CONFIRMED Arsenal contact – But is this French centre-back good enough?

There is no doubt that Arsenal are in dire need of defensive reinforcements urgently, and according to reports in France we are looking at the St. Etienne centre-back Loic Perrin. at 29 years of age Perrin is certainly very experienced, with over 220 games under his belt in the French League, although he has never played competitively for the French national team.

“I was contacted personally. Arsenal are interested,” Perrin is quoted as saying in the Mirror. “But for now, there is still no contact with Saint-Etienne.”

The report states that he would be available for as little as £6million which I am sure will appeal to Arsene Wenger, and also he is said to be able to play in a variety of defensive positions which is also in his favour.

We all know Wenger likes a bargain, but personally I can’t see Perrin being anything but a stop-gap squad player. Perrin has spent his whole career at St. Etienne, but surely if he was very talented he would have snapped up by a top French team at any time in the last decade, and because of his age he is unlikely to be expected to improve any more. I know we are desperate, but if Wenger was serious when he said that he would only buy players that would improve the team then this must be an unlikely signing.

Sebastien Squillaci anyone?

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Arsenal chasing a 29yr oLd CB approaching the end of his carrear, from a french Ligue2 outfit can only show our Lack of Ambition……… Wenger is no fan of the window(he stated that some time ago)…..and instead of seeing it as a blessing, he considers it a nuisance and a curse

    1. junweiseah says:

      Perrin plays for St Etienne in Ligue 1, not Ligue 2. And how is a 29 year old nearing the end of his career?? He may not be a spring chicken but can probably play for the next 5 years at least

      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        what i don’t understand about you Lot is…… We would have Perrin 29 , Kos 29, mert 30 …..half the entire CBs already in their prime…… And in a year or two, we’d have an entire crop of oldies bossing our defence…… Are there no younger, agile ,dexterous and dynamic players out ere?…….why heap more problems upon ourselves, when we can barely even solve those on ground?…….. I’m just puzzled

        1. junweiseah says:

          I didn’t say anything about wanting Perrin…

        2. ogban says:

          We need a quick-fix to give the likes of Chambers, Ajayi, etc time to grow and take over. If Perrin fits the bill, then why not?

          1. ArseOverTit says:


            – It’s always a quick fix (what ever happened to planning)
            – he plays in the French League 1 (the PL it ain’t)
            – never played for his country (why?)
            – never played UCL football
            – he is 5’10 and not used to the hustle and bustle of the PL. He can’t be a quick fix because he will have to learn AGAIN on the job (adjusting to PL) and may potentially be a weak spot for us that will hinder rather than help us in the immediate future.

            If it’s out there buy proven..

          2. jermaineBryan says:

            He has the highest heading accuracy in leige1
            He is the best French defender in the league
            He is similar level to vermaelen
            He is in his peak
            He is a leader

            6m a bargain

          3. ArseOverTit says:

            Look if we do go for him I hope he does amazingly well.

            I know his stats are good for the 11 matches his played this season But regardless of what you have said, he still isn’t proven in the PL.

            Let’s hope he is a wenger Gem and not Wenger’s Plegm.

        3. 100percentARSE says:

          If you actually take a good look around you every big club in the PL and Europe have starting centre backs at an average age of 28, Real madrid Pepe & Ramos over 28, PSG David Luiz & T.Silva over 28 , Barcelona Pique & Mascherano Over 28, Chelsea Terry & Cahill … Man city Kompany .. i can keep going.

          Loic Perrin has been a leader of Saint-Etiennes team for the last 4 seasons hes a LEADER on the pitch Versatile and hes tough as any ive seen him man handle Ibrahimovic and hes not just a blast the ball clear type of player he always looks for the pass and prolific in the air he would bring something to Arsenal that we need, Dont talk about what league players are from Koscielny actually came from Ligue2 and hes a Boss, Alexis came from barcalona and hes little pitbull two player on the opposite sides of Ex-Club levels so you cant talk about what league they are from to judge on ability.

