Confirmed Arsenal interest in Columbian striker

Now we all know that Arsene Wenger is always looking for an uncut diamond when he goes searching for new Arsenal players, but some of his purchases have defied belief, like the 1million laid out for the French Second Division “star” Yaya Sanogo.

Well now he reportedly has an eye on another unknown striker called Duvon Zapata, who is a Columbian ex-U20international, who is currently on loan at Udinese from Napoli. Zapata was definitely considered to be talented a few years ago after he scored 19 goals in 44 matches for the Argentinian side Estudiantes, and was therefore brought over to Europe by Napoli.

In two years at the Serie A side he made 37 appearances for a tally of 11 goals, but obviously wasn’t impressive enough as this season just gone he was sent to Udinese on loan. Again he wasn’t out of the ordinary, scoring 8 goals in 25 Serie A games, but spent much of his time out injured after hip surgery.

But according to the Udinese President Franco Soldati, he has been monitored by Arsenal, and they have made an offer. “There is a clause that allows Napoli to recall him early from the two-year loan,” Soldati said.

“He is very happy in Udine, his agent said that too and I hope he can remain with our jersey.

“He also received many offers from abroad, including from Arsenal. However, first we want Coach Beppe Iachini to get to know the team so they can make shared decisions.”

Now my question has to be: Why have Arsenal made an offer for an ordinary unknown striker that has spent half the season out injured? That sounds like a typical Wenger signing to me!

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  1. He is SANOGOALS 2. Same as Morata but less moneys. Why Wenger not buy big purchases? You have no time to cultivate diamonds!!!!

    1. It would be great if we could get Janssen and Lacazette both and sell or loan out one of Walcott, Oxlade or Campbell.

      1. This news reminds me of when Wenger signed Kim ‘Kardashian’…injury and all. Remember?

  2. @nickw

    Thanks for the reality check…
    “One of the best manager in the world”
    Only an Arsenal podcast or blog will “try” to direct something so ridiculous. This is a “manager” (for the people who believe it) who has NEVER won the CL and who is not even close to win it as well as the league…!! What is that “one of the best manager in the world” farce coming from !!!

    Also, here (in France), it is all over the sport news that Ozil is on his way out in the summer (to the number one German club) that is why he bought Granit X and looking for a creative midfielder. Wenger does not even know if he can keep Sanchez… That is what happens when your club has no clear direction but the one to the bank…?

    Anyway, unless a freak season, we will be at the same point next season… The Manchester clubs, Chelsea and others are not going to make the same mistakes, it will be too good to be true… And even with that we cannot even win a single trophy when all the big firms are coughing…!!!?

    1. Well according to Alex Ferguson AW deserves respect, so…. Don’t know whom I’m more likely to agree with? You or Fergy?

  3. Surely… Not! ?
    I read this report yesterday and immediately wiped my butt with it and stored it into the Bull ? department! …. Next! ?

    This has to be a wenger booby trap, for the likes of Mourinho and the spuds, who sniff around Wenger’s targets! ?

  4. Don’t worry. Its normal. Clubs generally make a list of potential targets in a particular order of preference so that In case the high profile targets are missed, there are still options out there. It does not mean they will be bought. So making enquiries about them is normal. I would not read too much into this.

  5. Put yourself in Ozil’s shoes, he is such a huge talent that should be winning quality trophies every season, but with Wenger’s arsenal, the only thing he has ever won in three long years is FA trophy!
    He is Ozil for goodness sake, not Ramsey! How on earth do you want the guy to be happy?
    He could go to Munich and instantly win double major trophies, same with Barca. Or he could stay here and continue to listen to Wenger’s excuses.
    It’s only Mr Wenger that would say a quality striker is not available in the world. Did he go to Dortmund with £70m and was refused Auba? or to Napoli for Higuain with same amount and was turned down? or even to spud for Kane with that amount and was chased away? Did he try at all?
    Wenger did a decent job in the far past, and we appreciate him, but if you are still saying in Wenger you trust these days, then boy, you live in the past.
    So dear Ozil of immense creativity, my love for thee is not selfish. If unto thee Munich calleth, tarry not!
    Unless of course things begin to change now, and I mean now before the Euro even starts!

