Confirmed – Arsenal agree Krystian Bielik transfer to Derby County

After fours years at Arsenal, Polish defender Krystian Bielik has left the club and is now officially a Derby County player subject to completion of regulatory processes.

The 22-year-old signed for us from Polish side Legia Warsaw back in January 2015 for a reported fee of £2.4 million.

Arsenal has not confirmed the fee that Derby have paid but it is thought to be £10 Million with a sell-on clause attached but no buyback.

This is a questionable transfer for some fans as the 21-year-old is highly regarded and considering he is a central defender, a position we desperately need to strengthen, it is a little strange that Arsenal has chosen to offload him.

Bielik spent last season on loan at Charlton Athletic featuring in 31 games and it was thought that he would be given a chance this season at Arsenal but for some reason, he has not been able to convince Unai Emery that he was worth taking a chance on.

The young lad has featured at every level of the Polish national youth teams from the U16 right through to the U21’s.

It is a shame it has not worked out for Bielik and we wish him all the best in the Championship with Derby County.


  1. With all due respect this is naive and ignorant business from Arsenal.They are happy to receive the £10m but could have been happier if only Krystian Bielik was given the chance and actually fulfilled his potential which the club knows of.For a club that needs defenders this is a shocking sale.Guendouzi was brought from Ligue 2 and put right into the first eleven as we needed a CM.
    Bielik can play DM/CB though I rate him as a CB and his defensive skills shown at the U21’s and Charlton showed there was a chance be could develop into a top player.For the first time in many years we get to bring a defensive player through and we just shun him for whatever reason when the talent is clear for all to see.He is even better than Kyle Bartley whom we wasted time on.Another disappointing and possibly regrettable sale of a talented youngster.Listen, don’t sleep on our youngsters at all because we have some real and actually talented players in our youth set up.No jokes

    1. Kev the thing is he refused to sign another contract, so although I agree he has potential no more players leaving on a discount/free I would also sell auba if he doesn’t sign

      1. He didn’t want to go on another loan so refused the new contract.Disappointed in the sale.If there was nothing about him I’d understand but clearly you can see he’s talented

        1. It is a real shame he wasn’t given a chance. Like you I’m amazed he wasn’t even considered for a go in the first team. You can’t tell but in a few years time he could be an outstanding defender and we will regret it.

    2. Too late to regret this

      I guess Arsenal got tempted with the 10 M after Bielik informed he wouldn’t extend his contract due to the lack of opportunities

      At least Arsenal could use the money to get a new CB now

    3. Kev, this is fantastic business, especially in the context of Arsenal’s selling history. We get 10 million, plus a sell on clause, for young inexperienced player who had only a few Arsenal appearances to his name, and has only been playing at league 1 level. Under Wenger and Gazidas, we would have got nothing, or a tiny fee.

      I couldn’t believe Liverpool got nearly 20 million for Solanke, amongst other clubs that have been doing great business. So it’s great to see us FINALLY doing the same. Selling deadwood allows us to reinvest, and retain our best players by the way.

      1. But that’s the thing.Talent doesn’t care about league.Im sure over the past 20years we’ve had some players with world class potential in some countries who never had the chance to play in Europe or in a well recognized league.
        Bielik has been impressive for us in the academy and also out on loan.The only thing unimpressive about him was his injury record.If you watch him he has shown that there is something special about him in the way he reads the game and defends.I mean for a team lacking quality in defence this was the chance for him and he wasn’t even given a chance.

    4. The third tier of English football is a million miles away from The Premier League and the coach watches him every day. I think Emery knows what he’s doing on this one. I’ve heard it will release more money to get the Tieney deal done. I’m getting a bit worried about Tierney. By all accounts he seems quite happy if he stays at Celtic in which case I would seriously question the boy’s ambition. If he stays at Celtic he’ll end up living in a £200K house in East Glasgow instead of a £5M house in Hampstead

      1. I beg to differ on Emery knowing what he’s doing.Talent does not care about league or wherever you play.That is why Guendouzi came in and started for us from Ligue 2.If Bielik was given a chance we would have known how good he could be.Not all youngsters deserve chances because some aren’t good enough but for a youngster like Bielik he really did deserve a chance.If he fulfils his potential thus amount we have received is peanuts

      2. Ambition that matters to us Kenny, is not which house he lives in but at what level he wishes to play. Prem is far , far better than Scots Prem and he would be wise to put his career way above posh houses. He will improve far more playing with(in our training games and against(in Prem matches) high level opponents than staying in a one horse league of second class players. Nothing at all to do with houses in real career ambition.

        1. Jon, I have replied to your questions and comments regarding Ozil and Pepe, as Phil has also done.

          Hope to see your reply on that subject!!!

          With reference to this subject, Bielik was demanding sureties about playing time and first team squad inclusion, before he signed a new contract it has been reported.

          A correct decision was made by the new regime that the club would not be held to ransom by the players anymore.

          Hence the transfer Bielik – the regime deserves to be congratulated.

        2. Kev understood my post Jon, I don’t think you did. The comparison I was making was Bielik playing for Charlton. I was not comparing the Premier League to the Scottish League and whether you like it or not, if he signs for Arsenal he’ll have a bigger house than if he stays at Celtic.

