Confirmed Arsenal Line-up to take on Bournemouth this afternoon

The teams are out for today’s Premier League clash with Bournemouth, with the below Arsenal team tasked with maintaining our advantage at the top of the table.

The Gunners endured a minor blip in recent weeks, but appear to be back on track with consecutive wins of late, and we should be able to continue that bar any shocks this afternoon.

We do have worries over the availability of Eddie Nketiah, while both Gabriel Jesus and Mo Elneny remain sidelined, which led us to name the below in our earlier prediction for today’s line-up, leaving Ben White out after he played the full 90 minutes of both of our matches inside the last week.

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Tomiyasu Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
Partey Odegaard Xhaka
Saka Trossard Martinelli

As you can see, we were just one player away from the correct line-up.

How do you feel about today’s selection?


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  1. Nice to Viera starting in place of Xhaka..
    We need to give these players some minutes on board also Xhaka needed that rest…
    Newcastle Utd missed some golden chances and now game Is beyond their reach..
    Anyway we should be winning this to gap on 5 points..
    Next fixtures 3 fixtures are pretty tough one..
    Spotting away and Fulham away and Sporting at home..

  2. Nice to see some rotation going on, we’re extremely short on strikers at the moment!

    Stay sharp and we’ll win 2-0!

  3. So Xhaka and White are unfit. I think the combination of Trossard, Martinelli, Vieira and Zinchenko on our left wing will be devastating

    Arsenal have been producing beautiful open-play goals lately and the creativity of those highly skilled Gunners on our left side of the field is mouthwatering

    Unfortunately, Newcastle were unable to hold Man City off, so we must win today

    1. Theyre not necessarily unfit, both are on the bench. Probably just given a bit of rest because we play 3 matches in 8 days.

  4. This is Veira’s chance. Hope he grabs it. He’s been very inconsistent for us. Xhaka is clearly burnt out ATM, if Viera cant seize this opportunity then he’ll have no one to blame if he’s loaned out next season.

    1. He won’t be loaned. Pretty sure. He already delivered at least for cameos and will slightly, we can bet, improve.

  5. Nice mini rotation could see Tierney and Eddie after the break just to keep everyone happy and little rust away.

  6. Hello EPL teams,
    Man City has to drop points this month!

    Man City has to drop points this month!!

    COMMON !!!
    (We need more than 5points
    gap before April rolls in)

    U guys can do this

    1. Man City could have drop points today itself…
      Newcastle were so poor in front off goal…
      Wilson missed 1 glorious chance in 1st half and Joliengton missed another simple tap in 2nd. half…
      And just after that miss City scored their 2nd goal…
      And why we should wait for City to drop points??
      We should be confident about ourselves and get it over the line…
      We had 5 points lead…
      Now League is ours to loose…
      It’s in our hand only..

      1. Yes but we travel to Liverpool and city. I doubt we win there. If we draw or even win one of them, that would be fine, but it will be very very tough. Plus, we travel to Newcastle.

        1. Yeah but that’s how it is now..
          We can’t do anything about that now..
          We are in situation where we can only decide which way PL title will go..
          And you have to win these games if you really wanna be champions…

  7. City are gonna drop pts, not even close to the machine they were last few seasons.

    We need to continue our march to the title.

    1. Newcastle had 2 golden chances to equalise before City scored their 2nd
      Joliengton had best chance and one the most easiest chance to score..
      It was simple tap in from just outside six yard box and that fellow couldn’t get enough touch on that superb cross..
      And moments later City scored their 2nd then game was over..

      1. Anyone else frustrated how Newcastle cheated their way to a point in January at the Emirates but have recently laid down for the Manc clubs? Hope they finish 8th or 9th.

        1. Actually our main loss of 2 points are against Brentford…
          We lost those 2 points without any reason or mistake from our side..
          Today we would have been 7 points ahead of Man City in this title race and 13 points ahead of Utd..
          Possible it would have been game over for
          Utd in this title race
          Actually FA should make some rules for these kind of situations
          FA or PGMOL should award us 2 extra points and keep Brentford’s 1 point as well..
          Because that was not Brentford’s mistake as well so they shouldn’t be budged from their 1 point but because of Ref’s mistake we lost 2 precious points which should be redeemed by FA or PGMOL to us

  8. The most creative team we have fielded for a long, long time. I hope Fabio Viera comes of age today. I hope about 3-4….0. My intuition tells me little Leo Trossard will have a field day.

    1. He is quality player it just because we are in title race and winning games that’s why Arteta doesn’t want to tweak much of the squad..
      He would got much more opportunities if we would have been inconsistent and in race of top 4 instead of title..
      We are so consistently winning so there is no much change or rotation in starting line up..

