Confirmed Arsenal line-up for Final Day clash with Everton – Saka out, Martinelli in

So today is the day where we find out that Arsenal have come second in the Final table for the 2023/24 Premier League season, or, by some miracle, Man City have managed to drop points against West Ham.

I for one will be flicking through the channels trying to work out all the possible combinations, but of course our primary focus will be on what is happening at the Etihad, and as long as the score stays at 0-0 we can sill believe…

We all know that Mikel Arteta likes to keep a settled side for the run-in, so Daisy predicted yet another unchanged line-up of….


White – Saliba – Gabriel – Tomiyasu

Odegaard – Partey – Rice

Saka – Havertz – Trossard

I can’t see it being any different myself, but we can now see exactly if Arteta has made any last minute tweaks.

Here it is…..


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  1. Martineli starts on the bench again, hope this is just a temporary dip in the youngsters form, he was instrumental in getting the other youngsters signing up for the project

  2. This is it, a fast start and early goal to put City under pressure and hope for a miracle. Regardless of the result what a great time to be a gunner back to back title challenging season with a young team.

  3. He isn’t using Jesus as cover for Saka? Smh may as well sell him then. It’s his natural position and there is no value in moving Trossard from the position where he has been so effective. It’s precisely this sort of behaviour from Arteta that drives me crazy.

      1. I want Jesus to be the natural cover for Saka. So, yes. What is your objection to Jesus playing RW? He is a proven very effective RW and has scored the majority of his goals from that position. He became a Brazilian international playing there. Martinelli should prob just play as a striker from now on.

  4. City already up, absolute cracker from Foden.

    Will be interested to see how Martinelli goes today

  5. Hopefully the team do themselves proud today. It’s been a great season and by the looks of things, it will be City’s day. However, it’s not over until it’s over. COYG

    1. At least we didn’t went through what liverpool fans suffered when city turned that 0-2 vs a villa around.

  6. It was a great family fight against Oil Money by Arsenal
    We need to do couple of additions next season so we can continue to fight for titles

  7. Forget City. Congrats to them.
    Let’s win this match and end the season with a win

  8. Forget City, regardless I want us to win this and end the season with style. Shackles and pressure is off, nothing we can do about it so mind as well give the fans a spectacle. Come on !!

  9. we gotta win or nothing else even matters. Just an okay first half. hopefully Saka is being appreciated more by anyone who happened to not appreciate him already. His absence is notable.

  10. Hope, our lot come out flying and come up with at least a 3-1 win. So many disappointing players today. Let’s hope they regain some composure and fluidity.

    1. his ship has sailed. Definitely a player we can move on from. Cant stay first a whole season and cant hold form either.

  11. Arsenal is toothless without Saka.
    Today’s game shows how important he’s to us over the season

  12. From the first minute, the teams never looked like they truly believe this game matters.

  13. We don’t mess it up along the way and expect a miracle on the last day.

    We had a good season though …… congratulations to city.

  14. shameless VAR trying to take away a perfectly good goal. Happy to see a ref stand his ground.

  15. No shame in coming second. Lost opportunities in two disappointing performances against Aston Villa and the two defeats around Christmas to teams which City easily disposed of. Hope Martinelli shut up his detractors. The gap between him and Trossard is really minute. Trossard gets the goals, Martinelli does the grafting.

    1. Martinelli was creative on the right.

      Going at defenders, crossing, don’t see a problem with the youngster, had a better game Tham Trossard IMO.

      Trossard still our best finisher, no one else is close really.

  16. I think the TV companies must show a different game to the one I watched!!
    Martinelli was a constant threat, Partey was playing as well as Rice, Saliba was just magnificent and we dominated the game (check the stats!!).
    I can assure PJ – SA that they were up for it and never stopped the whole 90 plus minutes.
    Everton played some really good containment football and we had to wait and bide our time.
    Fair result, great to see ESR and Timber out there and the fans were brilliant.

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