    5. Ok Kev you will be a happy fan if he stays. Would hundreds of fans that clamouring for a new and experienced defender if Kos leaves be happy. The boy simply said he won’t go on another loan because he had read the situation well and understood he won’t be playing first team football for arsenal this season with Holding, Chambers and Mavro in front of him. He chooses a championship team ahead of us pal. I kind of like though because he prefers playing than sitting on the bench. Come to think of it we just paid 30m euro for an 18 yrs old defender.

      1. Of course, the guy has a vision for his career.Considering how bad our defence was this was the chance for him.He was not going to be given a chance even with our shamboloic defense so it’s best he rejected the loan and new contract

    6. Selling Bielik is a big big, major mistake. Mark my words. This is so obvious a lack of insight in talent. Just wait and see in the future. No buy back clause?? The fact he was not even in the preseason squad to prove himself is mindblowing to me. I am trying to stay calm now, but this is a disaster.

    7. Emery would not have made the decision on Bielik; it would have been Freddie Ljungberg as he has the greater knowledge of the player.
      Two seasons ago Bielik was hampered by injury, when Emery was at PSG and last season Bielik was on loan at Charlton, so Emery would have limited opportunity to see and assess the player.
      Bielik himself would not extend his contract, because he wanted first team football. In all honesty could Arsenal promise him that in the coming season?
      As well as the reported £9.5 million transfer fee, although there is no buy back clause, Arsenal gets 35% of any sell on transfer fee paid to Derby County.
      It is interesting that no other EPL clubs went after Bielik.

  2. Hate to see him leave without even getting a real look by Emery. However, if that profit is used to bring Tierney to us, then it’s well worth the sale.

    We need to improve the LB position and Tierney could own it for 8 years or so. Lovely window business and some pundits still having a dig at Arsenal’s business and new players.

    Seems like sour grapes from them, and 2 (I won’t name they’re spuds) said we’ve actually gotten weaker; Pepe unproven and Ramsey > Ceballos.

    We’ll see in coming months, but I expect they will be proven wrong as usual.

    1. Durand, why is Emery blamed for not giving Bielik a chance, when during Emery’s first season Bielik was on loan at Charlton?

  3. Good point Kev, I wonder if Emery even gave Beliek a chance to prove himself. I’ll give you another rumored example;

    Mavroporas; Sven brought him in and Wenger even changed his mind when he saw the kid actually play. Rumored Emery doesn’t rate him and not sure why.

    I trust Sven and Wenger evaluating talent far better than Emery. I trust Freddie more also, as he worked with our youngsters and has gotten results from them.

    Pity Beliek never played for Freddie, curious to know if things would have been different.

    1. Wenger’s evaluation of Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Elneny wasn’t so great. Also snubbing Xabi Alonso for £15 million and only offering £3 million less was a whopper. Also giving a huge increase in salary to Ozil shows he wasn’t great at evaluating players quality

      1. Everybody you just named had shown quality at their previous clubs. Ozil worked magic for us up to a point, Mustafi as well. Both Xhaka and Elneny have blown hot and cold ever since coming to us. Hard to blame AW for that, but but you found a way.

        1. Durand, during Emery’s entire tenure as Head Coach, Mavropanos has been injured. How can you “rate” a player if he is not fit to play?

    2. Mavropanos is definitely not ready for EPL matches yet

      He couldn’t contain Benteke and he got injured again after playing in some EPL games

      However, I predict we would see him more often if Arsenal don’t buy a new CB or if they sell Monreal/ Chambers/ Mustafi

      1. He needs a loan very badly. I don’t think any of know if he is good or even has potential at the moment.

        1. Constant injuries are his problem.I felt be also lacked fitness anytime I saw him play last season.In the matches he played in 17/18 season you could see he could defend and was a good passer.Now it looks like nothing is working for him.Hopefully he improved on his fitness so we can see what he’s actually about

          1. Yeah, no one knows if Mavropanos has potential. The kid was man of the match on his debut in Old Trafford. When he played, he showed his potential every single time, even when he made mistakes.
            How many young CBs have he had in recent years who were tall, strong, fast, good in the air, and good passers all at the same time?
            None is the answer unless someone can remind of anyone.
            I think it must be his injuries after coming to England that are costing him (and us).

            But I agree he needs a loan if we sign another CB this transfer window.

    3. I saw the beliek on youtube video, and i cleary sure he is young version of david luis, for cb or dm,hes very agresive, trying to go front and shooting.
      Seem emery prefer ball playing cb, who staying in back line, like saliba.
      Emery seem dont like beliek style playing

    4. Wenger is one of the best coaches I’ve ever known when it comes to spotting a talented player at a time when the player is relatively not popular or unknown.Infact he must surely be in the top ten when it comes to that.
      For a coach it is more likely you’ll get it wrong than get it right but when it comes to spotting talent you’ll judged on how good the talent you spotted became.
      Wenger should have left in 2008 but when it comes to spotting talent he’s one of the best.Note That, you can also spot them but may not sign them for one reason or the other

        1. Yes kev and how many now great players did he nearly sign?
          It’s a crying shame Arsenal did not sign Virgil Van Djik from Celtic, because Arsene Wenger thought he didn’t work hard enough.

