season he will be one of the most popular players in the team. He’s a trier, passionate, martials his defence, comes for the ball, and CAN pass. The opposite of Leno tbh. He’s 23 which is a novice for a keeper. He will do fine.

      1. if That is all true, its a good signing. Arsenal has become so soft belly in recent years. Tried to copy sleek Barca but without fast and technical players to emulate them.

    1. Not popular by a lot of idiot wanna be football manager social media trowls !

      Welcome to Arsenal Aaron from all real Arsenal fans !

      Do your best for us and we will support you fully


  4. Not sure why I saw some say he was the reason Sheffield went down, he won player of the season for them.

    He will be better on the ball than Leno and at crosses which I know concerns a lot of people with Leno. Shot stopping in general isn’t bad either. 23, fills a HG slot nothing to hate. Time will tell if he is outright number 1 material but certainly not a huge amount of difference between him and Martinez especially on the 2 traits people liked with Martinez vs Leno namely distribution/cross claiming.

    1. Can we now ship out Runarsson and the rest of the dead wood sitting on their arses trousering huge pay cheques.

  5. a lot of backhanded compliments being conveyed…if I was Ramsdale I would much rather face some honest vitriol, so I could further motivate myself to prove the naysayers wrong, than a tepid welcome, even though latter reaction makes the most sense considering the still problematic fit and the speculative price tag

  6. At least we now have a half decent back up in case we get an injury to Leno and I also agree with what someone said earlier about how he can’t be blamed solely for Sheffield Utd relegation, he was voted their player of the season after all and he’s not at the end of his career looking to have a cushy last few years like a lot of our signings in the past.

  7. Well if he can bring change in our team and prove himself no problem. I always love every Arsenal players and I’m behind them no matter the situation. I know one season they will put smile on my face. Welcome my best keepers we are behind you

  8. Nice comments from seaman about also being third choice england keeper and getting negative vibes from arsenal fans on his arrival.
    Turned into a club legend. Could Ramsdale become the same?!!

    Let’s see…

  9. first Bergkamp/Ode comparisons, now this early days Seaman/Ramsdale nonsense…this is how we got in trouble in the first place, as some less astute members of the Board thought they saw in Arteta things that mistakenly reminded them of a younger Wenger…unicorns and rainbows for everyone I guess

  10. I can’t believe some so called supporters were online abusing Aaron Ramsdale, he didn’t call up the club and say I want to sign for you, the club went after him! Take your anger out on the club not the player.. I will support him like any Arsenal player. Welcome aboard!

  11. How i wish most of these so called true Arsenal fans, to eat their own words when Ramsdale performs well.

  12. Hope he performs well and gives good competition to Lenno which is in the general good of the team. Welcome to Arsenal Ramsdale, looking forward to see you play.

  13. Welcome on board Aaron Ramsdale! Please let us support our players! I believe he will add value to the team.

  14. I don’t think people have a problem with Ramsdale per se,it is more about the fact that the club spent that much money on a Keeper when we have more urgent needs,we could have signed Matt Ryan/Johnstone and next summer could have gone back for Ramsdale or someone else and sell Leno,same thing with the 50M spent on a new CB when we had Saliba who could have been slowly introduced I mean Holding CC could have done the job for the season alongside Gabriel Mari especially with a very good RB and may be by next season Saliba would have been ready to become a starter.

  15. All I just want is for Ramsdale to look Leno in d eyes and tell him…”hey mate, am here for the number 1 spot” and Leno in reply..” Cool… But let’s see how you beat me to it”.

    A healthy competition that will push both players to being the best at their game and at the end…. Give us fans something to be proud of.

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