Confirmed: Arsenal complete signing of Alex Runarsson from Dijon

Arsenal have completed a deal to sign Runar Alex Runarsson from Dijon today, as confirmed by their official website.

The goalkeeper will come in as replacement for Emiliano Martinez, who quit the club to join Aston Villa last week.

Football.London claims the goalkeeper has cost just £1 Million, which could well give us a much-needed boost to our finances as we look to strengthen our midfield, with strong links with both Houssem Aouar and Thomas Partey.

Runarsson will wear the number 13 shirt this season, and is expected to come in as back-up to Bernd Leno, although there has been strong links with a possible deal to sign Brentford’s David Raya also.

Edu and Mikel Arteta have both commented on the official Arsenal website on our latest signing too, with the latter hinting that he will provide competition for places.

Technical director Edu said: “We’re very pleased to welcome Alex to our squad. We have been monitoring him for some time and from the analysis, he has strong attributes that we look for in a goalkeeper and as a person.”

Mikel Arteta added: “We want to create healthy competition for places and we look forward to seeing Alex bring further depth to the goalkeeping position.”

There is still two weeks left to make further signings, but I would expect that the Icelandic international will be our only addition between the sticks despite links with a deal to sign the Brentford shotstopper.

Could Runarsson be a replacement for Matt Macey or does his arrival end speculation of further competition for Leno?


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  1. Welcome Alex to the team, now lets go and get Thomas and Aouar to the team. And thanks alot to the board for acquiring Alex.

    1. Martinelli £6m
      Guendouzi £7m

      Both now worth over 30m.

      Leicester bought Mahrez for 400k
      Chelsea bought Cahill for relegated team for 7m

      Dont write Runarsson, yet. Should give him a,chance at least. I mean who in the league has a back up GK worth over 20m?

      1. Have to admit I never even heard of him. But I checked a few YouTube videos and he looked quite tidy. But then again this was YouTube!

      2. 👍 Inaki Cana recommended Runarsson and he has to coach him. Arsenal can’t really go wrong for an outlay of £1.5 million.

    2. @Simon Should we have spent 20 – 30 M on a backup keeper or should we instead use the money from the sale of Martinez to perhaps buy a midfielder?

      If Arteta, Edu and our goalkeeping coach all think he is good, paying 1 M or so could be a real bargain if they are right.

        1. Amazing isn’t it Sue.

          Chavski lay out 70 odd million for Kepa (the most expensive keeper in the world) and today have basically replaced him !

          70 odd million – does that automatically make Kepa a better keeper than Leno ………..

          NO BLOODY WAY !

          In fact what I’ve seen of Kepa, I’d much rather have ALEX THE VIKING !!!

          1. *Thunder clap* 😝👍
            Just when you think Kepa can’t possibly get any worse, he does… and in spectacular style!! Hilarious!!

  2. Hopefully now we can all put the Martinez episode behind us .
    I’ve never seen this kid play so I can’t give an opinion on what he is like TBH , but Im pretty sure He will be straight in as number 2 seeing that Macey also wants to leave .

  3. Should’ve gotten a taller GK in the mold of Seaman or Martinez, since Runarsson is too similar to Leno. But at least he’s a Gooner

          1. He looks smaller. He tends to punch the ball away in set pieces and when he anticipates the opposition’s crosses, instead of catching the ball

            1. Gotanidea, whatever youve written about leno has nothing to do with height. Allison’s 6’2, Eder’s 6’1, Pope’s 6’2 ! They all handle crosses better. It’s about proper TIMING.

      1. Runar Runarsson is 1.85 m (6’1″) tall.
        Dan, gotanidea wants a goal keeper 2.44m (8’0″) high and preferably 7. 32m (32’0″)wide, so he blocks the whole goal mouth! Not to quick if he has to come out for a cross or back pass though. 🤔😁

  4. Price is not a guarantee of quality nor success,just look at Kepa,Maguire and, thus far Pepe.Let’s keep an open mind and judge Runarsson on his performances.

  5. Welcome to the Arsenal.
    OT: Martinez just saved a beautiful penalty and the villa fans online are going crazy 😭

    1. Some people are still in a dream state that it was the best piece of business selling him. Deluded fans, the whole lot. So used to mediocrity that they would accept anything as standard unless if it’s a player not liked by popular opinion. The double standards is mind raveling.

  6. I just wonder if this will be forgotten “a little quicker” if we manage to land both Aouar & Partey !!!

    In a nutshell, all the very best at Villa Emi, and welcome to Arsenal Alex.

    LENO IS OUR NO 1 and thank God we’ve got him !

  7. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him before but just watched his interview on Arsenal Player and he seems well grounded, well spoken and determined. He gets his pints across well and to the point, let’s hope he performs in the same manner. Couldn’t help but think of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV listening him! “If he dies, he dies” 😂

    1. NottsGooner, I hope he is not so “well grounded” that he can’t leap and dive about and stays off the “pints”, as we don’t want him putting on too much weight. 😁

  8. You are and your likes are the deluded one if you believe Arsenal sold Martinez because we have to. He asked to leave, he said it himself and thanked the club for granting his wish. What do want the club to do glue him between the post at Emirate and force Villa at gun point to buy Leno. You lot are to rigid to understand. Get over it the boy is gone. If the boy is as good as you all believe why did he not show it 2 year ago when we need a goalie and buy Leno.

    1. Mobella, agree with you, but 2 years ago Martinez did show it, before that he showed it at Reading; however over the past 10 years no one has been watching until this season.
      Sometimes clubs don’t see a player, right under their noses.

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