      1. So utd signing HM for 80 million some fans think he’s the best in the PL ? I read yesterday a utd fan saying they have the galactico dream 3 Alexis, Dybala and Rashford ?

        1. They have always been doing galacticos since Fergie, we all can see where it land them. I dont really see utd as a challenger, we are almost at same level with better coach. It will be an interesting EPL though

          1. I thought that was only real Madrid ? yes Adajim we definitely have the better coach Solskjaer will be sacked I’m certain of that

  4. ??? bloody hilarious ain’t it, Kev?! Bloody hell next they’ll be saying they’re gonna win the quadruple!!!

    1. Haha yeah Sue ? I wouldn’t be so confident with Solskjaer as my manager he’s an average coach at best probably spouting the same things fergie said to him ? see Michael Owen has us finishing 6th does he ever say anything positive about us ? If all his predictions came true last season we’d be kicking our season off tonight or tomorrow ?

      1. He drives me mental.. I hope he isn’t still on the BT punditry team.. that voice ?
        So do you think we’ll see Nico against Barca?

        1. The voice the accent just annoying I really can’t stand him! Not at all Sue tbh with the season so close id send the young guns to Barca keep the seniors at home ? so do you think we’ll get a CB and young Tierney ?

          1. Newcastle signed my scouting project Allan Saint Max ? I think it would be very careless to go with Sokratis and Mustafi with so many tough opening games ?

      2. Kev Owen is the worst most biyast pathetic pundit there has ever been I love him for the Uris against Germany but hate the little leprechaun bellbean otherwise

        1. Yes Solly as a player apart from injuries he was a top level player but as you said the most biast pathetic pundit there is! I can only think that maybe Wenger didn’t want to bring him back to the PL from Spain is the reason he has a deep hatred for Arsenal ? even if we signed a top CB and LB he’d have us finishing 6th ?

          1. No Kev82, he hates Arsenal because of the pain inflicted on him by results and tackles, when Arsenal had hard men.

  5. All the best Bielik (congratulation Derby and Bielik) I’m gutted we’re losing you but I hope you go on-to fulfill your promise and come back to the PL one day. I was reading from Charlton and Derby fans and man they were all so respectful, it was weird, not one bad comment or sour grapes comment, all happy talking about Bielik. He helped Charlton with promotion and now Derby hope he can do the same. He’s playing at a level now that someone with a bit of star quality will be noticed, so I don’t hold it against him. One way or another I think he’ll be playing PL football next season. We should’ve given him a run of games, even at the start of his contract he was better built for it than many of our first team squad. He needed game-time so he made the right move, he should’ve gotten it sooner only that the money those teenagers get is very important to some households. All the best Bielik – we’ll all look forward to seeing you develop into one of the leagues better players, I hope you’re a Gooner at heart.

  6. I just hope that selling krystian bieliek will not come back to haunt us,he will blossom into a top center back with Derby county,I wish him the best

      1. lol it’s hard to tell kev his voice is so high pitch only the dogs can hear him properly

  7. OT.. is anyone on here familiar with the ticket exchange? It’s been driving me mad all day!
    Been trying for tickets for the Burnley match… find 2 tickets, ready to buy, then re-assign one of them, for my son (who is on my network & his membership is renewed) and it says he hasn’t the correct attributes.. even though I used it various times last season, without any problems. Has anyone else had this problem?
    Have spoken to AFC box office, didn’t seem to know about it, but requested a screenshot of the message, which I’ve done… I’m stressed!!! Argh!!!!

  8. Bielik going only confirms one thing I have known all along !……….Pepe was signed to replace Mustafi, cant believe all you idiots thinking he will partner Auba and Laca !

  9. The sale of Beilik saddens me as it shows a lack of appreciation of the lads ability by Emery who has never worked with him in training (because he was starring for Charlton) and obviously never watched him during the European under 21 Competition when he performed very well in high class company which included the likes of Ceballos and Foden.When we ship out a talented youngster yet retain mediocre players like Mustafi and Socratis it raises doubts concerning the decision making ability of our Manager in my mind.I hope Beilik goes on to prove Emery wrong.

    1. Grandad, as I have said above and agreed by you that Emery wasn’t in a position to assess him, the decision would have been made or recommended by Lundberg.
      Bielik would not extend his contract and wanted a promise of first team football, which could not be given.
      The new Arsenal would not let him run down his contract and leave for free.

  10. What are people saying about beilik
    He had a wonderful season but he isn’t
    Going to solve our defensive problem and
    Won’t go on loan arsenal gets a % in future
    Sale by derby and 10mil for him is a great deal
    All we can do is wish him goodluck not moaning
    As if we just sold a superstar/or one of our best
    1st team players

  11. Nonny regarding your assertion that Beilik was not going to solve our defensive problems, you may be correct but the point is he was never given the chance to do so by the current regime who did not sign him nor work with him.

    1. Grandad, it could be argued that he did not give Arsenal a chance, expecting a guarantee of first team football, prior to resigning.

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