CONFIRMED – Another promising Arsenal starlet sold – Something wrong in the Academy as well?

In a day of disappointments for Arsenal fans, we have news of yet another sale of one of our top youngsters as Donyell Malen joins the exodus of a heap of promising Academy players. Our midfielder Ismael Bennacer was sold to Empoli and Chris Willock decided to leave and join Benfica. Also the very promising Dan Crowley went to Willem II, Kaylen Hinds went to Wolfsburg and Glen Kamara joined Dundee, but the loss of Malen is a also a massive disappointment after he was very impressive in our pre-season tour, especially in the defeat to Chelsea in China.

I know Wenger has been having a clearout of the Gunners first team squad, but they were all players that didn’t have much chance of playing this season, but I didn’t expect so many of our starlets also decide to desert our sinking ship.

It seems that our kids are thinking that they have little chance of being promoted to the Gunners first team and if they want to play regularly they need to move to smaller clubs, mostly in Holland, where they will have much more chance of being promoted and play in proper League matches.

It used to be that we would steal youngsters from top clubs like Barcelona with the promise that they could become the next young Arsenal star, but now it would appear that Wenger’s youth project is falling apart as well…



  1. gotanidea says:

    Thirteen years of milking and stagnancy, this is what Arsenal will get. I am sure the board really want to sell the club as soon as possible, since it is a sinking ship now.

    1. bran99 says:

      Very true, they are selling everyone and then leave the skeleton of a club to us fans to decide what to do with it when we are already on the 2nd division

      1. Dalinho says:

        Wenger decided to stay knowing Stan would stay if he did bcoz no other human would help Stan make money while looking like a failure! Wenger knew this but chose to keep Stan at the club so he could earn a bit more money and fame! Wenger is to blame BIG TIME! Stan is doin what any none fan would do but he still is to blame for not selling to usamanov but Wenger is the man that allows this to happen he’s like the agent, the middle man with all the cards so we really gotta show him how much we hate him and how much we know about him and stand little selfish plan coz Wenger is a sly guy who makes out that Stan owning the club has nothing to do with him well why did gazidiz try remover Wenger? Why did Wenger go to Stan to over turn it? It’s bcoz he doesn’t know when to be selfless all while pretending he’s doing helix best for the club! Why don’t he come out and tell us what’s really going on if he has nothing to hide? I knew when usamanov got rejected from the board that Stan n wenger were hiding stuff bcoz usamanov is a fan so he wouldn’t sit there and just allow that sly pair to get away with fraud! Wenger out! Stan out! Every where u go spread the word, shout it at games spay it on bridges until we get our club back coz this arsenal is ours anymore trust me and for u akb’s it’s time to wake up and if u defend Wenger be prepared for a back lash coz ur defending the baddies and we’re the good guys

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      Cash cash cash. The academy is a cash cow for a big club. The club scout good players that are champions league/international level. And then flip them to smaller clubs.. we made decent cash off lansbury,gibbs etc etc. We will make good money off of wilshere as well. The youth academy alone can net a few million every year..Look at how much bellerin will make kroenke next season… I think bellerin will go for atleast 60m.

      1. Dalinho says:

        Kroenke is selling assets to fond that stadium he building in the states! ITs his club so he will do what he wants with it and Wenger is paid to keep his mouth shut and help him do it! Wenger willl be a very rich man being a pawn for this billionaire

      2. Lance says:

        I think Arsenal embarked on a raft of player sales because it is running short of money especially as Kroenke needs more money to fund his LA stadium project.

  2. arsenal-steve says:

    Wenger seems to be intent on bringing Arsenal to it’s knees. Something very negative has got into the club.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      Too much power that has been rotting away the club slowly, it’s just that now the rot has manifested itself to the surface and we can see it clearly.

  3. ayodeji says:

    London guys needs to boycott matches starting from September 9,th

  4. Troy says:

    Mbappe to arsenal……
    Wenger to monaco…


  5. ZA_Gunner says:

    We have accepted mediocrity and incompetency for so long, this is what we deserve to reap. Youngster can see the structural failure within the club so they don’t see the future nor the incentive to stay. Wenger is also no longer a distinctive and influential footballing coach who has been dropped behind by modern football managers.

    1. Paul P says:

      Spot on. I just don’t get the red arrows. Do people really still believe in Wenger? In gods name why? I just don’t get it.

  6. Raj says:

    Maybe Wengers obsession to play certain players (Bellerin , Welbeck , Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Iwobi) no matter how bad they perform and not promote the players from academy is forcing them to leave. We are looking like a sinking ship now but if we win couple of matches, all the AKBs will come out of holes and start their Wenger praises only to go missing during February or March when again we will be in pretty bad state.We need to keep protesting against Wenger and Board no matter what happens in next few matches.

    1. LL_cool_gunner says:

      Leave iwobi out of that list..

  7. Troy says:

    IS COMING…..