    1. Yes… Bournemouth has already setup their formation as back 5 so I think 11 players behind ball..
      But we can’t really blame them because they are playing for their survival and we are playing for title and at home so we should be winning this comfortably..

  9. Great for xhaka to rest him. He always played. I am a little afraid Gabriel and for saka bit Gabriel as a defender is maybe less subject to tiredness and kicks than Saka. Saka is such a tough guy. He played huge minutes and carried us for 3 years. i hope he won’t get burned anytime. He can be replaced for moments on the game now that Nelson is available.

  10. Just took it on the chin and already pushing for an equaliser.

    I have no doubt we will win.

    1. We have a long history of shootings ourselves in the foot. A lot of the game left though to turn things around.

  11. Zinchenko has moved to traditional left Back position now after Trossard’s substitution…
    He is not playing centrally now where he likes to be

  12. It’s not the end of the world. We can’t have clean sheets every match

    We still got this


  13. As Arsenal closest rival team, Man City have beaten the thought to be a very strong team this season Newcastle in the early kiskpff match at th Etihad today.
    With this Man City win, Arsenal are now put under presume to beat Bournemouth at the Ems today in the Epl match encounter between the Gunners and the Cherries.
    So that Arsenal will reinstate the 5 points cushion gap that lead Man City with sitting on thee table.
    The Cherries won’t be a soft meat for the Gunners to chew in the game
    for, they could prove hard and stubborn meat for the Gunners to chew as the match progresses. This stubbornness coming fro, Bournemouth in the match if it comes in thwarting match because heterosexual are relegated battlers looking fore points to get or steal impolsion matches.
    Therefore, the Gunners SHOULD up their game considerably in the match to stop the Cherries from stealing a point in the match. But beat them hands down in the match to collect all the 3 points at stake in it. And collect them all absolutely.

  14. Doesn’t look good, all the omens are in thr air

    Concede in matter of seconds
    Lose only “striker” to injury
    No calls going our way
    Corners, free kicks look dire

    Worst part is we absolutely no strikers left, it’s just packed with wingers and CAMs

    1. After all said and done about games against City, and all, this could be the turning point of the season..
      If we loose today then this will terrible mental shot for us now

  15. Magalhaes fell asleep and Ramsdale made a world-class save

    Smith-Rowe should’ve played CF, because Martinelli is better at dribbling through the left wing

    1. But Martinelli is better finisher than ESR
      He is the only one who can attack balls in box…

      1. Jesus didn’t score consistently, but his hold-up play was good

        Martinelli couldn’t do it and Smith-Rowe is better physically than him

        1. ESR is more of number 10 position player
          He hardly played as back to goal..
          Arteta did I guess last year 1 or 2 games but that experiment which failed miserably then.
          Also he has just came back from injury
          I think we should have tried with Nelson instead of ESR on left wing

        1. Yeah because he wasn’t playing as CF or false CF
          He was playing either on left wing or just behind striker..
          He is good towards goal but back towards goal.

  16. Didn’t think If ever say but we miss Eddie Nketien out there at the moment. Vierra, Martinellii and ESR simply not up to breaking the block defence.

  17. Never change a winning team. This is a Lesson to fans that keep repeating play tomiyasu, play viera.

    1. But you need rotation in the team, otherwise what’s the idea of having depth in the squad..
      You should be giving rest to your players as well..
      These are the games where you give rest to your players playing in starting 11
      We are playing against 19th Position team at Emirates who was trashed by City last weekend at home..
      If this is not the match where you can give rest or rotate the squad then don’t understand which games it will be..

  18. This looks like one of those matches

    This was how Everton played us at Goodison too

    We almost not seeing any sniff at goal
    Even if we score 1
    Scoring a winner would still be damn hard

  19. I think our best hope today is Tierney on for Vierra and Zivchenko in the middle otherwise it could be a disaster in the making. Martinellii also needs to wake up and get more of the ball.

    1. I’m actually thinking Nelson to the left wing, ESR not really attacking it well

      Then ESR to Viera’s position, u know he got goals in him

      But I’m sure we’ll see Xhaka instead

  20. No real CF now, oh boy. Vieira should be trying to take a hold of this game. Finally gets a chance to start but not seeing much from him. And so many crosses when we don’t have a target man. Playing right into their hands. We’ll need to be more clever just outside the box and just hope we’re tiring them out

  21. Again Odegaard hogging the free kicks ,he’s scored 1 direct free kick in his time here ,we have partey Martinelli and saka who are all more than capable ,atleast hit the bloody target ,so frustrating to watch the same outcome over and over .