        4. jonestown1 says:

          What are your thoughts on Cahill (29) and Terry (35)? Too old, not good enough?

    2. Wazzzimbo says:

      I love how you jump to stupid conclusions on the fact that he plays in Ligue 1. Then going by your basis, Thiago Silva, Ibrahimovic, and co. are average players because they’re playing in an average league. Perrin was one the most highly rated CB’s in Ligue 1 last season, yes he is old, but some defenders are late bloomers, and his legs show no signs of giving up anytime soon, he is like a mixture of Kos & Verm, he likes getting a goal or tw, but is a fighter and is fairly quick for his age.

    3. jonestown1 says:

      Don’t miss a chance do you son to stick the boot in? LOL – SoOpa Aeon believes the Mirror. Ain’t gonna happen. No-one is “chasing him” – in his dreams. Hold your horses and give Wenger another good kicking when and if it does happen.

  2. muda says:

    If frenchmen why not Varane and schneiderlin??

  3. junweiseah says:

    He seems like a good player, but he’s already 29. I would prefer a younger centre back. Also Loic Perrin is a one club man and is also captain of St Etienne so I think it’s unlikely that he would leave his club.

  4. Demwan Jones says:

    A 29 year old ST. Etienne defender, if this report is true the arsene must be chained and moved to a psychiatric hospital

  5. highbury44 says:

    More 2nd rate crap

  6. tubby says:

    Arsene needs to step up from cheap purchases. Varane will be a dream. Young, composed, pacy and already possess experience at the highest level. Of cos he wont come on the cheap but if we can put in a serious bid, we might pull it off considering his limited playing time at madrid. But no wenger as usual goes for cheap quick fixes that potentially ends up as deadwood. Real disappointing

    1. junweiseah says:

      If we can sign varane I will cry tears of joy. But nah don’t kid yourself, no way Real Madrid are going to sell the best young centre back in the world

      1. tubby says:

        Depends. If varane values regular starting time, something he wont get at madrid for next 2 seasons at least, he might make enough noise to make madrid willing to sell. After all, we got ozil from them too.

      2. jermaineBryan says:

        there’s nothing between Marquinhos varane and laporte so to call him the best wouldn’t be right but yes I’d love him here kids got bags of potential and has a world class Ramos infront of him on the right sided cb spot at arsenal mertasacker should be seen as an easier target for him and he would have two French internations either side of him in debuchy and kocielny.

        If it comes to the summer I can see him choosing to join chelsea as terry successor plus he would have his other young French cb in zouma to form a long term partnership

  7. flasheyz says:

    Common arsenal fans. Let perrin kill a man before you convict him. If you’ve watched anything about french football,then you will know how good he is. And please don’t give me the ligue 2 crap. Koscielny wasn’t exactly world class when we signed him. Same with Henry. if he sees perrin as a stop-gap to a certain hummels or varane in the summer, will you take off wenger’s head for this reason? Many of us talk about buying,and buying,and buying, its a clear fact that wenger “penny pinches” a lot,but he still picks good players. Arsenal is for all of us but if we keep judging the club based on decisions they are yet to make,then we are just like the arsenal board. Let’s prove to them that we are different. We won’t judge till its the right time. Let’s simmer down and support the only EPL club with 49 games unbeaten…#ArseNAL…….#COYG

    1. highbury44 says:

      Yes he picks good players and then destroys them

      1. jermaineBryan says:

        This is the premiere leauge if players aren’t prepared to work hard then they won’t be a success
        Here’s some examples

        Arshavin; great little player with excellent final pass, but he is lazy
        Santos; techniqualy gifted, decent stand tackle, but lack fitness
        Podolski; great finisher,direct and powerful,but lacks the energy and link up to play in the new formation this season
        Squalaci;was a good player in his day at Lyon but lost his legs by the time he got here.
        Mertesacker is a very good defender his numbers don’t lie he is a consistent 7/10 but struggled in some games this season without a steady partner.what he lacks in pace he makes up with his possession play, heading game and interception

      2. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

        he even destroyed the good coach in him 🙁

  8. GunnerCPH says:

    Just because Perrin would be a cheap option, it doesn’t mean he’d be the catastrophe some of you seem to think. Perrin has been one of the better centerbacks in France of the last 5-6 years and a number of reasons speaks to why he’d be a decent back up option.