  8. Brian Smith says:

    Lost for words!!!!! Arsene says he is an honourable man. Well please do the honourable thing by our club. Resign after this window, admit you have got it wrong over the last few years, Admit you can no longer build a great side. You have let the fans down yet again. I cant watch this deadline day any more. Going to the pub to get wasted and be laughed at by all the spuds and manure fans.
    Laters Gooners

  9. Me says:

    I am enjoying watching Wenger fail.
    Its the only thing that is entertaining about Arsenal.
    Watching that idiot screw things up.
    It will be even better when the crowd turn on him, especially the ticket prices they are paying for him to do so little. I can hear the boo’s cry out now.
    Highest ticket prices in Europe and Brighton have a greater net spend on players.
    Boo him out of the stadium.
    What a useless, incompetent, senile old moron.
    What a waste of space.

  10. GoonerKev84 says:

    Sad times ahead to be an arsenal fan. Defense and central midfield once again ignored how is that even possible? Does Wenger do these things to wind the fans up or is he genuinely blindly deluded? Can’t believe pensioners is tearing this club apart! You know its bad times when Wolves have spent more in the transfer market, it seems we can’t compete with championship teams neither.

    1. Me says:

      Fun times ahead.
      Just enjoy it, laugh at the clown as he messes things up and blames everyone else.
      With any luck he might get hit by a North Korean missile…

  11. Gooner4life says:

    Plan A LeMar no he wants Liverpool Plan B Maherz no way he wants to join Liverpool Plan c the butcher down the road no he wants to play for Liverpool Plan D your man’s dead grandfather no way he was Liverpool supporter Plan E just tell the same old lies we tried hard to get players yea that’s the one we’ll stick with gullible fans always believe that one next transfer window we’ll tell them we have 200 million to spend they’ll believe that too

  12. Ronny says:

    It’s momentum I think if there’s a bad snell around the club you can feel it in the air.

    We should not forget our part in this, I use the term generally for fans obviously it’s not of all of them.
    The game when we wouldn’t give the ball back to bellerin and we’re verbally attacking like nothing I’ve ever seen in a top league team.
    Who consoled bellerin at the end who now left, ox
    I genuinely feel now we must sell sanchez and then wholeheartedly stick behind the players left good or bad performance the odd boo half time doesn’t hurt.
    Even Wenger deserves massive criticism but I still blame gazidis and ultimately kroenke.
    All season I’d love to see banners for those two out.

    MU verbally protested against moise and van gall and due to this both of them were sacked.

    It was up to SK and IG to sack Wenger they didn’t and Wenger deluded as he maybe truly I think stayed on because he loves arsenal and cannot see from the outside that change is needed.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Nice analysis Ronny. Good to see someone not thinking in black and white. At this point, I think Sanchez needs to go. If he stays he poisons the whole club. As for Wenger, A second year outside the top four will probably see him dismissed. The powers that be may have felt that getting rid of him for failing to make CL after 20 years was churlish. Two straight years is a different story. They love Wenger because he’s made them money, the moment he stops is the moment he’s gone. And finally yes, once this shutter closes on this horrific window I hope fans can support the players for 90 minutes. Like many say, Wenger is not bigger than the club and as long as the players give 100% they deserve our support, win or lose. Mail it in again like they did on the weekend and they are fir game.

      1. Wolf says:

        But they didn’t give their all. 4 0 Liverpool, 1 0 Stoke

    2. Me says:

      You are absolutely correct.
      Gazidis was behind Le Moron when he chose to play a right back at left back despite the fact we have three left backs in the squad. It was Gazidis and Kroenke who told Le Moron to play left backs at centre back despite having a number of centre backs in the squad and its was Gazidis who left the record signing on the bench.
      The issues on the field are absolutely nothing to do with the board – what happens on the field is the entire responsibility of the manager – thats what he gets paid all that money to do.
      The issues of Arsenal are completely down to Arsene Wenger.
      There is no defence of him – there is no distribution of blame it is all down to the sheer incompetence of a manager who should have retired six years ago. It is the responsibility of a man who placed his own self needs before everything and everyone else.
      I sincerely hope that this season is an unmitigated disaster, that attendances fall and the atmosphere becomes toxic and unproductive. That is the only way to get that idiot out of the club.
      What a total shambles of a club…

  13. Mcgunner says:

    Best thing to do is try zone out from all things arsenal this year because it’s going to be miserable

  14. Ozilla says:

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the player who asked to leave the club. Arsenal are in shambles. Did Lemar really say “No” to us? If true, that alongside the OX choosing to leave us for Liverpool should be the wake-up call everyone needs to see that Wenger needs to go.

  15. Me says:

    Feel bad for Sanchez.
    What a player to have to spend a whole year having to be at such a bad club as Arsenal. To have to train with garbage like Walcott and Wilshere.
    To have to be managed by the resident half wit.
    Going to be a long long season for him.
    Still, he will be able to join a real football club in the summer and win some real silver ware..

    1. Coldzero says:

      I don’t! He is a sulky snake! I want him out of my club!