  22. Tierney on at LB and Zinchenko as CM, Vieira not producing and having an impact.

    We need a plan B striker to counter teams that park the bus.

  23. I am still surprised that Saka is not being double team by Bournemouth so far and still he is not influential that much

  24. It’s not working, this is where Arteta needs to prove his worth by using the substitutes he has to change things.

  25. As Arsenal closest rival team to the title win so far this season, Man City have beaten the thought to be a very strong team this season Newcastle in the early kick off match at th Etihad today.
    With this Man City win, Arsenal are now put under pressure to beat Bournemouth at the Ems today in the Epl match encounter between the Gunners and the Cherries.
    So that Arsenal will reinstate the 5 points cushion gap that they lead Man City with sitting on the table.
    The Cherries won’t be a soft meat for the Gunners to chew in the game.
    For, they could prove hard and stubborn meat for the Gunners to chew as the match progresses. This stubbornness coming from, Bournemouth in the match if it comes in it. Is not unexpected. Because the Cherries are relegation battlers. Who are looking for points to get or steal in matches.
    Therefore, the Gunners SHOULD up their game considerably in the match to stop the Cherries from stealing a point on them in the match. But beat them hands down in the match to collect all the 3 points at stake in it. And collect them all absolutely.

  26. There’s always next year. We are after all ahead of schedule and going to get at least 4th (I hope).

  27. The problem is we haven’t created any goal scoring chances today..
    We only threatened the Bournemouth only through possession

  28. We are getting our asses handed to us, quite embarrassing tbh.

    Busy proving all the haters right that we are bottlers.

  29. That’s game. Not really a title blow. After we dropped points against Everton, and Brentford it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. Just didn’t think Bournemouth would be the team to end it 😭

  30. We need to keep pushing their defense will crack at some pts and we will have momentum. Need that 1st goal soon.

  31. Someone needs to do a study on the number of games we give away to teams struggling at the foot of the table. It seems to be quite the habit we have.

  32. We will win this, why do ppl just give up so easily on team and start throwing toys out of pram. Stay behind team. Stupid comments really.

    1. I hope you are right but I don’t see this happening unless we are going to score in next few mins

  33. Poor ESR. Gets injured, goes off and his replacement Nelson assists Whites Goal. I’m beginning to think he’s another Diaby. I feel for him I really do.

    1. Really disgraceful rigged VAR. Are they saying not one of them was handball? So obviously rigged.

  34. Xhaka gets 10 minutes. Wouldn’t you just love him to score one of his thunderbolts, further endearing him to the fans.

  35. Arsenal’s corners are painful to watch. Lot of labour and not even an attempt in the end

  36. This time wasting thing has to be dealt seriously by FA….
    There so much of time wasting tactics being used by teams these days
    It’s not about points but it’s crowd who go to stadium to watch football and this time wasting

  37. As much as I want to disagree with those that claim there is a conspiracy against us, the performance of the officials/VAR in this game makes it very difficult.

    1. Perhaps Arteta should say something on MOTD tonight and pay the fine that’ll follow. Might shake the pratts in charge of VAR up a bit.

  38. Told ya so…we are Arsenal 🤛…this team is different. I will be always gunning for win even in last second.

  39. Last minute goal!! Magic Nelson! Can you believe it!
    Regarding the penalty VARs. I would say that the first was definitely a penalty, but probably not the other two.
    What a match, and you can’t blame Bournemouth for their tactics (especially when they get beaten at it).

  40. VAR doing their absolute best to cost us points, doesn’t matter when you score a worldie right at the death!!!!

  41. I don’t even know how to express my happiness. At 2-2 and 90+5 mins, I reloaded my Livescores as my stream lags, wishing to see a 3-2 and lo and behold my dreams came true. When the goal was finally scored, I could not jubilate haven been privy to know the winner had been scored. Wished I had kept the belief till final whistle.

  42. Were gunner win the league,
    were gunner win the league
    and now you gunner believe us,
    and now you gunner believe us
    and now you gunner believe us?
    Were gunner win the league!
    Come on Arsenal! ❤️🤍

    1. Spuds lost to Wolves as well 😂
      “It’s such a perfect daaaaaay, I’m glad I spent it with youuuuu…

  43. Nelson deserves a new contract. In his last appearance vs Forest he created 2 assists and scored to earn us the 3 points. Today, he created an assist and scored the winner after his injury layoff.

    He deserves a new contract given he’s an Hale End product. My only worry is his fitness, same with ESR. He deserves a place in the squad. He might turn out to be another Arjen Robben who was plagued with so many injuries early in his career but shook it later in his career, same with Van Persie.

    Hopefully, he realizes his potential with us and not elsewhere.

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