Confirmed – Arsenal and Chelsea chasing Croatian star

Arsenal linked with new signing as deadline day approaches!

Arsenal may be close to wrapping up the window with the anticipated signings of Mustafi and Lucas Perez, both of whom are expected to sign on the dotted line officially tomorrow, however there could be one more face to join the Emirates before the window shuts, in the form of Inter Milan’s Marcelo Brozovic.

Arsene Wenger is supposedly lining up a last minute deal for the Inter midfielder after showing a late interest in Brozovic’s supposed availability. It’s possible that Brozovic has been made available for the right offer by Inter Milan, who can only offer Europa League football rather than Champions League to the player. Finances could be a key reasoning behind any such deal and according to the player’s agent, a move to England could be on the cards before the transfer window closes.

Brozovic’s agent Miroslav Bicanic, told homeland media Index in Croatia:

“It’s true, there are many options and we are talking about some big European clubs. I heard that Chelsea representatives are in Milan and that Arsenal are also prepared to sign him. Inter are pushing to sell to one of these two clubs who are prepared to pay a sum that satisfies all concerned.”

Going by what the agent says, it seems that Premier League rivals Chelsea seem more interested than the Gunners, who are simply just ‘prepared to sign him’. It seems a bit distant by Arsene Wenger and so perhaps the credibility of his interest isn’t entirely true. However even if Wenger was interested, I don’t see why Arsenal would need this signing, especially so late on into a transfer window.

There are a few things slightly strange about this rumour, first of which is the fact that although Brozovic spent last season on loan at Inter, the Croatian actually only officially signed for Inter on a permanent basis earlier this summer. Why Brozovic would be sold before he’s made his debut as a permanent signing rather than a loan signing, I do not know, unless it is the player’s agent just trying to stir some interest about his client.

Secondly Arsenal are more than packed with midfielders at the moment and so the signing of Brozovic would only make things worse rather than better for the club. Competition for places is supposed to be good for bringing the best out of players, but with the amount of midfielders we have for 3-5 positions on the pitch, depending on what you want to class wingers as, such competition means that we already have many players who are going to struggle for regular football this season. We certainly do not need Brozovic added to those ranks and quite simply I wouldn’t even say the 23 year old would bring much to Arsenal anyway.

As much as we want Arsene Wenger to spend some money, I think we can safely say that unless someone of the highest quality becomes available, Arsenal won’t be doing any more business after announcing the deals of Perez and Mustafi. Brozovic could turn out to be the last of the silly transfer rumours for this summer.



  1. Chelsea will sign him. Even though we are likely to set Wilshere out on loan, Wenger said we’re unlikely to sign anyone new. We already have Cazorla, Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelen and Ramsey…

    1. As far as i’m concerned Wilshere is too slow and too lazy. He lacks stamina. For his height and size he should be more mobile! if he doesn’t improve on his loan (that’s even if they play him!) we should seriously consider letting him go!
      Ox too has to step up. He’s always putting Monreal in a tight spot by not falling back. I don’t know why Wenger doesn’t shout at him when he does this (or when other players are not up to it).
      Wenger has to be more vocal. He needs to correct the wrongs during the match and not after it!!!!

  2. I don’t see any need for him right now. our midfield is well loaded with quality players alredi. I wud prefer signing another striker to add more depth to our striking force than a midfielder. although I am ok with the current squad if no new signing are added again before transfer deadline.

  3. Inter have new cash rich chinese owners. This only makes sense if they are bringing in someone better, but then why sign him earlier this summer. It makes no sense to me ar all.

    Probably more made up media rubbish.

    1. Having cash rich owners does not mean they will be throwing around money like what Abramovic and the Abu Dabi group do.

  4. We don’t need another midfielder. I don’t see Wenger signing any other player. Luxury signing for me will be a RB (where’s Debuchy?). Although I heard Mustafi can play RB so maybe that’s fine. LB is another position but we have Gibbs who doesn’t complain. Monreal ain’t getting young but he is still quality,he only need the LW to help him. Another luxury Winger? We have players there already and Wenger plays Ramsey on the flank sometimes. Striker? Maybe but I think the squad is fine without new signings. Thankfully we added Perezzzzzzzzzzz (he’s gonna shine) and Mustaaaaaafi (I love the Germans)

  5. Glad Wilshere has been found out for the blood sucking leech he really is. If its not constant injuries it is the smoking and late night bar brawls! The kind of money he is paid can be used on a more regular and deserverving player like Bellerin or Coquelin. Away with him! May he not come back again.

    1. Wilshere has his lows but don’t turn blind eye on his bright side, it is 50-50. He was once our Iniesta/Xavi remember?? An Injury free Wilshere will do wonders, he’s naturally gifted player, he just needs to stay fit and release the F*g ball faster.
      Loan might work for him, but I want see a bit of him here. #MrPassion

      1. @muda
        How long do you wait for players to finally”come good”? Jack himself said, he’s not about to change his style of play, so that only means he’ll continue to get injured. Dude has a decent footballing brain, but is clueless as to how to best use his low center of gravity to compensate for his lack of pace. In my opinion, he’s shot his wad…

        1. @NYG In fact, just three weeks ago. Wilshere DID say he was going to change his style of play!
          Wilshere said. “I know my body better than ever now, I know what it can and can’t do. It just can’t go into ridiculous challenges, especially in training.”

          “That was the frustrating thing about last year. It wasn’t in the Community Shield, it wasn’t in a big game in the Premier League, it was in a training session before the Community Shield. I went into a tackle that I never should have, and I paid the price. I’ve done that before in the past as well. I know that my body is capable of training a lot, and putting myself through hard sessions and getting fitter. But going into stupid tackles is one thing that I will be avoiding.”

          Link –

          1. @Admin
            Thanks for the article.
            I still think he needs to work on his dribbling skills as well as his low center of gravity movement…Then he might have a shot…

  6. Why does his agent only ‘think’ reps are in Milan? Surely as his agent he would know? It just sounds like he’s talking some waffle, for whatever reason! Maybe trying to scare Inter in to playing him regularly, as he is aware that they are interested in spending money, now that they have rich owners maybe??

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