      1. Me says:

        He wants to win things.
        And the club is a laughing stock.
        Blame him if you like, just don’t ignore the root cause of all this. The one person who has brought all of this onto Arsenal
        Arsene Wenger.
        That is Arsenal’s biggest enemy…

    2. GoonerKev84 says:

      Resident half witt hahaha classic mate ? we got wengered this transfer window it’s unacceptable

    3. AngryGunner says:

      You shouldn’t feel bad for Sanchez , when Arsenal concedes 4 goals and he laughs , he is insulting Arsenal fans , it’s obvious from such game that Arsenal fans are unhappy yet Alexis can’t hold himself from not laughing ! that is disrespectful and says a lot about the player !

      1. Akan says:

        Don’t know what you were looking at but I do not recall seeing laugh.. Whay I saw was a man smiling to himself at the inane idiotic escapade going on at the club, just as I am smiling now

  16. Josh says:

    I don’t know y I feel these two signings could do for us at d moment… (Van djik and Draxler), splash a 100mil on both.. Give us some hope, jst dose two plus sanchez staying could change something….
    But… This is arsenal weneger… Oh God why?…
    Its hard and sad being an arsenal fan especially on August 31 2017…
    Wenger should just go…

  17. V.uren says:

    Somebody just wake me up when we are a force again ….

    I hate to say this , but we are actually a joke !!!

    If our business were to conclude now , we will have turned a profit !

  18. fovana says:

    that 90m for Lemar better to buy vandyk +seri

  19. TheArsenalWay says:

    The great fans of Arsenal, especially those with season tickets, I beg all of you to make a stand! Our club is rotting and we need to stop this!

    Don’t go to matches!
    Bring out banners!

    We need our club back!

  20. ArseOverTit says:

    One of many.

    Indian sport writer for the telegraph taking the piss on their live transfer feed..pfffff:

    I am astonished to see the whole of UK completely tied up with the Football transfers today..

    India is often labelled an underdeveloped & lazy nation but surely we wind up our Indian Premier League cricket auctioning in a day..

    And surely we are more industrious than a certain EPL French manager who cannot transfer in or out players of decent footballing qualities & becomes a centre of transfer sagas every transfer window…

    Standard practice these days.

  21. Jack reacher says:

    Mpabbe is not leaving haha psg get him lemar not leaving haha he wants Liverpool oh my god I need bottle whiskey and why is nobody like where is da ox replacement and even better why have we not said Liverpool 40 million and pound why have we dealt with them we’re is our pride and say ye made fool outa us and say back wat are they smokeing over at anfield ox stays for year if he sulks in da reserves he goes ahhhhhhhh my blood is boiling

  22. Me says:

    Its predictable deflection
    Bid £90 million in the last few hours for a player who was about to feature in an international football match KNOWING that he would reject it. Then come out in the media “you can see we tried to sign him”
    If you are taken in by this behaviour then you are a bigger idiot than Wenger for thinking that would work.
    Wenger is a fraud.
    He has defrauded the fans and he has fraudulently claimed to be competent to manage Arsenal to success this season.
    Drive the ba**ard out of the club….

    1. COYG_CA says:

      Of course! They actually think some of the fans would believe such a damn farce!??

  23. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Arsene: yeah Bruv, £92m p’s

    Monaco board: ok

    Arsene: what?

    Monaco board: yeah we accept your bid

    Arsene: but you have lost all these players

    Monaco board: yeah yeah that’s fine. I’ll get our bank account details

    Arsene: *gulp* no, no, no. Wait. Mbappe is leaving. You can’t lose Lemar too.

    Monaco board: £92m is just too much

    Wenger: *wipes seat off forehead*

    Monaco board: so who do we send bank details to?

    Wenger: ok I’ll come clean. My nan’s sick so I have to visit her in hospital. Can’t do the deal

    Monaco board: *silence*

    Wenger: *looks away* what?!?!?! Don’t look at me like that!!!!

    Monaco board: they said you were a window shopper

    Wenger: How bloody well dare you!!!! I am a manager of 20+ years at top level you know? *Clutches chest and falls to floor faking a heart attack*

    Monaco board: ok we are done. Remember why we have never sold to arsenal in a while

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Why does Wenger have a ‘seat’ on his head. Is it so Kroenke can sit on it;)?

  24. Atid says:

    After the dust has settled people see a 53 man professional squad including 26 seniors. As well an additional 20 1St and 2nd year schollars

    The likes of macey, Debuchy, wilshire and akpom may have been thrown a lifeline, whilst our first choice x1 (imo) and most of our first choice bench have remained.

    Mustafi Mertesacker Koscielny
    Bellerin xhaka cazorla kolasinac
    Ozil alexis

    Ospina, monreal, coquelin, ramsey. Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud –
    That 18 is not too shabby, the rest of the 25 are
    Macey Chambers, Debuchy, Holding, elneny. Wilshire. Akpom
    Again not too shabby and they are ably supported by a strong looking u21 x1
    Sheaf Bielik pleguezuelo
    Niles. Willock Adelaide da silva
    Nelson iwobi
    Cue the thumbs down.

  25. Joelreuz says:

    This is the new Arsenal. And to think a player in Suarez was baying to join us just 3 seasons ago because he saw us as a better club than Liverpool but now we will be lucky if a decent enough player ever wants to play for us. Disheartening to even think we will go thru this for two years and we are not even one month in yet. *sighs*

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