    1. Look, what is it about this Ozil I keep reading??
      Who is Ozil???
      Everytime people keep saying ozil this,Ozil that! What is the hype about??
      Why do we enjoy exaggerating things???

      Ozil created a record chance this season…so what??
      He had 19 assists, so what???

      If he leaves,I can NEVER be bothered as I don’t like his all-round game…
      I even want a better ball playing and penetrating No.10….

      If Ozil leaves, Arsenal remain and he will be very well replaced!

      1. Name one “better ball playing and penetrating No. 10” that is A. better than Ozil and B. Willing to play for Arsenal for around the same wages

  6. Note: the part that says “He had a hip surgery….. Spent much of his time out injured”

    this has been a criteria for signing players in the past

    Wenger must be Loving this!!!!

  7. The best way to get a world class striker is to spot them early and develope them. If they then wish to move on we can sell them at a profit.

    In trying to do this there will be some failures, when this happens it is easy to crticise and take the mickey. Sanogo is a case in point, he recently scored a hat trick playing for charlton against reading. That is some achievement so clearly he has talent, it does not show very often though.

    What I think is unjustified is criticising Wenger for trying. We basically should have on our books a number of promising young strikers, hopefully one every few years would break through in to the first team. Look at Kane at tottenham and now rashford at manu.

    Would we be clamouring for a new striker if we had a youngster like rashford? As far as Zapata goes, I do not know, my concern would be his injury record.

    1. I don’t actually mind the Sonago transfer, we payed a bit of compensation and that was it, not the £1million as the article is telling people.

      Sonago has talent, I don’t think any football fan would deny that, the real concern is if he will ever gain a level of consistency that can be relied upon. Loan deals are fine, if they pay towards his wages as well then we are not really risking anything by sending him out year after year till his contract runs out… but if he clicks and becomes a deadly CF… We still have him on the books.

      RvP was only a bit player for us for many years due to injury yet he turned into the player we needed, top quality and knew how to put the ball in the back of the net, a youngster developed at Arsenal after we bought him.

      TH14 was moved into CF by Wenger and lets be honest, Wenger developed him as a CF by moving him out to the wings initially at Monaco and then bringing him back into CF at Arsenal.


      I agree that the best way to get a WC CF (at Arsenal) is to spot them early and develop them, Lukaku is almost the perfect example… He is NEARLY there, we could be his final step and imagine the price he could demand if he was performing at say… Man City. It would be a lot more than the rumored £50 mil he will cost.

    1. Xhaka looks to be different to the past few years… same old?
      WTF do you consider to be the same?

      “Oh look, a ball and a cube, THEY ARE THE SAME!”

      That is how you sounded!

  8. “like the 1million laid out for the French Second Division “star” Yaya Sanogo.”

    Sonago was out of contract, we paid 450’000 EUROS in compensation which in today conversion rate it works out at 342’000.

    Get your facts right please, it isn’t hard to google them before you put it up, you are the admin and should be higher standard 😉 Don’t forget a lot of people read these threads and some of them are not intelligent enough to research for themselves.

    The only real report about the Zapata transfer is coming from Udinese president, wouldn’t there be more facts about this if it was anything more than the president advertising a average CF to us in the hopes of making a bit of profit.

    Yes he is on loan but Udinese could buy him after being at the club for 12 months as part of the loan agreement, it has been 12 months. If they could buy him for say £5million and sell him to us for £10million then you think they wouldn’t???

    Don’t worry abut this rumor, if there was more truth to it then why would the president hide the fact they can buy the player and that can block Napoli from recalling him as he would be officially a Udinese player, if they took advantage of the loan deal.

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