    Even if it does turn out he’s not completely up to scratch, having an experienced performer is surely better than having 17 year-olds running around trying to stop the Agueros and Van Persies of the EPL.

    1. GunnerCPH says:

      Still, I’d take Hummels, Chiellini or Ramos over him in a heartbeat.

      1. junweiseah says:

        Chiellini is getting on a bit now, quality defender though. Ramos would be fantastic but can’t see why RM would sell him. Hummels would a great replacement for Mert tbh

        1. jermaineBryan says:

          NKOULOU for me he is the best in France at the moment ( out performing Thiago silva) he is a leader,strong,quick,techniqually good,great in the air,not cup tired. Wouldn’t cost more than 15 and he isn’t in his prime yet

  9. fred cowardly says:

    He can play CD, RB and DM from what Ive read so Wenger is being extra cheap.

    At this point when it comes to Wenger I don’t keep my hopes up too high. If I do I will become disappointed.

    If the player performs well then Im okay. seriously, How Wenger spends in this transfer window will determine how we do this season.

    Southampton do not look like moving from 4th place and Liverpool are just 4 points behind us. If they get a Top striker it’s Not inconceivable for us to end up 6th place. I hope it doesn’t happen but just beware.

  10. Wonder says:

    We have too many old players in our sqaud now. Why not give youngsters chances to impress! After all at 1.79m, he is not tall enough, we may rather have Debuchy or Monreal why w wait for a free Reid!

    1. jermaineBryan says:

      What is tall enough? Coqulan has a very high heading accuracy in the games he played for us and he is tiny

      Perrin has the highest heading duels percentage in France this year

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Canavarro, Puyol and Baresi – all probably in the top 5 CBs in the last 40 years. All 5’10” or there abouts.

  11. jib says:

    Seems we have a lot of avid ligue 1 viewers here.

  12. goonergaz2000 says:

    Should off raised the extra couple off million and got Cahill and then none off these conversation would even be taking place and we just might of had a couple of more bits of silverware sitting in the trophy cabinet.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Getting strange now – Cahill is the same age as Perrin; nearly everyone saying 29 is ancient for a CB.

  13. V.uren says:

    I remember the quotes coming from the board ahead of the move to the emirates …

    ” The new stadium will allow us to compete financially with the elite of world football”

    Sounded worth the extra cost of tickets at the time !

    ….. Almost a decade on , after arsenals worse start to a season for 30 odd years , we’ve had to watch us field a full back at centre half every other week and wengers solution is a 29 year old I have never heard of that has no international caps !

    I have no doubts he is probably a decent player , but it’s having too many ‘just decent’ players that is leaving us in 4th place every year , I’ve had enough of 4th , we as fans deserve more !

    Ignore the bs about players availability in jan , it’s exactly that ! …. Offer enough money and teams will sell , demand better gooners as this just isn’t good enough !!!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Yes, what the board actually meant is that it would increase AFCs revenue stream so that it would be in line with other European/World Giants.

      They didn’t say they would spend it to make us challenge for everything and endeavour to make us the best football club in the world.

      They worded it that way for a reason. Technically a lie was not told:(((

  14. I cant help it, but I have a BAD feeling with this transfer window….Can this man look beyond Ligue 1 0r 2 …….Klastrom phone must be off that is why we are looking to the next worse thing available.

  15. sylvainwiltord says:

    Perrin is like the Ryan shawcross of French football ! Wouldn’t mind him coming but prefer Reid

  16. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Deja vu sounds like another Kim Kallstrom to me.

  17. fed-up gunner says:

    Any. Player that comes in. Has to be given a chance by the fans; we can’t kill the player coz his cheap

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