Confirmed Arsenal line up for tonight’s match with Brighton – Hein starts in goal

So Arsenal finshed top of our Europa League Group and we currently lead the Premier League with just one more game to go before the long break. So can we now make sure we are still in the running for four possible trophies after the World Cup when we face Brighton tonight at the Emirates?

While both managers insist that they are playing for a win this evening, and that the tie will be taken seriously, I don’t believe for a minute that full-strength teams will be named, and today should give an opportunity for certain currently reserve players to make an impression on Mikel Arteta.

But we all know that Arteta doesn’t like losing ever, and he knows our backup players have performed well in the Europa League, so I’m sure he will be feeling confident whoever’s on the pitch.

So this is the team that Patrick predicted in his preview...

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Cedric Holding Gabriel Tierney
Lokonga Elneny
Marquinhos Nelson Vieira

So now we just have to wait for Arteta to confirm the team he’s picked.

And here it is!….


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  1. Good to see Marquinhos in ,have high hopes for the lad .
    Turner exclusion shows that he was signed to tap into the American market nothing more .
    Hoping Vieria might show up tonight ,30 million looks ATM a waste ,hope he proves me wrong .
    Not to bothered about the result aslong as they show up .

    1. I thought Turner played well in some EL matches and I liked his distribution/ ball catching skills. Maybe he is still not fully fit?

      I’m also glad Arteta gave our main players some rest

      1. If he’s on the bench then he’s fit IMO
        I’m with you GAI in regards to resting all the players except Saliba ,esp when we are doing so well in the league .

  2. Why do we have our first team on the bench? Arteta should have keep them out of the sqaud and drop this unimportant game, give some U-21 a chance. god forbid we will be behind and Arteta will bring in five first team players.

    1. Every match is important. We’ve never won the EPL and I want to win it. Having the 1st team on the bench is absolutely fine

  3. From this midfield? Not expecting anything spectacular n duo I don’t want dat but won’t be surprised if arsenal lose d game or score more than 1 or 2

  4. So much negativity and was going to say I can’t believe it but some people seem to complain about everything. Turner is not fit and the first team are on hand as back up if needed. Every game is important, a trophy is a trophy! Stop bloody moaning and support the team.

  5. Wow, the gaffer rarely suprises me, though a didn’t have Saliba, Eleney in my starting team.

    But where is Turner is he injury?

    Don’t understand the handling of Marquinhos, this kid should be playing much more often, his handling seems similar to Martinelli though, and look what he is now.

    Am using myself now as example , If I was a player, am not sure how well I could play for Arsenal now knowing am been selected to play for my country in the world cup and joining up in less than a week time.

    It is for these reasons the gaffer should gamble with the kids for the remaining two matches.

  6. Eddie playing really good tonight looks a goal threat minus his goal.
    Mistake for their goal though .

  7. Sorry peeps trying to link my website but that as now gone down and cannot find it again ,all my usual go tos have also gone down so I cannot watch myself now .

  8. Enjoying the Arsenal site’s game coverage in absence of a live video stream and was very pleased for Eddie. Not sure why he gets such negativity.

    1. Before this game he’d scored 2 goals in 660 minutes this season with none of those in the EPL.

      1 goal every 330 minutes is a very poor return IMO. Average is 1 goal every 3.7 games(90 mins). Not sure if you think that’s good considering we’ve been dominating and winning most games?

      1. Bit of a ridiculous stat given that he’s started just 6 games this year. He scored 12 last year at a rate of 1 every 129 minutes if memory serves. Most were complaining before he kicked a ball this year.

        1. Not a ridiculous stat at all, quoting minutes played is the most accurate way possible. If I had said he’s played 18 games now that would be unfair because some appearances are from the bench so yes minutes played is correct. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

          FYI last year is not this year, it’s irrelevant to current form.

  9. Is there an unwritten rule that says Arsenal managers shouldn’t take this competition seriously and only play mainly second string players in such games..

    1. You simply can’t play your best 11 every game. Out of all the trophies this is usually considered the least desirable, my order in preference of trophies is as follows:

      FA Cup

    2. Wouldn’t call these set 2nd string players

      Still a very decent line-up

      And they have proved why they are benchers, this line up should be good enough on paper

      There is a huge gap in quality between our first team and bench

      This is why we need to strengthen key positions in January if we want to stay on top

        1. Hein/Marquinhos are 3rd choice players (Marquinhos being behind Nelson in the pecking order currently.) Been a bit unlucky so far. At the time of writing:
          Possession % 55.2 v 44.8
          Total Shots: 22 v 13
          On Target: 4 v 4
          Off Target: 10 v 5
          Blocked: 8 v 4
          Clear-Cut Chances: 1 v 2

          Big mistake from Hein to gift them the 1st. Eddie hit the post at 1-1. Not too fussed, if you going to suffer in an even at-worst game would much rather it be in the Carabao cup than anywhere else.

  10. Haven’t got an issue with being knocked out. We all know we don’t have the depth of the likes of city. Concentrate on the epl and europa full stop.

    1. Furthermore this year is different. The congestion of games following the world cup is immense. I Wouldn’t like to be juggling epl, europa, fa cup, carabao cup .

  11. We need to focus on the league and Europa and fget about the rest due to our squad depth…The earlier the better

  12. I don’t understand why Arteta throws on three more first teamers to chase the game when it’s probably already gone. If the idea was to give them a rest by playing the fringe players, why risk them.

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